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  1. there should be special googan rules... the rule books would be just simple pictures and easy words to understand. Every other page could even be like an activity book with pages for them to color with crayons and of course some stickers for them to use for the mini quiz at the end.
  2. Please post back your impressions and review once you have had a chance to use it. Would be great to hear more about these and if they meet expectations.
  3. Kidding of course. Congrats on the new ride!
  4. Nice, I just did and he is going to sell me the one he sold to you. I outbid you I guess. Sorry. He said he would call you shortly to explain.
  5. Corruption is more than just bribery and fraud.. it is also tampering with the rules and processes to accommodate a changed direction or outcome (often a favorable one for a person, group, or entity). Sometimes this is to keep a job, sometimes it's to keep the money flowing into research and special interests and sometimes it's to maintain power.
  6. ASMFC should be investigated and actions taken against them to correct the corruption (if found...). However, the biggest challenge is that this is not as important an issue to any politician and the $ that is in it is likely a corrupt mix to the council and politicians alike. Kind of like chasing down whoever is farted in the room. No gain / no interest. And as a result, we have to deal with the stink of the decisions being made. I'm hopeful that something positive comes out of these discussions but definitely have my doubts and concerns given their (ahem) "management" in the past.
  7. Since we are whipping them out... the cutting board is just under 20" wide. Pretty sure there were some bigger than this in the bucket but already cleaned them. FISH ON!
  8. I can load up lots of extra flesh in the front of the boat too. Sure, I would invite 3-4 bikini babes @ 100 lbs each to join me but that 350+ pounder is going to have to wait for the ferry. That sticker is NOT a guideline and if you get inspected or more likely have an issue that causes them to inspect you and the coast guard does the math, you could get a fine for overloading. Not that they are going to start adding up your equipment and kicker but certainly the # of people on board. I focus on the activities and if I'm trolling there is going to be more activity in the back of the boat. Back of the boat weight limits are maintained to keep dry feet for boats with self-bailing decks and rear scuppers.
  9. I have a no fat people allowed on the boat rule (except for me). Can share the policy with the rule with you but is just that one line. The added weight can be noticed depending on the size and type of the boat. I stuck to 5-8hp outboards to keep the weight between 80-90 pounds which is close to a 29-31 series battery. Even if weight is an issue, if you are serious enough about putting a kicker on, you can always move some weight forward if possible such as relocating 1 or more batteries mid-ship or to the bow or even just cutting down on what may be adding to your total weight (fuel, water, the extra downrigger balls, or extra 30 packs).
  10. I used to have a kicker on one of my boats. It was great for trolling and as a safety. However, it was a PITA when not in use. Trailering with a lower quality bracket can be an issue. I hung mine from shared room on the transom cap but when looking into some of the options for mounting directly to the exterior of the transom, my researched yielded that the cheaper options are potentially hazardous and ya, you are adding holes into your hull. IMO, if you ever sell the boat, those brackets and/or the holes are kind of like an old unground pool for resale values... The other thing to consider is how it will be used. I paired my to the big motor so that my steering would turn the kicker. Some just keep it locked into a direction and use the big motor as a rudder. That did not work so well for me and was blowing all over the place. I think my setup I used as an ez steer? I was able to run another fuel line right from my water separator too and made a quick connection. Good luck.
  11. To make sure you are capable, do a launch in the surf on a windy day on an incoming tide during shark week. Then all trips after that will feel less intimidating. Do a short trip, have all safety gear, file a float plan with someone that you trust, and know what water to stay out of. Heavy current and waves can move you at all of your resistance (paddle, peddle, power all included). Have a plan for your trip out and back. I have had many great trips planning with the tide and/or wind. This may affect your launch site, destination, and travel route. Regarding going with an electric motor as aftermarket here are some options: 1. Torqueedo - perhaps the best of the aftermarket options but has a price tag. They have been around for a while and do make some TM kits to custom fit for certain hulls such as some for Hobies as well as for several series of Wilderness System kayaks. Cons: proprietary voltage means you have to use their batteries. 2. Bixby - new company and seems neat but may need to wait for the product to release. Cons: proprietary voltage means you have to use their batteries. Not yet released? 3. Newport vessels. I really like this setup and only $800 but does not come with a battery. Is 24 volt so you can chain 2 12v together and use lead acid or lithium. Cons: 2 lithium batteries will cost you more than this TM package. 4. Waternake / side mounts with 12v TM - cheap option and can use a single 12v battery. Cons: awkward location of TM. If you have not bought a kayak yet and asking about that, I would take a serious look at the Old Town autopilots. You are getting a fully rigged and outfitted setup minus batteries. I don't like proprietary batteries and the Minn Kota drives have been around for a long time. The spot lock feature would be killer for fishing. Otherwise, the Newport Vessels option is likely the next best option that I would consider if I were looking to go electric. Good luck!
  12. Kind of like in the matrix, that plug is what Hobie used to put into their hulls to grow the Hobie Getalong Gang. Wait... never mind, now I remember... they added something to leach out from the plastic of the free Hobie water bottles you got with a new kayak for growing the gang. I have no idea what that connector in the picture is for.
  13. Depends on the mask fit and material. I wear an N95 mask when cutting certain kinds of wood, doing any drywall, and removing/installing insulation. Have not had any of those n95 masks in a while and had to use one of these facial g-strap cotton jobbies that our world has come to accept as covid armor and after using it for some drywall recently, it was like I did not use anything at all. That leads me to the absolute conclusion that most of these masks are only stopping spit from leaving your mouth and not protecting you. They are protecting others so not trying to start some anti mask movement .
  14. This is actually a great idea.
  15. Better to use a heat gun of some kind. You can also get plastic welders pretty cheap at harborfrieght. Or at the very least, a hair dryer. HF also used to sell the heat guns for like 10 bucks.