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  1. Absolutely, Red is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. Jim
  2. Now if there were wheels on the house , I would swear it was Red's. Jim
  3. Lady Godiva was a freedom fighter, who didn't care if the whole world looked. Joan of Arc with the lord to guide her, was a sister who really cooked. Jim
  4. Fixed it for you. IN HIS PANTS AGAIN.
  5. Great news. still in our prayers. The Breese's
  6. Nice poosie. Jim
  7. Not Me. I have never professed to be anything other than a wood butcher. If I hammer a nail or drive a screw even after drilling a pilot hole it splits. Now give me a hammer, welder and a torch and I can build anything. Jim
  8. Happy birthday Paul. The Breese's
  9. I'm in for the jousting. Jim
  10. WOW, Amazing as always, but I agree, One of the nicer ones you have posted. Jim
  11. Post pic's. I am sure i can I.D. it for you. Jim
  12. Thank you
  13. 21 years and look where we are now. The animals who did this are laughing and thumbing their noses at us. God comfort all who died that day, all their loved ones who lost them, and all who are still suffering from the long term effects from the attack. We did wrong after the attack. We should have glassed the entire middle East. Jim I can't find the other thread to bump. If someone else can please do it for me. Jim
  14. I don't know about cars, but I know the early Jet Ski manufactures played games with the top speed they advertised their machines could do. There was some arrangement made with the major insurance companies that the ski's would not go faster than 70 MPH. That was met with the simple use of a mechanical governor that was overcome with the simple turning of a screw. When you bought one of the performance models the sales person always managed to work that info into the conversation. Jim