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  1. Depends on the situation and frequency. Situation... not to stereotype but if you observe the person they may be a young kid, family, or newb/googan and I would be more comfortable helping to point things out to them. If there were a lot of people committing violations on a regular basis I would call F&G to report that it is becoming common so they can engage. If the person looks like they know that they are violating rules or shows intent (multiple buckets, runs to offload, is eyeing for F&G, etc) then I call F&G. Those are the folks that you cannot help and their education is better from the green ghosts.
  2. I wonder if some or a fair amount of these protesters are not only less worried about the virus but want to keep it going to avoid paying bills and getting fat stimulus money? Annoying that protesting got priority over tax paying American businesses. There were other ways to protest and communicate a message.
  3. Consider that most of the bans on activities and facilities to be a politically driven list to credit the politicians with to reference their efforts. "See, we took great action to slow the spread..." that will be the quote. To be fair, nobody could have planned for this and even if they did, testing for it would have not made the bar tab and invested into. Still, as an out of state boater that uses MA ramps, I am annoyed by being shut out.
  4. For a glimpse of what's to come, I think everyone should check out the movie Idiocracy. I think the writers could see into the future.
  5. I have honestly not been much but have noticed that even with freshwater there are a lot more people out. Unemployment, influence to social distance, and everything else being closed for recreation has created an enigma for crowding the waterways. Maybe there is also a new drive from the worried TP buyouts that people will need to catch their own fish for food? I'm (window) boat shopping for 2 boats right now for a friend (if my wife asks). A 22-24' center console and a 16' aluminum skiff. Both seem to have a very healthy market with boats selling fast / for higher than justifiable prices. Even with the rate of unemployment? I hope this effect does not also spill into hunting season. It is one thing when there are too many lines in the water but too many guns in the woods is scary. Kind of were at that level already but doubt fish and game would ever try to control any volume issues with too many hunters / licenses. I'm also not sure if I should buy a gun for the zombie affect of covid or due to the rioting for self protection. I'll have to look for a video on youtube and flock to some kind of popular opinion. Anyways, at least the stock market is surging / that makes total sense. What a weird year for sure!
  6. Not likely. Plovers will be the primary reason though / like every year.
  7. Squid r in. MA, please fix your roads. 2 more roller arms have been pancaked on my trailer tonight.
  8. Fly fishing for stripers? 8-9 wt rod with intermediate sinking line. Clousers in black, white, and olive. Deceivers are another great fly that are easy to find. Good luck.
  9. Have always been wanting to do this but trailer my boat and a weekend warrior. Has anyone had success doing this with a 6-8 hour soak? ...or is that just absurd to expect anything in that amount of time?
  10. That is a bummer but you know... if you live and work in Mass and pay the sales and employment taxes, that is a lot more than saving $5 the few times you go to this location per year. Taxachusetts ain't shelling out no discounts for us live free or die folk.
  11. I thought potland was in mass? Sorry but the typo makes me think of the many places in mass when we are outdoors and smell some pothead outdoors toking it up in a public place or in their car.
  12. Exactly. Really look everything over. Pop the hood, ask lots of questions they don’t know the answers to. Seek warrantees they will not have. Ask a lot of dead end questions. Let them layer on the BS sot the hear it for themselves and politely challenge any of their claims. If there are any issues, ask how much repairing will cost. A scratch in the paint btw, may require a full repaint of a panel and adjacent panels. New tires can be well over 1k. Brakes? Almost 1k. Try to find little big things... Passing inspection does not mean it is like new... Again, you are trying to play their game and use lots of time to frustrate them. After no less than 2 hours of tire kicking, talk price. Lightly try to negotiate claiming their price was high when you walked in and now that you found some issues, you need a much better price. Then leave. Tell them you have some other vehicles to check out at other dealers and will get back to them. Don’t let them try to keep you though, leave. This can be the hardest part as they have training and tactics to keep you there. Never buy same day unless your target price is met. Call them back or wait for their call. Get them to your price verbally. There are are so many negatives you can pile on if you try. How long have you had this car, was it a prior lease, where is every standard service record, what recalls did it cave, any common complaints for the model year,etc. Get a car fax from them and use that. They all have holes in their history that you can use against what they are selling. These are also car salesmen, not mechanics so if you have any mechanical knowledge and can use a search engine, you can find lots of negatives. Your desired price price ice should be somewhere between what they are asking and what you low ball them on.
  13. Maybe the effort with the cones was to reduce the size of any potential crowd?
  14. This is fairly regular when it comes to fishing related rules and regs and in some cases goes past the dates proposed.