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  1. Update... Got my laptop fixed, new tooth (temporary crown), replacement credit card, and the boat fixed. The boat ended up being the plastic sight bowl for the strainer fractured in several places where it attached to the brass assembly. So the water pump was pulling air instead of water. I spent way too much time attempting to fix it the wrong way (without removing the strainer assembly from the bilge) but once I did figure out the right way with the right tools, with help from a friend, it was a pretty easy job. Fished this past weekend, solo, and it was terrible, Hardly any life on the inshore pieces. Spent more time looking for structure than actually fishing. Ocean sloppy right through the weekend so I took the skiff out this morning for some back bay plugging. My casting skills have gotten rusty, and I fired my Stillwater smack-it popper right into the sod bank. I pull the skiff right up to the sod bank to get the plug back and get attacked by mosquitoes the size of small birds. Eff me. When these bastards decided to bite you they either get you or die trying. One rat bass and a sore casting shoulder was all I could manage for the 3 hours or so that I fished. Will try the skiff again on Thursday. Better tide and hopefully this cold front wakes the fish up a little. Hey, where's Squid....
  2. The trip to Minnesota has been postponed to spring of 2019 due to inclement weather. Pics of previously mentioned species that have yet to grace the Random thread will have to wait. On the plus side, the long range forecast for the local area is actually looking quite nice for this upcoming weekend. If I can get the boat running, I may have a shot at getting out and catching a few fish.
  3. Rodger that. I will do my best...
  4. Actually, I do, but I will be in training in Denver until 11-7. Have been in a run of bad luck ever since changing jobs. First, my laptop broke. 3 year old Dell, power button broke. Sent it back to Dell and dealing with their customer service is pretty painful. But I should have it back in a week or so. Second bad luck event was losing my primary credit card. Third was breaking a tooth. Fourth was my yanmar overheating just as I entered the no wake zone while attempting to get out and catch a few sea bass for diner Sunday morning. Something caused the site glass on my strainer to crack and the motor was sucking air instead of water. So I shut it down, anchored up, and my buddy and I listened to music for a couple of hours while we waited for the motor to cool down. Once it did I idled back to my slip, Spent most of the day partially upside down with my head in the bilge trying to get the broken sight glass off and finally got it done around 1500. Got the replacement parts already and I should be back in business by the end of the week. I'm off from now until 10-11, but in addition to the boat problems the weather has been generally unfishable since the last week of August. Might shoot over to Minnesota to fish for walleyes and drink beer with a buddy from my former job. See how the weather goes. Only one thing i thought I would mention about your Rhode Island charter. If you can arrange to get hermits, it might be a good move. If some other guys bring them, they can turn off the bite for everyone else who's not using them. Whites are good, but they probably won't do much if some other guys are using hermits.
  5. Exactly. But people kept buying the crappy ones and no small independent donut shops can make it with a Dunkin franchise every mile or so down the road. Sucks. But I'm on the low carb program too so I guess it's a blessing...
  6. Last day at the job today. Starting a new one Monday. Had to go turn in my stuff. Sad to leave. It was a good place to work with some good people. Spent the rest of the day in air conditioned comfort on the love seat. Too hot to do anything outside. Some random thoughts on my Block Island trip. The fried chicken at the Oar almost makes going to Block Island worth the hassle on it's own. Leinenkugel Grapefruit Shandy is the worst tasting "beer" I've ever had. Fresh made donuts really open your eyes to how crappy Dunkin donuts donuts have become. The sea bass population seems quite healthy. Good thing they're reducing the catch allocation next year Bluefish have avoided me very successfully on the big pond this year.
  7. Block Island trip went well. Left Saturday, the 25th. Bit of a stumble out of the starting gate as I realized I had left the swim ladder and bait board behind at my dock while filling up at the fuel dock. But we had great sea conditions for the ride east. Made it to Montauk in about 6 hours and did a few fluke drifts on the skinner grounds. Not much of a fluke bite, but a few nice cbass kept it interesting. Got to the slip in block around 4 and got settled in to the house. Next night we went out for bass. Full moon, fished SW ledge in a nasty ocean. 3-5's with the boat drifting towards the stern and the waves hitting us on the starboard rail. It was one of those nights where you had to hang on at times. But the fish were there and they were chewing. First 4 fish were all over 30 pounds. It's nice when you set up on a fish and they run hard enough to give you a facial from the spray coming off the spool. Then we caught a few smaller 30" class fish and one t hat might have been a short. Figured the bite was dying out and with the tough conditions we were ready to call it at that point. But we made the "one more drift" call and jogged back up for another pass. Put a big eel on and hooked up with a nice fish. Lots of weight on this fish. Got her in the boat and on the digital scale. Tough to get an accurate weight on a rough ocean, but we saw 43-8 twice so that's what I'm going with. A PB for me and we ran back to the island after that fish. Tuesday morning we went out early. Back to the area that we fished sunday night, but didn't mark much where we had them previously. A few Montauk boats trolling the area. I eventually find the pile that they were trolling on and dropped the eels down, but they weren't interested. Wasn't a popular move with the charter fleet but we only fshed the eels there for about 10 minutes and then we got out of dodge.. Decided to try some sea bass fishing to put together a fish fry for that night. That wasn't too difficult and in about an hour we had our half dozen and a few nice scup. Plenty of fish for a dinner and a few lunches the next day. Thursday we were back at it early and decided to make the run to coxes. Blew pretty good out of the SW the night before and we had a solid 3-5' chop on the starboard rail all the way to coxes once we got around the lee of block. No other boats on coxes to mug so I looked around. Found some nice sea bass in 115'. Worked my way deeper and we found 2 nice cod in about 140'. 10-15 pound class. First cod on my boat. Also caught several small pollock, big bergalls, more cbass, a spiny, a pout and a a whiting. Looked around for another pile of cod to no avail so we headed back towards Block. We had a good tip that the big fluke bite was hot on the east grounds so we tried that on the way back. But we had no wind, no drift and that black fly bite that was mentioned several pages back was in full effect. Deep woods off was like cologne to these bastards and it made fishing miserable. We topped off our cbass limit and ran back in. Made the run home on Sunday. During a pre departure check I noticed my raw water pump leaking at a fairly good rate. Figured we'd give it a shot and if the temperature started to creep up we'd limp into Montauk and get her fixed there. But the temps were fine all the way home. Not a nice ocean with the east wind and we had 3-4's on our port stern the whole way home which forced me to keep the speed below 14 knots most of the way. But we made it back in 7 hours anyway. Back in her home slip, I decided the water pump R&R is beyond my ability and will have the job professionally done. Also discovered that my Rule fully automatic forward bilge is not operating in the auto mode so I'm going to replace it probably on Friday. Overall, the trip was a great success. Families had a great time, some nice fish were caught and the boat ran well. Looking forward to doing it again next year.
  8. Will do. Thanks...
  9. Year of the Squid....
  10. Not sure, I have a membership with Boat U.S so it wouldn't have cost me anything anyway. It was a fun day, but the heat back at the marina is tough. Nice out on the ocean though.
  11. Thanks. Going to have the starter solenoid and the neutral safety switch replaced. Hopefully that fixes it. Don't want to have the motor running when drifting for bass off of block next week.
  12. Fished yesterday. Working a local south shore reef. Caught nothing but shorts all morning until we were able to snag some bunker and put some meat on the jigs. First keeper was a fish just under 25". Went to make another drift and the yanmar started acting like my Suzuki and Slackers truck. No starter engagement. Checked the few things I could and nothing appeared to be amiss. Called towboat and they were on their way. By now we had drifted off the reef and my buddy decides to drop down and catches a nice 22" fluke. Turn the key about 30 minutes after the whole debacle starts and she firs right up like nothing ever happened. Call towboat guy and tell him we're good and head back to the dock.
  13. Those are NMEA cables so I don't think it's unsafe, but damn it's sloppy. And I disconnected the radio that was formerly hooked up to those NMEA cables and the way the wires were connected I was shocked that the radio actually worked. Evidently the person who did the work previously operated under the "electrical tape, and lots of it" theory.
  14. Still trying to sell it. Not a lot of interest so far.