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  1. This.... it happens from time to time.
  2. How's that working out for ya?
  3. Another way to avoid the premature bail closure, is to flip the bail downwards, vs. upwards before casting.
  4. Nice Toby Is that the Buzzard by any chance? been a while since I've seen him.
  5. I'm not... I'm all good with these... Thanks.
  6. Nice fish Crossbow
  7. This was passed last year on the West coast...Oregon, Washington and Idaho. I wonder why the Wildlife officials in New England don't do a study on our seal population. U.S. Congress OKs killing sea lions to help save salmom Wildlife officials say seal lion populations have grown so large they no longer need 1972-enacted protections. In other news......... People Keep Killing Sea Lions...In the last three months, 13 dead sea lions have washed ashore at Puget Sound, near Seattle, Washington. On a side note.... Are Seals getting you down? Having problems catching that PB striper, to show off to friends and family on social media? We have the answer... Seal Busters! (call now 1-800-pinniped). One seal or 101 seals, doesn't matter, we aim to please (a bit of satire here, don't get all bent out of shape now).
  8. What is permethrin? Permethrin is an insecticide in the pyrethroid family. Pyrethroids are synthetic chemicals that act like natural extracts from the chrysanthemum flower. Permethrin is used in a number of ways to control insects. Products containing permethrin may be used in public health mosquito control programs. They may be used on food and feed crops, on ornamental lawns, on livestock and pets, in structures and buildings, and on clothing. Permethrin may also be used in places where food is handled, such as restaurants. How does permethrin work? Permethrin can affect insects if they eat it or touch it. Permethrin affects the nervous system in insects, causing muscle spasms, paralysis and death. Permethrin is more toxic to insects than it is to people and dogs. This is because insects can't break it down as quickly as people and dogs. Cats are more sensitive to permethrin than dogs or people because it takes their bodies a long time to break it down. What happens to permethrin when it enters the body? Less than 1% of the permethrin put on the skin of people was taken into the body. If permethrin is eaten, most of it is quickly absorbed. The pyrethroids easily pass through the lungs into the body if inhaled, but no specific data on permethrin was found. Once permethrin is absorbed, it quickly moves throughout the body. The greatest amounts of permethrin have been found 3 to 4 hours after it was eaten. Permethrin leaves the body mainly in the urine, but may also be in the feces. In laboratory tests in rats, half of the permethrin was gone from the animals' bodies within a day.
  9. Locust possibly?
  10. A jury found decorated Navy SEAL Edward "Eddie" Gallagher not guilty Tuesday on almost all charges he was facing, including murder and attempted murder, in the killing of a teenage Islamic State member in Iraq. Gallagher was accused of stabbing to death a 15-year-old ISIS fighter in 2017 and posing with the corpse for photos. He faced seven criminal charges in all. Six of the most serious charges included premeditated murder, willfully discharging a firearm to endanger human life, retaliation against members of his platoon for reporting his alleged actions, obstruction of justice and the attempted murders of two noncombatants. On all of those charges, the just in San Diego found him not guilty. Jurors did find him guilty of the seventh charge, posing for a photo with a casualty, considered the least egregious of the crimes, which carries a maximum prison sentence of four months.
  11. Yep, he developed a taste for blood, human nonetheless. Unfortunately, some folks get this way. Seals are hardened, and trained in many aspects of warfare, one of which is to kill, Now having said that, he is one of the very few that doesn't distinguish between good/bad target's. He became ruthless and unfeeling in his manner.... a cold blooded killer.
  12. Yep, can't go wrong with his stuff.
  13. Its not done on the boat
  14. Red & Green, use Rit dye, soak for a coupe of hours.