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  1. I've been shooting a Beretta 30" 390 Trap Model for sporting clays since 1995--I have no idea how many thousands of rounds have been through it. I took some wood off the comb and made it parallel to the bore, had the trigger done by Cole up in Maine (at the time), and had Seminole overbore the barrel and put their chokes in it. It's been a great gun for me and has saved me thousands of dollars; it has shot so well for me for so long that I quit looking at fancier, expensive guns. In the 80's and 90's I shot a lot of trap and skeet and had numerous Berettas, Perazzis, and Ljutics and they were all great guns and a joy to shoot. But these days I only shoot a couple hundred sporting targets a year and my old 390 works great.
  2. Just curious--Which ramp did you use and how was it?
  3. That's Child's River, I believe, and I always heard it was a poor, shallow ramp, but I do not know. I also know there was talk of redoing it the last few years, but I do not know if anything has been done. Worth checking out, though.
  4. The Mashpee ramp is residents only through Labor Day. I don't know if they ticket folks, but it's a definite possibility on a holiday weekend. I'd go to Bass River if I was a nonresident of Mashpee or Barnstable. The Ockway Bay ramp is very shallow. I literally live two miles from there and never use it. Green Pond is a good ramp but terrible parking. Unless you get there at zero-dark-thirty and get one of the two or three decent spots you can get parked in or wind up with broken tail lights, etc. It sucks. Falmouth has a good ramp too, but I have never used it, only seen it. It's a tight little harbor, but I think there is a decent parking lot.
  5. Crazy. I'm glad Deuce is having fun
  6. Matt7082, I like how you use the Fish Masks for Albie Whores--I'll have to try that. And instead of hot glue, I use Solarez Flex for tying Albie Whores--works great and holds up well. My Albie Whore became a Bonito Whore a few days ago
  7. Thanks--I am glad you liked the SBS. I only use a turner for the 2nd coat of LiqFus that covers the eyes. I find that if I don't use a turner the LiqFus will slide off the eye and droop, but your idea of turning the vise every once in a while for 1/2 accomplishes the same thing. Have fun
  8. Yes! That's an overlooked feature that I forget to mention about the Parker, but it drifts exceptionally well. It's extremely stable and has very little roll--that's important to me because I fly fish 98% of the time and I have enough trouble casting without having to worry about bouncing around and losing my balance. IMO, Yes the 115 is plenty. With a wide open throttle and the engine trimmed up in flat calm conditions my Parker will hit 39 mph+ according to the Garmin chart plotter. 4000-4500 rpms cruises very nicely at 25 to 30 mph. And it gets about 4.5 to almost 5 mpg It's an extra $8500 for the 150hp!? I had no idea! I never even asked about the 150. I would definitely go with the 115.
  9. Another vote for the Parker. I have an 1801 I bought new last September and like it more and more every time I take it out. I live on Cape Cod and trailer the boat all over and fish from RI to the Vineyard, Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod Bay, Wood End and Race Pt and down the back side, Monomoy and the rips and the South Side. The boat fishes bigger than it is, if you know what I mean? I also go to Cape Lookout, NC in October and November for False Albacore and when I had it down there last autumn it did beautifully. I've put 290 hrs on my Parker already and have no "buyer's remorse" at all--it's a great boat. I'm another guy that never has understood the cult-like following Whaler has. They pound in a chop and aren't as comfortable to fish out of as other CC's I have been on. If you have any specific questions abut the Parker fire away.
  10. Best of luck, BFD. Take care and I hope you are back on the beach soon
  11. Wow!
  12. You don't need to bait the fly to catch Black Sea Bass. I have caught them with Jiggies and Clousers in Nantucket Sound by dredging a sinking line in 15 to 25' of water. I have also come upon them up in the water column and sight casted to them--they like chartreuse anything. And I have seen them on top eating krill or something tiny and they readily took a Clouser or any smallish, bright fly. They can be fun and saved the day last week when the bluefish were scarce, but sea bass were all over. IMG_6879.m4v <--- I think if you click on that it will play a short video I took of "blitzing" sea bass...?
  13. I'm jealous.... Cape Cod blues are late this year...
  14. Awesome
  15. How did the Seigler reels do?