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  1. I thought it was 'Take out your teeth and get in the truck bitch' Jim
  2. "I'm not rising" I thought you were complaining about E.D.
  3. Hi Digger, Thanks for your service on this thread. Happy Anniversary Also!! Tomorrow I have the pleasure of celebrating 37 Years of sobriety thanks to A.A. Jim
  4. Another nod for the CZ. The SP-01 would fit the bill nicely. I LOVE my CZ-75 B, just sorry I did not get the SP-01. Jim
  5. I cut and used an sabre saw to make the wooden parts of the gun display rack today. I originally was going to make one rack that holds 11 rifles, but it would have been to tall. You would have had to bend over to see the lower rifles. Instead I made one rack that holds 6, and another that holds 5. I still need to sand and stain all the rough cut wood, and fabricate the locking mechanism from the stainless steel. Here is the 6 rifle rack put together with 6 of my Japanese Arisaka rifles on it. Jim
  6. Time to bring this back with my first bump. Someone must have an use for this. Since first listing I also sold my skiff, so now I have absolutely no need for this. Will lower price to $200.00 or best offer. Jim
  7. Red, Up here north of the mason dixon it's called tweeking, not geeking. I think some members here need to update their red-neck to English translators. Jim
  8. cj7fisherman, Good luck with the new platform. The ski's make excellent platforms especially for accessing skinny water. I caught many more inshore Grand Slams from my ski's than I ever did from my boats. Jim
  9. This is nothing new. myself and brother-in-law were fishing off modified jet-ski's in 1997. If you do a search here there are a few threads. Here is one I pulled up from Jan. 2001. Jim 1,000 Post Club! BST Users 3,055 posts Location: Port Monmouth NJ · #1 Posted January 28, 2001 · Report post Hello fellow fishing fanatics. I see that we have a boaters forum and a kayaking forum. Does anone else fish from a PWC? I have a 16 Ft. fiberglass dory with a 20 HP tiller I have fished Raritan Bay with for years. For the past 4 years now I have been bit by the jet ski bug and decided to combine my 2 favorite water sports. The results have been great. For the past 2 seasons I have found myself doing more fishing from my PWC than the boat. I still get some very strange looks at the boat ramp when they see me launching my SKI complete with cooler rack and rocket launchers but the general open hatred that exists between PWC and boat owners seems to melt a little. The only other person I have ever seen fishing off a PWC is my brother-in-law,Who's PWC I set up for him. If there is any other PWC fisherpersons out there shoot me a reply and we can compare notes. Thank You Jim Breese
  10. Capt Buck, I never said we were smart, Just that we did it regularly. The walk home from my elementary school to home was 10 min. faster by taking the tracks. Jim
  11. I'm with you Mike. We grew up playing on the tracks. Flattening coins, catching frogs and turtles from the ditch on each side of the tracks and swinging from rope swings out over the tracks from the bridges. We even used to hop freight trains from Hazlet to Matawan. Jim
  12. Prayers sent for both of them for the greatest of outcome's. The Breese's
  13. Last Bump, Price dropped to $175.00 Jim
  14. First Bump. House was sold Sun. Need this gone in less than 30 days. Someone must have a use for this. Jim