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  1. Went out today just to test my new bait bucket made out of a rubbermaid trash can and bilge pump. Managed 1 33 pounder caught deep on a live pogie. Could not find the macs and was part of my goal. Baitwell works great though. Some tweaks to make but kept a bunch of pogies alive and did not take up too much room.
  2. This is exactly what I was referring to. I hooked into a 50-80lb class bluefin down near the cape on striper gear and it ruined the drag washers in my spinning reel. Spooled me and did not know if was a tuna until about mid spool when I saw it come up and jump from a distance. A hour later saw more of about the same size but saved my money and moved on. I buy my permit ever other year for my boat just in case and carry a rod or two ready for the task. It is also good for keeping legal sharks if you get one and would love to put a legal mako, porbeagle, or thresher in the boat. To those interested there are other requirements and have to check on the quota of size classed fish to see what you can or cannot keep. You will also catch 20+ blue sharks for every tuna that you see or hook up to. I have standup and spinning gear. 50W 2 speed reels with 200 lb braid and 150# mono top shot. 80 hollow braid on my spinning setup. Had a big tuna on for 2 hours one time and finally got it back to the boat, called color and it was like the fish was just teasing me and took off tearing up 30+ pounds of drag like was free spooling. It got very real at that point. Sweat literally pouring from my forehead over my eyes so bad it seemed like it was raining. Back sore from the cheap gimbal brace I was wearing driving into my pelvic area, my fingers and hands felt as beat up as they were that day as a boy when I dropped the f-bomb in catholic school in front of sister Mary Ellen-Luise, and both of my feet glued under the toe kick with toes stiffly pointed up into a hook fearing that was going in at any minute. I finally got to rest when it broke off and left me heartbroken after a 2+ hour fight. Recreational tuna fishing can be fun but like a game like Rochambeau (South Park version - your turn after the fish).
  3. I have seen them that close but it's a flash so I'm sure more are in and out like ghosts that we will ever notice. Usually schooling bluefins but some bigger ones have made an appearance into the pogie schools. I am pretty sure if you would have hooked one, you would have changed your mind on that idea. Even the smaller ones are like a train being dropped from the sky. Powerful fish that can move and tow. One note though and that is that they are federally protected and you must have a permit to play. There was a guy down on the cape featured in OTW one year that claimed to have done this and targeted tuna from his kayak. Wonder what ever happened to him.
  4. There was a hump back in past years that would get this close chowing on those pogie schools. He even came within inches of my boat and will never forget his eye staining up at me as he turned in an ever so agile way. Never touched my boat nor did he move a lot of water. Have not seen him this year. However, last year I was fishing in the Marblehead / Nahant area in the fall and we saw humpback continue to breach out of the water but did not look like it was feeding and kept doing it over and over as though something was wrong. About a week later is when one washed up on the Revere beaches. I am guessing it was the same one. A juvie humpback.
  5. President Trump is doing just fine... OK, let's back to fishing everyone. We can all complain and have these discussions when it is cold and snowing outside.
  6. Was about to tell you follow me this weekend but noticed how old this thread is. In any case it is a big area so there is always some trial and error needed and yes, lots of great looking spots. Dialing them in is half the fun. If I head down this weekend I'll message you but any spots I show you cannot be discussed on here in the open - ever. In fact, you may need to drive your boat blind folded with your gps turned off for 2-3 miles. OK? ha ha. More info? I frequently launch at a ramp on the No. Shore and fish in the saltwater. There will likely be 2-3 other boats too so the intel and communications helps when there is a fleet to consult with. Like I said, I'll send you a pm tomorrow once my plans firm up.
  7. Pretty sure that is not the case and that you have to throw back females in NH as well. Here is the reference from the NH regulations: "... Any female possessing a V-notched (notched right flipper next to the middle flipper when underside of female is down and its tail toward you) or mutilated right flipper must be immediately returned to the waters from which it was taken (zero tolerance). All commercial and limited commercial lobster licensees shall immediately V-notch and return to the water, all egg-bearing female lobster captured in the process of taking lobster. ..." A buddy that lobster fishes nh says that he see's a lot of commercial guys notching small males (on purpose) so they will get mistaken for females when they get to legal size and the rec guys to throw back.
  8. Oh man, back from 2000-2005 is when I got my feet wet with striper slime and scales on the water. I fished for them in the 90's from shore and can recall only a few dozen fish and only a few keepers. However early 2004 until about 2007/8 seemed like the peak. It was insane back then. We used to only count the keepers and used to lose count on some days. It was so good, I turned to fishing barbless on all of my hooks and then turned to fly fishing more than 1/2 of the time. Was never a chunk bait guy though so no gut hooks I can ever remember and the only fish that did not swim away were the few I kept for eats. A 28" was and still is better table fare than a 40+ inch fish.
  9. I hope that something is done but have a feeling the northern states and recreational fisherman will be affected the most. Maine and NH are quick to move on these things while as you move south the politics and greed drive decisions.
  10. Pogies are in? Where? ha ha The volume is making it hard to catch fish consistently for sure. I pulled an all nighter the other night thinking it would be better at night - NOT. Will not do that for a long time now. Schoolies in shallow with some blues but that was it. Not worth feeling like I flew to the UK and back just for schoolies. Last weekend down at a ma no. shore area, we did ok with live macks in striper spots void of pogies but there was nothing on the massive pogy schools down there either. ...or was there?
  11. This reel is good if you keep it clean and take care of it. However, these prices are coming down and suspect that Daiwa may just be dropping the price of the next Gen model a bit? There is no way this reel is worth $250-300 IMO. Is it worth $140-170 (on sale)? Sure. How about at $200? IMO, I think there are slightly better options depending on your application.
  12. My wife is from Portugal = Bacalhau à bras. When she hears of being able to keep a cod, I'm sure I will be pushed out the door and will not be with a bow. ha ha. But I do have friends that keep their boats on slips and they used to keep them in until mid-October and with all of the limitations to the regs they have been pulling them in September.
  13. 1 cod for 11 days during the end of the season when most of us hav pulled our boats out of the water and ventured out into the woods for archery season? That is just wonderful.
  14. Yes, had a small school mixd with small stripers the other night. Did not catch any but was trying to figure out what was going on to shined a spotlight in the water and "hey, BLUEFISHES!!!" Nothing big but not cocktail blues either.
  15. Did you call the local harbormaster to let them know? Besides them (and authorities) keeping a watchful eye out for it, they should be aware so that no unnecessary searches occur if they find it first.