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  1. Body damage. The rear spoiler has to be replaced. And driving a vehicle with a cracked tail light and no center brake light would likely get me pulled over and ticketed.
  2. I'm an idiot and shouldn't have nice things. This is an indisputable fact, yet I continue to go out, buy nice things, and feel anguish when I eff them up. SMDH... Friday morning. I have Csteven and my buddy Gary coming out with me for an offshore cbass trip. I did a bunch of prep work the day before. All I had to do on Friday morning was grab my lunch and electronics, and then meet Corey for breakfast before we headed out. Wake up after about 6 hours of sleep and I feel really groggy, like I needed 4 more hours of pillow time. But I figure an x-l coffee will have me up to speed in no time. Get to the breakfast joint I'm suppoed to meet Corey at and it's closed. Run down the road to Dunkin. Also closed for another 45 minutes. Head over to the boat, meet Corey and Gary and unload the rest of my stuff. We're good to go at this point, but I still feel groggy and really want to get some caffeine before I start running the boat. I tell Gary and Corey I'll be right back and jump in the truck to hit Dunkin. My truck is parked in the marina at a spot that has a big downeast on stands right behind me. I back up too fast and don't cut the wheel hard enough and my rear glass hits the chiune of the hull and shatters into a million pieces. How's that for an Oh **** moment at 6 in the morning? I survey the damage, and then head over in my now, well ventilated truck over to Dunkin. Get back with coffee in hand, and head out to some pieces in about 100' of water to find very few of the big cbass I was looking for. Plenty of jersey keepers but not nearly enough of NY legals, Some small scup mixed in as well. Run a little inshore to another piece and my diesel starts stalling when shifting between forward and reverse. I bleed the fuel line but no help. It continues to idle low and stall and I'm also down 300 RPM off what I shoud be at WOT. Possibly a fuel pump or injectors issue. Make it back to the slip uneventfully. The guy with the big downeaster that I hit is there and asks me if I knew I hit his boat. Kind of a dumb question if you ask a dummy like me, but I understand his concern and give him all my insurance info in spite of there being zero damage to his hull. Gary and Corey split up the catch and I run over to the body shop. We file a claim and it turns out I don't have renters compensation, so now I'm driving a subaru like a lesbian. Don't know how long I'll be without my truck. Body shop guy said it all depends on how long it takes to get parts. Bringing the boat in tomorrow to hopefully get that right for tog season.
  3. Beans were my favorite part of the meal. I don't think they had collard greens. Dry rubbed ribs, brisket under them.
  4. It was ok. Co pilot is an FNG. He's gotta pay his dues.
  5. Green beans
  6. Despite the ongoing sirens I'm hearing here in downtown Nashville, I will soon venture out for an early dinner of smoked meats. Flying tonight, so no adult beverages will accompany my meal.
  7. Aside from a handful of flounder, Y has managed to catch a whole lot of sqaudoosh this year. LMAO....
  8. HBD Mick! Yo Slacks! I'm in Nashville tonight. You coming out for some beers and Q?
  9. Giants game was great (well, except for the 1st half, lol). Going for 2 to win it at the end was one of the gutsiest calls I've seen in the NFL, especially for a new head coach. Barkley had a monster game. The Jets still are atrocious though.
  10. Those hulls are cool. Look like floating bath tubs. Price in a diesel conversion. New 4 cylinder yanmar would be sweet power for that boat.
  11. DIBS!
  12. You don't have that much line on your reel.
  13. Should've dropped into that dealership and picked up an Escalade. It's the MP's preferred mode of transportation to the diner.
  14. I think so. Can't remember being too impressed. Halfway through the bottle. Then it's knob creek and woodford reserve going forward.