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  1. A bobbin would be good
  2. My experience was different. I have as well, if you don't know what you're doing and don't wrap the guide tight enough, in time, it will fail.... count on it.
  3. The guide isn't glued on, so when you wrap it, the wrap holds the guide to the rod. The flex coat not only protects the wrap, but as it soaks through the wrap, it also coats the guide feet, cementing it in place. Without the coat, you have nothing but sewing thread holding it down, a few fish into it, and the pressure exerted on the guide will weaken the wrap hold, which will result in failure. and you will more than likely lose the guide.
  4. I guess that would depend on the person. Simple 1 color wrap isn't too difficult, its tedious at times. Multi color/designs is more tedious. Like anything else, the more time spent doing it, the better you will become. Once the guide wrap is on, you need to coat it, otherwise it will start to loosen up, and will fail.
  5. Once you start taking the coating off. you will take the guide wrapping off as well, no way to avoid it since the thread has soaked it in when it was applied and hardened. Its Flex coat, or a similar product.
  6. Get a pair of Binoculars might help with the ID
  7. What about Cotija?
  8. Also, do not forget that you have FMLA to use. 12 weeks non payable time off, helps protect your job if you burn up your company PPO/Vacation time, and need to have more time off.
  9. Notice how they cut the video off. They didn't want anyone to see them taking the back straps off.
  10. Damn, she's lucky. Kudos to the Aussie guy
  11. Camel toe? That's a frickin Moose Knuckle.
  12. Summer Bachelor groups. Come fall, they won't be so nice to each other when the rut kicks in. They will slowly start to disband in the fall, going their own way.
  13. That brings back memories, Fishing the american river and sacramento river confluence at discovery park, O'neill Forebay down by Los Banos, Pacifica Beach, SF Bay, all great spots for Striper fishing.
  14. Thats awesome news. I'm losing my Mom to cancer, it sucks, wish that crap never existed.
  15. “Angel of Death” - AC-130