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  1. I built the same blank. I do alot of striper fishin in new jersey love the action and lightnes . I don't think you will have any problems....keep catchting...
  2. Could not believe this, But a full skeleton of a small bluefish a with my hook in it's mouth
  3. I here YA there,I guess will have to keep plotting along with the good old XL
  4. Dr Evil how do you like the 1650? I have had It about 4 seasons now.It took me a little bit of time to master it and figure how I would like to use it,But It was user friendly.Compared to others I have seen since,The only thing I don't like is the small screen
  5. I currently have a Navionics Classic chip....want to upgrade to a better one. The unit is a 1650 Furuno. Any opinion to a better chip i.e gold, platinum etc. I transit both the bay and ocean. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks
  6. Yes that's it
  7. Hey Beached I read your post and went and looked at these rods and they do break below where the double guides maybe this is the answer...D.E.
  8. Hey dinoboy, that's an easy repair from looking at your post.Ralph78 has is right on..Should not cost to much either..good luck ....doc. E
  9. Recently my wife was given some very old bambo rods from a family friend that had a death of a older gentlemen and she inherited some old rods. My question is this...these rods are hand built and have a guide at the 12 and 6 o-clock position to the reel seat. is there a reason for this configuration. I was wondering if anybody has some insight.
  10. Good Info ,thank you.That the best part about rod building, you are always learning something new
  11. Mike G, I hope I'm not sounding stupid but what is permagloss ?
  12. I'm rebuilding a older pole for a friend and it has lost it's luster.Is there any paints (srays) that are available ? Or any other good suggestions ? that I may use to give this old soldier a second life..Happy new year to All
  13. Hey just keep up the good quality you guy's produce.In my opinon lami's are in the top 3 blank designers
  14. Well I have to tell ya, I've been playin with this blazer all morning and after reading your reply's I feel pretty good about the veh. It needs a little TLC but what used veh. don't right ? Hey, thanks for the reply's..Johnny
  15. Hi to all,Thought i get some good opinion on this Question.I just purchased a 1995 chevy blazer in wonderful shape great price.I would love to make a beach buggy out of her for fall and spring fishing.I'm a mechanic for a liven, but It's nice to here what you guy's think ...pro's+ cons .. good or bad ? Any thoughts THanks