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  1. I've got it! We will build...... a WALL! That will fix it.
  2. Our coast is going to be nothing but seals, plovers, and sand. Can we say that the seals are a threat to the plovers? Would that be a good strategic play?
  3. That may have been it. When I contacted them, they told me that happens sometimes but freaked me out quite a bit.
  4. What date was this on?
  5. I just bought a new kayak today and chose a lemongrass (bright yellow/green) color. My buddy also went me and bought a camo colored kayak. We were both happy. I came close to getting a camo one too but have plans for getting another kayak later this year and my new green one will be a 2nd / 3rd for family and guests. Considering this, I prefer the bright colors for their safety, including making it easier for me to keep an eye on them should I not pay attention and get too far ahead. Think about this for yourself if the worst case situation were to unfortunately occur and if the coast guard is ever called to go look for you.
  6. And one more note on the great whites liking yellow, there have been studies done against actual shark attacks and to me the numbers were too small to build a reliable conclusion. We don't know all of the details like were most of the yellow kayaks fishing and the other colors that got hit (less) not fishing? Time of day, repeat attack areas, depth in the area, etc. Kind of like when you go out fishing and one color is producing better than others then the next day or week later it is not and it is another color. I just don't think the yum yum yellow theory is true. I promise you I don't feel in safer in going into sharks waters just because my kayak is not yellow. Now, if you are trying to buy a used kayak off of someone, the yum yum yellow mention may get you a better deal.
  7. I burned my brain out at a time trying to assess this. I think you will hear pros and cons for all colors. Blue blends in with the water. Yet, you will read about how sea robin blue is very visible from longer distances. Red is harder to see at sunrise / sunset. ...add that some percentage of people are color blind. Orange, same as red in the sunrise / sunset. More visible than red and known as a safety color. Yellow is very visible and great whites have it on the menu as yum, yum yellow. Bright green.. again, some folks are color blind but as visible as yellow. Camo and/or gray are likely the hardest to see but by design. If you want to be seen get a brighter color that you like. If you don't like any of the brighter ones, a bright flag on a pole, bright colored paddle, and bright life jacket will all make you more visible than something that within 10" of the surface of the water. Still worried? bring a flare gun. At night straight up, so they can see you and right at them during the day if they don't see you. Good luck!
  8. go look up a microfiche diagram at an online parts store. I just changed out my internal zinc annodes on my Yamaha 4 stroke last summer. ... and there are some that you an get to and some that you cannot.
  9. New build underway for an 8’ Batson sw967 blank. I typically fish with 7’ rods from my boat but for this rod was planning for longer. Mostly an issue of storage. 5-7” off the butt planned. However, struggling to do it. Looking for practical ways to test without buying too many non reusable components. Ideas?
  10. More of a complaint but feel like I went to Mars for a few years and returning to some silly prices. I know it is approaching early spring and part of it but overall I am seeing used boats listed for prices higher than new and 10 and 20 year old boats not far off from what the original owners paid. What gives?
  11. HPPI is not a 4 stroke though is it? So with 2 strokes your problems being a l little further upstream. I had my injectors serviced once and after installing them, once stuck open. I put new ones in after that. Figure out that once was really just stuck open and was able to close it manually. I would recommend the place I sent mine to in Florida but the stuck injector brings back bad memories. Just glad I smelled it and killed the engine immediately.
  12. The sacrificial anodes on a freshwater outboard will hopefully be magnesium while saltwater will be zinc or aluminum. Don't forget that some zincs are inside of the outboard too. What does this mean if you use an outboard with magnesium in salt? It will work well... maybe too well and shorten the life of the weaker metal. Just need to check them and change if you see that they corrode faster than they should. Then replace them with zinc. Some other differences may include SS or higher grades of SS for hardware and finally, wiring materials may be slightly different. Depends on the manufacturer though so best to ask each. And would be cautious of asking some of the salespeople selling boats. Some may not know and give you some BS or a generic answer like what I just explained but not have any specifics for you.
  13. I think those are just screens. If you need to clean those then you failed to clean the 4 filters ahead of these. There is one inline before the fuel rail, one in the VST, a visible one near the fuel pump and of course your water sep / fuel filter. The further out they go, the more frequently they should be changed or cleaned. The one in the VST is a bitch and should only be done if there is an issue. I actually keep an extra set of injectors with me but only because I have them and I'm weird like that.
  14. If you want an amazing knife for very little $ look into getting a Morakniv. They have a lot of sizes and fixed blades to choose from but is quality Swedish steel for very cheap $ and comes with a functional sheath that should work well for diving.
  15. The other night over at BPS, I was waiting my turn near the gun counter and had a scare. Typical scenario of uneducated husband bringing in his uneducated wife to buy a gun and focussed on how cool it looked as opposed to any meaningful measure or reason. ...then started to ask something like what if she needed to kill someone and what would be best... then started to wave the gun around with the muzzle pointed in my direction. I immediately grabbed the top of it and pointed it down and corrected her saying, "oh no, you never do that". Husband gave me a why kind of look and says, "it's not loaded". Counter clerk rolled his eyes at the situation but remained quiet. Over at shooters outpost on the other side of 93 they would put you in a chokehold and walk you out the door asking you to never step foot in there again. I have bought several guns and lots of ammo from them and will continue to shop there but over at the gun counter I want to cry with some of the trash that the store brings in. That and the stupid sweepstakes people that chase you down like you are ever going to go over and fill out that form. BPS, please replace that with a donation booth for veterans and/or some kind of meaningful charity that rotates between groups. I would much rather drop some coin on a chartiable donation than be attacked by sweeps people trying to sell me a vacation package or whatever it is they are pitching.