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  9. Yep...currently unable to keep wolfish...but they are wonderful eating....nice white flaky meat. But you gotta stay away from those teeth. Used to catch them up in the Gulf of Maine all the time when bottom bumping for cod.
  10. Hoping this weather system rolling through doesn't spoil the camping and fishing!
  11. The biggest of 3 does that came in under my stand yesterday evening. Looked right up at me several times before I got a chance to position for the shot at about 10 yards.
  12. Check out the shrimping forum from another coastal city in our neighboring southern state. SC has a shrimp baiting season...for $25 (resident fee) you can bait for shrimp and keep 48 quarts, heads on, daily. Lots of know-how on that site.
  13. Here ya go. Spun deer hair for bass. Someone posted a bunch of other flies like these in another thread too. Muslim Fly!
  14. Hey Guys (and Gals), I just relocated to Corapeake, NC (just south of Suffolk, VA) from Maine, where I was a sometime participant on the ME/NH/MA forums. Looking forward to fishing the area...fresh, salt, doesn't matter. I'll surf fish, bass fish, bottom bounce offshore, or wade for fish on the fly....this heat will take some getting used to though. Originally from SC, but been in the Northeast for most of my 23+ year Navy career. Will be working at NNSY. Hoping you folks can point me towards the trout and redfish. And if anyone ever needs to fill a slot, give me a shout.... Dan
  15. ME and NH have reciprocity for fishing long as you are in a boat on the border waters. As soon as you get out of the boat and start to fish from shore or wading, you need the license for the state you are in.