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  1. So sorry to hear.
  2. Sold. Thanks SOL.
  3. Respectfully accept ne_dan.
  4. $675- PayPal includes shipping or $650 cash meetup on Long Island. I fish two other Van Staals all the time. At 70 don't think I'll ever get to this one. Mint condition, never left the box (packed 09/11/13.)
  5. Make sure your reel can handle water, then use rod as a cane as you walk. Learned this the hard way.
  6. I'm pretty sure I've seen you catch bigger.
  7. No bird expert here, but I've pretty much tangled with all the marine birds on Long Island. More often than not they're after surface plugs and by simply stopping your retrieve and stopping the action on your plug, (especially poppers), bird will fly away and you can avoid the whole situation. Sometimes, poo happens. If hooked (and for some reason usually is right by the nostril), here's my routine: Reel birdie in. VERY IMPORTANT - be sure to be wearing glasses, the shore birds always seem to peck right for your eyes first. With one hand, I put my pliers in his face, he'll bite and latch onto it. With other hand I turn my hat inside out and approaching from behind the head, cover his head and hold him from behind. Once covered, you should be able to easily free and release him. Sometimes, line gets tangled around feathers, cut line near bird, pull from opposite direction, should come right out.
  8. So sorry.
  9. Saw him yesterday. He's hurting big time. Hand was all messed up. Knee surgery coming up. SOB still wanted to fish.
  10. I'll take one for $30. Thanks.
  11. There was a whale out front snotting out yesterday.
  12. Oops. Meant Febreze, not Lysol. Lots and lots of Febreze.
  13. Fighter jets? I should have figured that out the first time we drove down a beach together. Keep your buggy, nothing a little Lysol can't fix. OK, a lot of Lysol.
  14. If you can't cast a bucktail that far, maybe a heavy needle or a tin. Let it get underneath, then drag/hop if a non-sticky bottom. Blues seem to prefer fast, shiny, rubber. Slow, low, pause, stop/hop may get you some bass and not turn on a blue.. Cast to middle of blitz and good chance of bluefish biting you off. Work your way into the frenzy, sometimes near edges are best bet, Don't give up when blitz ends, blues may follow the bait leaving bass behind.