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    54 year old, married, 3 children.
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    fishing,shooting, firearm restorations
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    defense contractor. fabricator, assembler. Some commercial sign and billboard work on the side.

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  1. Our condolences and sympathy to you and your family Sandflee. Just hold on to the memory's and be strong for the rest of your family. The Breese's
  2. That's great news J. All law abiding gun owners owe you and the A.C.L.U. an debt of gratitude for pardon the pun [sticking to your guns]. Hopefully other townships will pay notice and not be anti- gun Nazi's. Jim
  3. We are pulling for you Jim.Hoping for a fast and complete recovery. The Breese's
  4. No self respecting red neck would turn his truck into a ugly moosewang look alike.
  5. The last missing piece for my restoration on the Springfield Krag came today. It has been a challenge finding the correct pieces to bring it back to "AS ISSUED" condition. I finally had to give up on finding an complete original full sized stock. A few come up every so often, but go in the $450.00 to $500.00 price range. I finally settled for an replacement fore-end that I will use to make an duffle cut repair to the existing stock that was cut down to make a carbine out of the rifle. The upper handguard was also a challenge. My rifle is an model 1898 made in 1902 there were 4 different type of rear sights used on the 1902 / model 1898 rifles. Each rear sight used a different handguard. I had to find out what rear sight my full length barrel was drilled for, them find the correct sight and then the correct handguard for that sight. Now the real work begins. I have to remove the action from the stock, then remove the cut barrel from the action. Then the full length barrel gets installed and headspaced. Then I can begin the repair to he stock. Below are some pictures of all the parts ready to be assembled. Jim
  6. Prayers said for your Pop's and family. The Breese's
  7. "Rent a place, or change your address to your kid's house for a year then 'leave'". That is the plan. Fuq NJ.
  8. Gee, I wonder what political party all of those [Ass] sembly representatives are from? Any body care to guess? F*%K Murphy and his clowns. I am out of this state as soon as possible. AND THEY ARE NOT GETTING ME FOR AN EXIT TAX EITHER. Jim
  9. That was weird. While surfing through S.O.L. all of a sudden I had an audio add start blaring from my speakers. I didn't click on anything. I tried real fast to match it up to any of the add's on the page,but it ended fast. It was something about {BIG JIM, Wrestling an tornado} possibly an Gieco add? Jim
  10. I want one!!!!!
  11. That is absolutely awesome. Quick thinking on her part. We were out at the range with my wife and daughter, her boyfriend and his dad. My daughters boyfriend fancies himself as being pretty good with a handgun. My wife challenged him to an shootout with the 8 plate dueling tree. On the count of three they begin. Myself and his father off to the side in the same pit were supposedly shooting at our own targets, but were working on my wife's side of the tree. He couldn't believe she schooled him so badly until the third go around. Then he caught on. Jim
  12. Farflung, Based on the serial #'s This particular firearm started it's life as an 30" rifle. Many were returned to Springfield to be converted to carbine's, but I don't believe this to be the case. It was not a half bad job, but I can tell it was not an arsenal conversion. Many of these Springfield Krag Jorgenson's were sporterized by owners and gunsmith's because they do make an awesome deer rifle. The primary reason for the selection of the Krag by the United States military appears to have been its magazine design, which could be topped off as needed without raising and retracting the bolt (thus putting the rifle temporarily out of action). Ordnance officials also believed the Krag's magazine cutoff and lower reloading speed to be an advantage, one which conserved ammunition on the battlefield. This magazine design would later resurface as a distinct disadvantage once U.S. soldiers encountered Spanish troops armed with the charger-loaded 1893 7 MM. Spanish Mauser. These Springfield Krag's have the distinction of having the shortest time used In U.S. service. The Krag proved inferior against the Mauser-derived designs, most notably in combat operations in Cuba and the Philippines during the Spanish–American War. It served as the U.S. military's primary rifle for only 12 years, when it was replaced by the M1903 Springfield rifle in 1906.
  13. I picked up really cheap an old sporterized 1898 Springfield Krag Jorgenson rifle. The barrel has been cut to carbine length, the forend cut to match and the handguard removed. The buttstock has also been fitted with an plastic buttplate. It also is missing it's front barrel band/bayonet lug. I already have found an original / correct 30" barrel and front barrel band. The search is still on for an complete stock or pieces that I can use to make an duffle cut repair to the stock. The receiver, bolt and action parts are all there and in working order. Jim
  14. LOL, I am sure she will see a lot more than that during her carreer. Jim
  15. Hooray!!! Casey Graduated yesterday with the rest of her cadets from the Monmouth County police academy. It was a long, grueling 4 months, but she made it !!!! This is the line of work that Casey has always wanted to get into. After serving two years as an S.L.E.O. Class one She was picked and put through the Academy. It was amazing to watch the transformation from new cadet to graduate. There is no rest for the wicked though. She started today at 9:00 A.M. Her mother and I are so proud of her, BUT SCARED ****LESS for her. Please say a prayer for her and all those who choose to put themselves on the line to protect others.