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  1. I'm not 100% sure on this but when you pay nearly $3k (or more) for a 12' plastic H boat, I think your contact information is shared with the church of Scientology for recruiting? After I sold mine, I stopped getting the calls anyways...
  2. I just tried to use size A for the first time this past winter and struggled with it. I am however just getting started with decorative wraps and opposite from what you are describing have been very utility with my builds up until recently. So far I have have made a few diamonds / chevrons. They turned out OK? I think size D is the right size for me for a while. The other struggle is with the metallic threading. I love the look but hate working with it so much I will focus on poly and nylon threaded builds.
  3. I only have a single axle (heavy one) and all of my work has been maintenance (with upgrading where possible) as opposed to an overhaul but looking back over the past 3 years and I spent way more than I would of if given the option to just buy new. I think the only pro to upgrading (if you have some solid parts to work with as a base) is that you can opt to install and use what you want for parts. My actuator is from UFP, stainless brakes and pads from Kodiak, and adjusted my trailer to exactly fit my boat and tow rig. I just put new Goodyear Endurance Load d tires on new rims and replaced the leaf springs. Roller parts were astonishingly expensive for what they are and you constantly ask yourself if you are throwing good money over a cliff. If I could go back in time to when I bought the boat, I would have bought a new tandem torsion bunk trailer and been a little more worry free than my year over year updates. Next boat I will buy a new trailer and sell what is under the boat for market value. Like you said, would rather be fishing and for any boat updates, would rather it be what neat electronics or accessories to get.
  4. 9 times out of 10 the police will just ask you to leave if they are called in. You could certainly push it if you wanted but sometimes it is not getting worked up over.
  5. I have boatUS but have to be honest that I am not happy that they are owned by Geico. Renewal is up this summer so may consider other options. I have not had to use them fortunately but did in a friends boat and must say, they are very helpful. Buddy ran out of outboard oil late on a Sunday afternoon and they drove to a west marine and showed up with a few options of branded oil. I insure my boat through progressive so going to have to look into the sign and glide thing.
  6. NS, that must be why I waited 9 days then. Oh well. I guess there is always my trusty Ritchie compass that I can use.
  7. Seems like a helpful new law but is like creating a rule when others are not under control. Could be that they want one more thing to add to the list of fines knowing that a very large portion of folks will have issues understanding the new laws? Ma$$achu$ett$
  8. Hardware works well early, like deadly dicks or any slender tin baits casted or trolled. But I usually don’t target stripers until the 3rd week of May. Salmon and Haddock fishing are too good to pass up in the early season.
  9. The price is what shocked me on this. A price war is due and reset of the market would be spectacular. I still can’t believe a plastic boat that has been produced for so many years increases in price every year and many years without any major changes. Maybe it took other brands to cause them to figure out how to take the prices in a different direction? My guess is that they will make the compass cheaper with similar characteristics and the other boats rise as they do. Bigger question will be the quality vs the cost? That said, I still value higher quality over a better price as junk that takes my time away from fishing is far more expensive than initial prices.
  10. I said circumcision, not a Bobbitt chop. Thanks though. I know of that version but I"m cutting down a 1pc by trimming a few inches off. Have not done it yet as I am completing 2 other rods but that one will be next. Decided I am going to take 5 inches off though. I did tape all of the guides on but still seams like a trial an error after cutting. Once all components are loaded rod weight and balance minus x inches will vary.
  11. This year seems like people are RIDICULOUS with their prices for used boats. I recall seeing one where the seller posted the receipt for what they paid new back in 04 and were selling it for $3k more than they paid for it 15 years ago. If someone even thinks of buying that, they should be doused with cold water in the face. I started looking at beater boats (14-16' tin tiller) this year and what I could easily put some elbow grease into to keep it as a good or ok deal.... Well, the devil got to those people too. I'll look again in the fall which is usually a better time to buy a boat and get a fair to good deal. Otherwise, I'll buy new next winter. Better to walk away regretting the unknown than to walk into it and later regret. There is no undo button once that mouse infested, water-logged, moldy barge is sitting in your driveway, before, during, and after your divorce.
  12. I agree. It is a great paddling platform. I had the Trident 15 and even better in open waters. Stride is awesome and tracks like a bullet. I know where I can get them on the cheap right now and holding back from getting one. My wife says I have a "problem".
  13. I had a revo 13 for 5 or so. years just like the one pictured. Great for open water and could get into some skinny water too. For me, owning it felt like a ticking time bomb with the potential for a crack in the drive-well. Sold it mainly because I found myself using only my boat for almost an entire season, This year I wanted back in but still unsure of what my usage will be so I picked up a leftover Trident 13. Have has all kinds of kayaks and configurations that looked almost like spacecraft with the amount of accessories. Since, I have calmed down and appreciate keeping it simple.
  14. are you saying you had water in your fuel or that you literally lost oil and was void of several quarts? No experience with zukes but know that Yamaha and some others can "make" oil in that if they run cold that condensation can build up in the crank case and increase the level. Does not sound like what you are seeing but varying temps seem to affect outboards greatly. Hence, maybe the part you are talking about is bad. I know I change out my thermostats ever 2-3 years as it contributes to the condensation issue I have seen.
  15. I would suggest trying a few if not all on your list if you can. Spending 3K on a plastic boat is no joke and should come with some on the water research.