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  1. what do you put in your egg nog? my MIL uses bourbon in her homemade nog, my mom uses only rum. I prefer rum, but am tempted to experiment. any preference? also, anyone have a good recipe? my MIL makes her own but it depends on leaving it outside in under freezing temps.
  2. ................
  4. between air marshalls and locked cabin doors, I'd say its apples and oranges....
  5. and as for this thread, I always knew Mokes was a special sort of moron. This thread just confirms it.
  6. so apparently the sole survivor was a sorority sister of my SIL during college. so crazy, so awful.
  7. i'm all for armed safety officers being in the school...teachers should teach and not worry how to access a gun during teaching class. liability is way too high to allow an unsecured gun in classrooms.
  8. not to mention that the level of public services available to the mentally ill have been slashed to near nothing. I've personally witnesses clients who have bounced from institution to institution when state funding closes their homes down.
  9. sh*t. we're pretty dumbfounded down here. can't wait for my daughter's bus to roll up.
  10. we have one. a big freaking saw for big freaking jobs.
  11. ************************* held my tongue.....
  12. apparently its not teh shooter. probably best to take the pics and links down, people.