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  1. Campsite is a good option if you have the gear. ..or a really cheap hotel and spray yourself down with Lysol first thing in the morning.
  2. My wife and I stopped into a store recently to look at a boat/beach seat that they have. Neat. However, I remembered in the picture it had a drink holder. This one did not. Looked up at the top overhead shelf and saw the same seat with a drink holder. The one that was on the shelf for sale had it broken almost clean off. Likely that they would sell it like that, it gets returned, and the process would repeat itself how many times? My guess is that during the pandemic that some places like WM were spoiled with what people would accept so returns go back to the shelf in any condition. I'm done with them... not just these reels... Online orders are borked pretty badly all around and there is no logic to them. Partial orders come into the store while waiting for 1 more item and they will cancel the (partial) order if not picked up within 3 days.
  3. 3 for 3 with these clowns. Should have only been 2 for 2 but they had system ordering issues and YES, they processed my CC 2x and did not notice until I got both tracking #'s. I figured, well, at least 1 of those two should be a new clean reel. NOPE!!! I cannot believe that every reel they sent me has been opened and has visible damage.
  4. The problem with trying to base the quality of fishing on the tide is that it is always changing and also need to consider a number of factors. Water temp, clarity, pressure, structure, oxygen, etc. Generally though, moving water is always a better bet. Fish when you can and as much as you can!
  5. You know.... I update my charts and FF software as much as I can and am permitted with whatever I bought. However, I rarely notice too much of a difference in the the charting. Maybe there is route info, hazards, etc that I never noticed but for years I have run two units. One older Garmin with charts from like 2015 and a newer one with the latest and greatest. I don't run both of them as the GPS but rather one as a sonar and the other as charts. However, several times I have run both to see if there were any big differences in areas I suspected there really should be changes (river mouths or edges of flats near heavy current) and nary any changes to be noted. I don't do this often but usually when I have moments like you did when there was clearly some weird readings (ex: reading 10' changes at half tide within the vineyard or nantucket sounds).
  6. You should pull your boat and find a way to siphon the fuel using gravity to drain it. or... change and keep changing your water separator filter(s). I suspect it's full for that tank, assuming you have them.
  7. I tell them that due to the sewage issues in the area that the fish have been labeled as being highly toxic and that there are advisories warning people to not eat fish from this water. Honestly, have only been approached once in my life but this guy looked like a poacher looking to fill a cooler. Doubt my words meant anything to him but was fun to try.
  8. Thanks for the detailed response. I appreciate it. My trailer is actually in pretty good shape. I’m that guy that takes the breaks apart annually to clean and lube up sliding parts. I also just changed out the brake fluid. Hubs are repacked with grease and only 3 years old. Regarding the bunks, my trailer is an EZLoader and has the 30” brackets set up for rollers or bunks. Most of my hardware will come off with a wrench/socket but may have a few that the rust will make me feel like Conan the barbarian and break off. Again, in good shape and no rust on any framed parts at all. I rinse my trailer off after each saltwater use into the lake near my house. I bought some 2x6 PT last night and have some Caliber bunk wrap coming tomorrow. I will use 1” pvc between the galvanized brackets and the PT to keep the PT off of the galvanized parts and will also act as a slight spacer. Part of my fear is losing trailer height whereby I will not be able to get my outboard vertical. I have about 3” to play with and will get a 2-2.5 inch haircut from this conversion.
  9. Sorry, that guy did not sound genuinely surprised at learning he was only allowed to keep one. Later today, I'm going to call MA DMF and ask for clarity on the new slot ruling coming up. I want to know if that applies to just one of the many fish that we can keep or if what we poach is excluded. I would imagine that the size of the fish becomes irrelevant but just want to be clear on the differences between the law and what's enforced / not enforced. This is an enforcement issue. I have also called in the past reporting a poacher in the middle of a weekday, only to be ignored. This guy was keeping 20-24" fish and had a runner transporting them so guessing he knew what he was doing. Once the local news stations get low on content, maybe they should be enlisted to do a story and open this issue up more so that it gets real attention. I know they would rather push out a story of how they caught a poacher and it makes the headline news as if MA DMF is effective, but... If if the root of the story brings out that they don't have the resources, so be it!
  10. You may have to pre-fill your water separator filter when you change it. I know I have to do this with mine. Obviously always use clean fresh gas.
  11. I have it on one of my reels still and while I don't fly fish as much as I like, it's still in great shape. I did clean it off with freshwater every or every other trip depending on water yuckiness levels.
  12. Would love for them to take up an interest in the seals on the cape...
  13. I honestly have not been out yet but will say that in the past 2-3 years, I have caught a LOT of 26-28" fish.
  14. It was indeed waste marine. I had a gift card to burn before it expired. Bought another Shimano Saragossa from them in the 18K size as they don't seem to be in stock with many other retailers lately. I live inland so big saltwater reels are not sold within at least 30-40 miles no matter what. They are going to be getting this back and I don't feel like I need to justify anything to them. I'm sure this was just a mistake made at lower levels whereby someone took a return back and looked at it with the plastic bag still on the reel and told them there was nothing wrong with the reel. I'm sure they would even pay return shipping if I went that route but will be going by 2-3 stores this weekend. Not sure if I will attempt to have it replaced or give the GC / credit to the wifey to buy clothing.
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