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    54 year old, married, 3 children.
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    fishing,shooting, firearm restorations
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    defense contractor. fabricator, assembler. Some commercial sign and billboard work on the side.

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    Port Monmouth NJ
  1. Cashews, location would help. Jim
  2. O.K. drumfish213. I P.M.ed you my # to arrange pick-up
  3. Wife and I had 4 weddings to attend this summer. Two were my nephews [my sisters sons] one of which is my god son. They each got $500.00. Next was my brother-in -laws second wife's son. $250.00 for them. The fourth was actually an conflict with one of my nephews wedding, so we could not attend. This one was the son of very close friends of ours. we sent our regrets, and $200.00 to the happy couple. With the cost of everything today, I agree, you give what you feel you should and can afford. Jim
  4. O.K. Drumfish213, I also found an long handled large fluke net. This is 6" overall length. Free to you or first I'll take it if you don't want it. Jim
  5. chitala, there yours. I will P.M. you my phone # to arrange pick up. Jim
  6. Chumbucket, yes there was quite a few. Most I recognized and have already. Jim
  7. I recently sold my skiff and am cleaning out some stuff I have left. All items are FREE, but must be picked up in Port Monmouth NJ. I have an short handled fluke net, an short handled gaff, 3 or 4 crab scoop nets and a frabil killie keeper. I also have 2 seine nets. These items are all in excellent shape. The fluke net and gaff are perfect size for a skiff or row boat style boat [lower gunnels]. First I'LL take can have it or them free. Jim
  8. I went to the Atlantic Highlands flea market with the wife this morning. We usually go every year since there is a nice mix of stuff and a lot of fishing / boating stuff. I lost 2 of my private stash of Mega-bait lures in the past week. I took a newbie fishing with me to one of my spots and really wanted him to catch a striper. I clipped on one of my Prize Mega-baits and he did catch a few. He then overcast and hung it up in an un- accessible spot. Sadly I had to break it off. The next night my wife snagged one somewhere else. I had now lost 2 out of my limited supply. I did a thorough internet search, but came up empty. This morning walking through the flea market we found a vendor with a huge pile of salt water lures. I began picking through and found 6 Mega-baits!!!!! I asked him how much and he said two dollars apiece or 11 lures for $20.00. I picked out 5 bombers that I always use and was thrilled with my score. I also picked up a huge Diawa bait runner reel for $10.00.
  9. Just finished the Gallon of squirt juice. Started at 5:00 A.M. Thought I was a tough guy. I told the wife I would drink the first half and lay back down until 7:00 when I needed to drink the second half. It was so nasty it took 45 Min. to drink the first half. By the time I was done, IT WAS WORKING!!! Who knew that a human body could generate so much pressure. I felt like I was riding on one of those water jet packs. Screw waterboarding. I know what to do to the terrorists now. Gotta run. Jim
  10. Thanks as always Digger. Jim
  11. Hey chunk A big FU to you. I lost people I knew and some of my kids classmates lost parents. I get so pissed off on the anniversary every year my wife makes excuses to keep me out of the house and away from the T.V. Enough of those responsible did not pay. I think this country should honor our fallen by using a merit system. What ever country has the most terrorists doing attacks for the year should get nuked. I bet these countries would start policing themselves real quick. Jim
  12. I have an colonoscopy and endoscopy scheduled for tomorrow. I need to get up at 5:00 A.M. and drink a gallon of the vilest / putrid mix to clean me out before hand. I have seen the results of someone drinking this stuff. I have a lot of books and the lap-top ready to go in the ****. I told the doctor, " lets just do this in one pass, Please just start at the top, NOT THE BOTTOM" If I wake up with a ****** taste in my mouth " you are a dead man". He wasn't amused. Wish me luck Jim
  13. "What happenens with the chickens? They have somewhere to roost if the water rises?" The chickens will sleep where they always do. Right in bed between Red and the dogs.
  14. All good Pete. Have a good evening. Jim
  15. Beer is made from water so you should be good. Jim