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  1. Y, do you think that the taste of a beer is affected by what it's packaged in? I've always thought beer tastes better from a bottle than from a can, but I've never done any real research.
  2. Got out on the boat yesterday for the first time in over a week. Made a little run to the scup grounds, found them, but the size was a little lacking. Kept a 1/2 dozen that made my 12" minimum size restriction, then went looking for triggers. Didn't fine them. Then went looking for a couple of new pieces. Found those but didn't catch anything worthwhile on them. Hot out there, I started wilting around noon. Congrats on your retirement slacks.
  3. Someone refresh my memory on what's a good, inexpensive bourbon please
  4. Yeah, 50W's are definitely overkill for the unders, but there's a good enough chance of a significantly larger fish grabbing the $150 spreder bar that most feel the heavier tackle is warranted. We had 2 30's which are probably perfect for the bigger tuna and are still overkill for the smalls in the line up as well. I was hoping to get one on a jig or popper but that didn't happen.
  5. Took a break from running my boat and hopped on the dock neighbors boat. 32' downeaster, faster and bigger than mine, which was nice. Never fished with the guy before though, so that was going to be interesting. 1 hour into the 3 hour ride to the Bacardi, the captain is standing at the transom trying his best to raise the level of the atlantic ocean with his own vomit. I'm thinking to myself, this could be a quick turn around back to the dock. He comes back to the helm and looks fine. I ask him if he's ok, and he tells me he feels ` 100% better. O.K, cool, Wasn't seasickness, just another combination of things that made what was in his belly come out. Continue on to the deep. Get there and we have whales, dolphins, even some tuna on the surface. Quickly get 2 bites trolling, convert 1. I did a great job turning the handle on a 50 wide. Then it goes dead, despite still having the kind of life you're looking for all around the boat, we go biteless for 3-4 hours. A brief flurryafter that, where we put another fish in the box to get our 2 "unders" limit. Then we stop on the Bacardi and get small ling which was disappointing. A big grady comes out of the distance and gets right on top of us. I guess they wanted some small ling of their own. Ride home was kind of crappy for the last 2 hours, with a tight 3' chop hitting the port side. I think my boat despite being smaller might be a little better as far as ride, albeit a little slower. Making tekka rolls tonight. Just have to figure out which sauce too make for dipping, Korean or Japanese....
  6. Idk Slacks, on one hand, your own pillows can't hurt. OTOH, if the hotel can't provide properly cleaned, covid-free bedding , then the entire room/facility is suspect and you're in danger being there. So I think that you either have to trust the hotel and use the linens, or avoid it completely.
  7. I fruked in the bay solo from 9-1. 2 keepers and about 15 shorts, a handful of robins and a smooth doggie. Nice, relaxing day before having to go back to work tomorrow
  8. Professional interest story for the oracle of bumeff
  9. When I was a co-pilot at my last job, we were taxiing out for takeoff and we passed a Pakistan airlines aircraft. Their livery is PIA . Captain says t me, "you know what P.I.A stand for"? I reply, "I think it's Pakistan International Airline". He says "Nope, it stands for, Praise in Allah"
  10. Opening day of cbass in NY. Csteven and I couldn't work out the logistics, but my better half was kind enough to provide me with company. Of course, she out fished me and won the pool despite having bonine induced drowsiness that forced her to take 2 or 3 power naps at various points in the day...
  11. Haven't been to work since March. Because of that I was going to go NQ(non-qualified) because I haven't done 3 landings in the past 90 days. Due to the fact that my company is planning on being 30% smaller a year from now, some pilots are getting demoted from captain to first officer which comes along with a substantial pay cut. After nearly 3 months of doing absolutely nothing, I get scheduled to be re-qualified as a first officer on, you guessed it, father's day weekend. I channeled my inner AFJ and told them to go eff themselves, i.e called in sick. Corey, sea bass Tuesday?
  12. Points for incessant.
  13. This incessant banter and bickering over a bet that no one stands to actually lose real money over has grown tiring. Slacker is obviously bored out of his mind and Y being a lawyer will never back down from an argument. We need more MP telling people to go eff themselves to get this beeotch back on track.
  14. Yikes. How does that happen?