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  1. Damn, bronchitis on top of what you've already got going on...How are the guts though? Putting on any weight?
  2. I'm working a ton lately to make up for all the time I took off earlier in the month. Still don't have a fishfinder, but ordered a replacement box off of fleabay today that will hopefully arrive by Friday and put me back in bottom painting action. Still haven't heard anything about the stereo so I assume that's still inop. Talking to an electronics guy about upgrading my entire system this winter. I may need to take out a heloc to pay for it all, but whatever... Snaps, how are you feeling?
  3. I'm sorry for your loss Mick.
  4. Cigar city jai alai ipa. I'm getting more into ipa's as I get old. Kinda like how when I first started drinking coffee I had to put a lot of sugar in it, but now I can drink it without. With beers I didn't like the bitterness of ipa's at first and preferred the smoother lagers and pilsners.
  5. Today is the last day of my vacation. Took the wife out to breakfast then swung by the boat to pull the tools I brought out to Montauk with me off the boat. Stereo still not working, I checked power to the switch and fuse, both were good. That's about all the troubleshooting I'm capable of so I have requested assistance from the pros. Sonar still inop as well, despite changing the power cord. Think my DSM has crapped out, but I will talk to a Raymarine dealer today and get his advice. Threw a pork butt on the smoker last night. 14 hours later it's almost done. Pulled pork, cole slaw and potato salad will be on the menu for friends who are coming over tonight to celebrate a birthday.
  6. Sweet. Thanks BB...
  7. Thanks. Going to have to bring extra batts as I have no way of charging the batterys onboard. Have you run into any bigeyes while doing the deep dropping?
  8. Can you provide some more info on this? Thanks.
  9. Can you give me details on that burner? I need to move my wokking outdoors as I don't have an adequate venting system in my kitchen.
  10. I baby sat my friends 12 week old black lab pup on Saturday. 20 hours with him was enough to convince me that I don't want any more puppies. Today I went fluking and caught my limit of 4. Biggest was just under 24". Nice fishing. Gulp tipped jigs on open bottom in 60' of water.
  11. Squirrel hake aka lings handsome cousin
  12. No, Snug Harbor. I've been lucky with the weather since I've been here. If we had a hard north wind it would be nearly impossible for me to get out of my slip. Did a little fishing today. 1 fluke and 2 cbass ended up in the cooler. Caught quite a few squirrel hake as well. Filleted the catch and brought it over to the grill at star island where they turned it into fish tacos, general tso's, tempura fried and baked Asian style. All very good.
  13. Mick, I'm sorry to hear the news about your dad. Snaps, I hope you're in full remission before you know it. I made it out to Montauk on Friday. Go to turn on the stereo for the long ride out and nada. Add another thing to the boat fix it list. Get to the cartwright shoal around 1300, start fluking, catching cbass, ling and a fluke or 2. 1 fluke goes almost 24". Gets released as I'm not about to start cleaning fish when I get back to the dock. Head to the dock in Montauk around 3, wife sends me a pic before I get there and it's in a corner with a big boat in front of me. I ask her how the heck am I supposed to get in there. She said the gal at the front desk told her I should go in bow first. That's clearly not going to work. Get to the slip,no boat in front of me and backing her in was a piece of cake. But the slip is kind of a mess, with many potential dock rash objects and only two cleats attached to the floating docks. Have dinner with my wife and daughter, who safely navigated the trip from western long island to the end in the escalade, that night. After dinner I check on the boat and the bow lines have become super tight and theres a piece of wood with a rusty tie down ring dangerously close to my transom. I try to adjust the lines as best as I could. Go to bed aggravated with the slip situation. Reading this thread today reminded me that dock rash and boat issues are not worth getting aggravated about. After all, I'm in Montauk, with my family, we're all healthy and able to enjoy this experience with each other. Life is good. Maybe I'll try to catch a big fruke today...
  14. In