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  1. It shouldn't be a problem to just completely replace the cork tape and still preserve most if not all of the threadwork.
  2. I'll take the needle for $10
  3. I'll take them if you change your mind.
  4. I'll take the entire lot if it doesn't work out above or the Super Strikes
  5. $90 is the lowest I'll go
  6. I've got a gold 150 spool - lightly used, filled with 30lb Power Pro. $100 shipped/Paypal - I'll take some pictures if you're interested...
  7. They're at least 15+ years old, not sure exactly I was looking for $40 each or $70 for the pair. Both are new, never used, but have some minor storage scuffs on them.
  8. I have a pair of dark green 3oz Eelskins if you're interested
  9. Junior and spin not for sale - Both needles are new, unfished condition. The left needle has some very light surface scuffs in the clear coat.
  10. I have a a couple of the 3oz green/black model, I'd like $40 shipped each or $75 for the pair.
  11. RM and CCT Danny's are gone from the top lot. Remaining plugs for $45 shipped
  12. I'd do the blue cloud for $35 as well
  13. I would do the yellow mack and RM for $25 shipped if you're interested
  14. Dropped to $65 shipped - Will also consider splitting for 2 or more lures.