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  1. All he has to do is get the hull far enough above the bunk to get a roller on it. Couple of jacks and pieces of wood, one side at a time, easy peasy.
  2. Floor jack and a 4x4?
  3. Saw this small deer on the way up the steps.
  4. You. Second prize is 2 trips to bumeff.
  5. Pack your bags Pete. You're going to bumeff.
  6. You need a special permit to sell tuna. Most recreational guys don't have it.
  7. It's really bad. Bland like all light beers with a faint artificial sweetener aftertaste. Carbs. I was marking those big horse mackerel in the bight when I was out with Sheisty on eclipse day. Lots of gannets around signaling there was stuff for them to eat. Everyone is a critic.
  8. Started a 3 day this morning. Tonight I will be laying over in a town that I am yet to ever visit. There will be pictures and the first "Where's Quik " competition of the year. The winner gets round trip airfare (standby only) to Bumeff to visit slacker where they will burn sticks, plant shrubs and eat tube steaks. Tomorrow night in the big easy. On an unrelated note, I discovered last night that I do not enjoy yuengling light. Not one little bit.
  9. Call this wishing well Slacker, cause it's not going anywhere.
  10. Wreck anchors are for hacks.
  11. I wasn't actually going to. I just like the word gagootz.
  12. No pipe. Mostly cleaning and shop vac stuff.
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