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  1. Yeah , the Walgreens by me stopped carrying it a few years ago, Big Y is the only place by me that carries Williams, the Van Der Hagen stuff is 3 bucks and those places should carry it. Its a good soap for 3 bucks, whips up nicely too.
  2. Big Y has it by me for a buck 66. I like to grate it and mix it with the unscented VanDer Hagen 3 dollar soap then cram it in my OS mug. I like the properties of both soaps, and its a timesaver. I need a 10 minute hotwater soaking to get williams to bloom.
  3. excellent, credit & on sale it almost feels like it's free.
  4. I have both the Lethal and Baitteaser in the 60 sizes have fished them for 2 seasons. Lethal 60 is a tank and there's plenty of info on it here , the Baitteaser I grabbed on sale for around 65 bucks , there wasnt any info on it at the time, looked to be trickledown tech from the quantum boca baiteaser , had no idea but at the time of purchase I figured a 99 dollar reel usually at TD, cabelas, etc so on sale from fin nor, why not. Unlike the Lethal, It has a lightweight graphite body,rotor, alumin side plate, less bearings, but has the same smooth drag and nice oversize arm/handle. Build quality feels pretty solid , doesnt feel cheap or have flex, like the other entry level br reels. I use it as my nighttime bait and wait, and late season set up. I havent caught any monsters on it, first season a few decent size fish, this season just 22-25 inchers, junkfish ,etc. I treat it well, I keep it holstered in a sandspike and wipe down after use. It's easy to do basic service to and with proper maintenance it should last alot longer than throw aways. If you see it on sale it's a no brainer, this time of year is great for deals.
  5. picked up a fin-nor baitteaser 60 last season, nice retrieve , oversized handle, smooth drag. I didnt liveline from a boat, just used it as my late season bait and wait set up from the surf. They are always around a hundred bucks at the bigbox outdoor stores but can easily be found for 80 bucks most of the time on amazon & other online places.
  6. good to know,that was my one concern, thank you for clearing that up
  7. does the stuff stretch at all or is it best to buy the diameter size that can clear past the reelseat cleanly?
  8. nice vid. I use painters tape on trim if I'm not painting the walls, windex instead of soap, will shove a nail up the nose & e-tape when done. Seems like everyone has a slightly different approach but same school of thought of clean lines, lube and a way to seal. The cutter on electrician wire strippers make excellent clean snips at any angle, prefer it over stanley type utility cutters.
  9. saw that one coming a mile away
  10. no, I think their equals. I like Sallys as well, but the place could use a cleaning and a fresh coat of paint
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