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  1. Going to sound like the safety police here but don’t care as I would rather save lives and be remembered for this. Even if I sound annoying to some. If you think this will bother you, stop reading and skip over what I’m about to write. Would rather advise on being overly cautious to anyone new to what could be a fatal experience on the water. If you have been around long enough, I’m sure you can recall your own scary moments and / or at least heard of of some. I have boated and kayak fished for years but every so often have branched out into a danger zone that reminds me I will always be learning. We also make mistakes when our target is on fish and can lose sight of risks. Anchoring CAN be very dangerous. It can also be a safety as to not drift if your power source is disabled. Be ready for anything and always layer your safety plans as you only get one life. i just read though the blog article linked earlier in this thread and is great advice for anchoring a kayak. Wish you all a safe season on the water. Good luck!
  2. Sleezy marketing communications... Happening everywhere. If you look at the price of a Tesla, you will notice that the price they advertise includes "potential savings of not using gasoline". When you go to check out, you are scratching your head wondering werhe the $7K came from. I also did not buy a softdrink or chips at the gas station so maybe they also need to include those add ons / savings into the price? I don't like it when numbers are played with to take advantage of people. KISS WORKS!!! How much for the soup? "... the price is the price...."
  3. I don't like anchoring kayaks as I mostly fish fast tidal / moving water and have witnessed how quick control can be lost. There are lots of anchors available for cheap and they can be even cheaper than what we are paying for some of our tackle. Still, nobody likes to lose equipment. What to get? Depends on the bottom you are trying to hold to and the force of water / wind you are up against. Some work too well and as a result, subject to loss. Hard to tell from the pic but you look closely, you'll notice a zip tie used to act as a sacrificial release if ever needed. I have honestly never needed to do this but also don't use an anchor much. Also, not going to claim to have invented this idea but it does work.
  4. Fished in Salem and Beverly yesterday from shore. Very quiet but did not expect much. Seagulls were out in full force and at one point I was running to evade the bird turd bombing campaign against me. I won this time but this seemed personal and some kind of warning from them.
  5. My wife’s cooking is amazing too. I would never even think of ever saying anything bad about my amazing wife and her amazing cooking.
  6. Surströmming - Canned Fermented herring. I did not know I could projectile vomit from my nose but now I know the trigger.
  7. What it costs for fuel to get my boat to the ocean and back is considerably more than what I spend on the water in fuel. I also don't seem to care as much when on the water since it was the mission / event that I enjoy. Guess I need to move closer to the ocean (planned).
  8. I have an 18' center console and while I have thought about it... or even a Bimini, I have quickly talked myself out of it. I do more casting than trolling and almost never on anchor. A T-Top would only get in my way. If I had say a 23' boat, I might want one but not on anything smaller. I would say to get a bimini if your reasoning is to get shade on hot days or want to try and shed a little rain. Like others have said, it will offer little protection from the rain but then again, neither will a t top. A bimini can be easily removed and added back on. It is also much cheaper than a T-Top. Good luck!
  9. Drill a hole through where you want it and drive a tight fitting nail through it. Post pix when you are done. Most of the hook keepers I have installed and wrap don’t seem to last long. If you do go this route use a higher grade of stainless as your hooks being attached will influence corrosion . I just use rubber bands now. Depending on the lure, I can also protect the blank a little and secure a second set of hooks above it.
  10. BS, I think they just announced a plan that they are buying some magic beans from China that will grow hot dogs, carrots, and ice cream from the same tree.
  11. Honda engines are like cockroaches. That said, corrosion can destroy metals if not taken care of. Inspect plugs, anodes, thermostat, and visible seals Perform a compression and leak down test inspect oil and gear fluid Look for what has been replaced and tampered with look for dates written on filters or other components consider that the amount of hours should be reflected in the final price but you could possibly get another 2k hours if she was well kept and you are nice to her
  12. Was at a fancy restaurant a couple of years ago and asked for the mens room and the girl replied in a snarky tone, what’s a mens room. I answered her with: I need to pee and don’t really care where I do this, but you should.
  13. I’m sure some cuties feel even worst when they do it. They lose their cuteness with the noise and smell.
  14. I really thought they ran out if dumb ideas but continue to surprise me.