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  1. Is it possible to catch black fish in *back during the winter?-I spoke to a few regulars and they said that they have action during the winter using shrimp when they can't get green crabs True?
  2. So Seven when you go fishing you target small fish and avoid any area that might include females-WOW- I guess you also downsize your baits to try and catch the smaller males. Also you must know magic spots where it is so easy to catch big fish --you are the man!
  3. So let's say New Jersey had a shark problem either local or state wide-let's also assume a swimmer or two lost their lives or were just attacked and maybe lost a limb. Let's also assume that you as an important official must decide what action if any should be done--let's also assume that people are canceling their lodging and the summer economy is down by 50%--what actions would you take?
  4. So for most of this thread everybody is catching fish and then being mugged-I get that! But what do you do when you go to your favorite spot and there is an individual there who A may not be fishing the area correctly-B may not be catching or C is catching. If there is sufficient room for another angler how do you approach the situation or do you just leave?
  5. On vacation with my grandsons in LBI
  6. years ago when the size was 18 inches and you caught your 5 lb bass that you were so proud of and wanted to show it off you were so happy and wanted to show everybody what a good fisherman you were-- since then probably by more luck then skill you have caught bigger fish so why not make fun of the guys just starting out-- after all you are the great bass fisherman and everybody should adhere to your standards-- PLEASE GET A LIFE -- there are probably enough guys on this site who look at your lame atempts to catch big fish and laugh at your effort-- let's assume that everybody on this site has their own goals and their size of fish that gives them joy might not be your standard but also be aware that the size that gives you joy might bring a chuckle to those that catch THE LARGE.
  7. The majority of guys on this site preach about bass conservation but will brag about their tog or fluke or sea bass or cod catches along with pictures of their dead fish-- I along with a good majority of guys laugh at these guys who pick one fish to protect but will catch their limit of breeders of another species and declare how much fun they are having-- think about it-- lets protect the big bass but grill every other species-- one last point-- why does any individual need a thousand or more posts ??? insecure? no action at home?likes to talk fishing without getting a line wet?? sorry but I think I speak for a good percentage of guys who have drifted away from this site.
  8. I am not interested in getting into the topic of huge bass released. I'm more interested in other species-- I have seen trophy tog released a few times on boats but I have yet to see other species such as fluke,flounder,tuna released because of their large size. I guess we have all seen a good number of blues returned and some weaks as well when they were around in good numbers. Curious --with so much discussion about catch and release I'm interested to find out what species of fish you target but the tropy size or large spawner is released.
  9. I see that some members are at 3000 postings on SOL and I wonder if you are getting payed since it seems to me that you are wasting a lot of time with family and friends and probably do more posting then fishing. Add the thought of what original idea could one have after so many posts-- may I suggest less posting and more picture taking at tackle shops that would free up your time.
  10. There are some on this site who feel that unless your fishing in the middle of the night it is not real fishing-others feel only plug casting is real fishing--some contend that you must do battle with the elements to have real fishing--the list is endless-- and now we can add one individual who does not count real fishing if there are a large number of fish around-- he would not be proud to catch a large when there are many large around. Very interesting concept-- next time I'm with my friends and we finally locate good size, bass,fluke,weaks etc. I will suggest that we leave the area since there are too many fish and I'm not proud to keep catching them and let's move to an area that may have zero fishermen and probably zero fish!!!!
  11. I find it so strange that individuals on this board will condemn those for killing a large striped bass yet they have no problem putting that trophy fluke in the cooler or lay that double digit blackfish on the deck or sink a gaff in a keeper tuna. Why do we admire those individuals who caught record fish such as the weakfish of last year and the ling of this winter but we agonize over the issue to keep a large bass or not? Why do indivuals feel it is their right to walk off a boat with their limit of various fish time after time but have an individual catch and keep a fish of a lifetime and they will admonish the individual? Just a thought or two during a really long winter!
  12. I will be in the Boynton beach -West Palm beach in January ( 18-25 ) and I'm interested in open boat fishing- I've checked out a few on the web and they all do 4 hour trips which seems short to me-any longer trips? or if not is there a particular boat that you would recommend. Thanks
  13. My last 4 albies were all caught on poppers-Tsunami white 1 3/8 oz. In each case I could not catch them the standard way (no snaps-metal-teaser etc) Out of Frustration I threw the popper to maybe entice a blue that were out there as well-- I would not have believed that you can get them on poppers if it did not happen to me-- we hear so much hype about how difficult they are to catch and at times they are BUT they do like poppers!
  14. Yea nobody likes to see a fish die for no reason but I would wager that most members on here may have had similar experiences when they started fishing and caught maybe their first fish,bass or keeper. The fishing public is a lot more educated now then in years past-- I see a lot more care given in the return of fish-- if in the future this happens again you might want to mention to the newbie that the fish really needs to be put back sooner for the fish to have a chance to survive. We were all newbie's at one time-- either we learned from trial and error or we had someone show us. What seems so obvious to the educated fishing public at times eludes those that have not had a mentor or enough time on the surf to truly appreciate the sport and the obligation that one has for it's future.
  15. I got an invite to fish Duck area from wife's cousin who just bought summer house in that area. We will probably go sometime from mid May to early June. He is new to the surf so I will bring the equipment ( I fish the surf 80 to 100 times per year and I have plenty of stuff) - not sure what is running in the surf at that time of the year. I prefer to fish lures but will do what it takes to have him feel a tug from a fish-- any help will be greatly appreciated.