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  1. I'm a lot of things, but cheap isn't one of them. You must be getting me confused with Slacker.
  2. After throwing a harrowing amount of money at it, I have a working autopilot again. The guy I had working on it actually re built the entire network. Everything on the system was daisy chained to everything else and backbones and connectors were in bad places. He added 2 backbones, put them in the cabin on the bulkhead ( out of the weather) and cleaned everything up. Really nice job. As long as all the hardware holds up, I should be good to go. Almost got the vid kicked. Still a little head and chest congestion but not enough to medicate for. Did some yardwork in the heat late this morning and wasn't wiped out by it.
  3. Most coolers suck . Can't stand up to the rigors of life on deck, hardware that isn't strong enough to handle the load of said cooler when fully loaded, crap hinges on the lids and the cracking/ insulation problem you mention. That led to the genesis of the "high end " coolers such as yeti, tundra, etc. I would get a higher quality cooler but I worry that it would be stolen off my deck one night. Yeah that discontinued/ we don't support nonsense sucks. I'm ready to kick shimano to the curb. I seem to have better luck with daiwa. And accurate pissed me off too. Sent in a bv-300 in the spring of 2022. Full service, they replaced a few bearings. Go to use it for spring tog about a year later and the handle is bound up. I call them and some service dude says it's probably some bearing. I told him I had the reel serviced by them a little over a year ago and he said anything over a year is out of warranty. In that time period I probably used the reel less than a dozen times. Sent it back in over a month ago. Heard they're back logged fixing all their junk.
  4. Thanks for thinking of me buddy. Surprised and a little disappointed that none of you humps called dibs when I said I had the covida loca... A friend of mine and his wife routinely pick up coolers that are put out as trash. Most just need a good cleaning. Problem is, they're hoarders, so they have about 20 coolers.
  5. Yeah. They're biting good right now on the deep spots.
  6. Y. Bourbon and naproxen sodium? No issues?
  7. I get sick time, but we made a deal with the company during the height of the pandemic which allows us to get time missed due to covid off with pay with no deductions from our sick time bank.
  8. Sending a Calcutta to Y would just be setting us all up for "Beaten by Togzilla part deux., because, levelwind". Thanks for sparing us the drama.
  9. 10 days
  10. Was KOQ moving to Montana or Wyoming?
  11. Spoke with a doctor this morning. She said that the anti viral meds are a lot of pills to take, can cause gastrointestinal issues and people (like Biden did) get reinfections shortly after getting better. So I passed on that course of action and I'm just taking otc stuff to manage the symptoms. She also said if my fever becomes uncontrollable or I start having trouble breathing to go straight to the hospital.
  12. I thought that was supposed to happen when I got the vax...
  13. Covid got me. Feel like I've been run over by a truck. I blame csteven.
  14. How about Fliprazz? Great roll cloud shot. If you have one of those between you and where you're headed in a boat, its probably going to get sporty.
  15. This made me think of Mick.