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  1. Thanks! I tie "The Mikkelson" in a bunch of different colors, but the ones I use the most are olive/white, tan/white, chartreuse/white, grey/white, and all white. It's a great pattern and a real favorite of mine. This is a pic I took last summer, before the start of Albie season--
  2. This was the fly for me this year at Cape Lookout--A tooty-fruity "old school" Glen Mikkelson-style epoxy minnow. Small #4's if they were on bay anchovies, and bigger #2's or #1's if they were on silversides. More so than other years, for some reason, I definitely did better with a brighter fly that got noticed than I did with more natural colored flies, regardless of time of day and weather conditions etc. I dunno--Albies are "funny fish"
  3. Nice! --Thanks for the report. With luck, I'll see you & Sarah in about 10 days
  4. I have fished Rio and Airflo tropical lines on Cape Cod in the summer and early fall with no problems. If I remember correctly, if the water temps were low to mid 60's or higher the lines did fine. I don't have experience with SciAngler tropical lines, but by July I bet it's ok. Just my .02
  5. It just seems like we are in a cycle of endless wind..... I hope it quits and I hope we get blues like those on Cape Cod this season. Brian--I hope you and Sarah can get up to Hatteras soon and start your season--Take care and be safe
  6. Carey is mistaken. RIO makes that line for cold water and that is what you have. Go right ahead and use it and see what you think. I certainly would not run out and buy something else before you get some experience and see what you think and you like, or don't like. I fish Monomoy all the time and generally use a 450 grn SciAngler or RIO sink tip line with a 30' head and an intermediate running line on an 11 wt. for a sinking line. And I always have intermediate and floating rigs on the boat for when the bass are up more in the water column.
  7. Way too many.... Beretta 687EL 20 ga 28" o/u Marlin 336A .30/30 (24" barrel w/ half mag) S&W 65 .357 4" HB Glock 20 .45ACP Win Mod 12 (Browning reproduction) 28 ga Sako .308 bolt gun (one of the old Garcia imports from the 70's) And a bunch of others....
  8. Sorry for the late entry, but I just saw this thread. I did a lot of bird hunting in the 80's & 90's and wound up with a pair of 16's that became my main upland guns. One was a Browning Sweet 16--it was made in Japan, not Belgium, when Browning reintroduced the A-5 around 1988. It shot very well and was my "heavy" upland gun for years. I loved taking it to Iowa for quail and pheasant. The other 16 was a Webley & Scott boxlock SxS, 28" barrels choked .003 & .013--made a great grouse gun and I used it for stocked pheasants I'd work with my Gordon setter to extend our hunting season. Haven't hunted birds in this century--I'd rather fish these days, to be honest--but I still miss my beautiful Gordon, Hester, and think of her every day.
  9. What Wopper said. Some shallow pitting is no big deal and can be polished out. I have an 1897 Winchester pump that was my great grandfather's and it patterned poorly due to some pitting in the original 30" full choke barrel. I sent it to Briley in TX and they polished it out and now it shoots pretty darn well. I am going to try and get a turkey with it this spring. It was not expensive -- under $100 a few years ago -- give them a call and ask about it.
  10. I did manage to get a nice one in Iowa on the second day of their first gun season while hunting with an old Marine Corps friend on his farms. Saw a couple bigger ones and a lot of smaller ones too
  11. I have had good luck with Boat Covers Direct and Carver brand covers for two different boats over the last 6 years. Worth a look IMO. Here's a pic of the cover's tag I took for a friend a few months ago, and a pic of the cover on my Parker 1801.
  12. Nice! Good for you -- thanks for posting the pics & Happy New Year
  13. Hell, some of those days would have been more like 45 miles west of the Hook--I was past Browns Inlet a couple times! I was keeping my 18' Parker on the trailer and launching way west, but the conditions were kinda ridiculous. I never felt like it was dangerous, but it sure was uncomfortable! It was disappointing since last year was so tough too, and '16 & '17 had been really great, but that's fishing I guess. Hopefully the albies cooperate better next season. Like Jari (Jabster) has said before--"They are strange creatures."
  14. Great photos as always, Brian. It was tough down there this year--so much wind! Lots of days in 3 to 4 and even 5 footers with gusts 20+. I caught a lot of fish, but had to go damn near to Camp Lejeune to do it. And the fish were out this year--the bait balls all seemed to be in 60 to 70' and the majority of fish I caught were 3 to 5 miles out, which made the wind and waves that much worse. To be honest, I spin fished most of the time--it was that nasty. But it was great to see you & Sarah, and I always enjoy Cape Lookout; I already have a place booked and I'll be back next year. Wind, waves, whitecaps and raging albies IMG_1226.m4v