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  1. Fruke
  2. FIFY
  3. Note to self. If KOQ invites you to dinner, ask him if he's making ling or chicken before RSVP'ing.
  4. I have respect for the crabber with a full bushel of big male blue claws. I don't care what he's using for bait. I think the commercial trot line guys in the chesapeake use bull lips or something like that...
  5. Cable guy just came. Took him a couple of minutes to take the slack out of the line and get it off the peak of the garage roof.
  6. I was gonna like that post until I read the part about food going down the disposal. I have a strong aversion to wasting food. One thing mom past down to me, she probably got it from her depression era parents. I try to figure out ways to prepare things that are nearing the end of their non-spoiled life in my fridge all the time.
  7. "Should look like a goldfish swimming through the water" How about, should look like a frigging dog? SMDH...
  8. Wait, what?
  9. Yeah, who the eff eats chicken backs? They're for making stock or catching crabs. Enlighten me KOQ...
  10. Yeah, I know. But like Y said, they butcher the tree like they get paid by the amount they take off. I also noticed while I was up there that my cable line is resting on the peak of the garage roof and some of the outer insulation has already worn off. I have a fishing buddy who works for the cable company and he said he'll get that taken care of
  11. I went behind my garage the other day and noticed a big broken limb was hung up right above the power line that feeds the house. Figured I was 2 squirrels humping on that limb away from a power outage. So I go up on the garage roof and get that limb as well as several others that were too close to the power line. I also trimmed this bush that was growing into the lines and my neighbors line. Then I attacked the out of control french rose bush. Damn thing has the sharpest thorns. Cut that effer down to size and pulled the weeds that were growing around the base. The wife planted the rest of the vegetable garden. By 4 I was wiped out.
  12. Well, at least you're a modest doosh.
  13. I've been to Santarpios a number of times. I liked their pizza, though I do think it's a different style than NY/NJ pizza. But the grilled meats and sausage with some of that bread and red wine served in the juice glasses was awesome.
  14. Rodger that
  15. Speaking of which, I am on short call tomorrow starting at 0700. This means I have a decent chance of actually having to go fly an airplane for the first time in over 5 weeks. Hope I still know how...