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  1. Mybeach, Just do a search here for "some pics of my indoor range". You need to go to page 2 for the pics. Some were lost in one of the platform change overs. Jim
  2. Not any more. After Sandy I blocked off the garage door and brought in 120 CU. Yrds. [6 tandem loads of fill]. I applied for a permit to do this about 5 years before Sandy and was denied. After sandy they allowed it. The water would have to reach my second floor and run down the stairs to get in the basement now. No, I was on it so fast it only soaked the carpet behind the bar. It never spread more than 10 feet and never reached the sheetrock. Jim
  3. Well I had a simple plumbing job domino into a major ball breaker today. The shower in our master bath began dripping and would not shut off completely.I went down into the gun range to shut off the supply's and also found water leaking down the pipes [risers] and soaking the plywood floor and joists. I then found out that the dickhead who plumbed the house back in 1985 never installed individual shut - offs for the tub and showers. I had already bought the replacement cartridge kit for the master bath so I figured I would just shut of the main, switch the cartridge and be done. Now we have an finished basement and the main shut-off for the house is under the wet bar. I grab the handle and turn it and the entire valve fails. The body sheared at the packing nut and the water pressure shot the stem and handle right out. Now I have gushing water squirting into the finished basement and no way to shut it off except at the meter under my lawn. I shoved a bolt into the valve body, wrapped it with duct tape and ran outside to the meter. I don't mow my own lawn and never realized that the lawn service was not trimming around the meter access hatch. It was almost completely covered. I had to run around back, grab my old trimmer and chord and weed whack around the meter hatch. Now I am dealing with one of those 5 sided bolts that probably has not been removed in 35 years. I could not get it to budge. I had already called the water company for an emergency shut off and had the dumbest slow talking bitch who had to go through her clipboard of questions. I told her right off that the main shut-off in the house failed and it had to be shut off outside all the while my basement is flooding. Her next question was "Did you try shutting off the main?" I handed the phone to Holly, grabbed my biggest vice grip and a hand sledge and managed to open up the shut-off access and stop the water flooding into the finished basement. In the mean time the drone from the water company told Holly someone would have to call her back. Bottom line / I spent the day replacing the main water shut-off valve, then the shower valve cartridge and wet vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpet downstairs. All because of a dripping mixer valve. The water company showed up 3 hours later while I was sweating in the new main valve and wanted to know if they should close up the meter hatch. LOL Jim
  4. Tim, I know everybody appreciates the time and effort you put in to this site to keep it family friendly. I don't think Jimichanga knew that sexual innuendo type jokes directed at ANY other members FAMILY is over the line. Most of the Tavern regulars saw it immediately let him know. Those of us who know each other regularly slam each other and tell each other " To eat a bag of dicks " all the time. BUT, that is to people who we know and never directed at their family. I do appreciate the edit though. When things went South I got quiet at home when on SOL. I did not want Holly to ask about the thread and responses. That blew up yesterday when Casey came home and wanted to see the thread. I told her that someone posted something inappropriate but you removed it. She blew it off saying she hears and gets called a lot worse when on the job. Holly was not thrilled though. Thanks again for this site Jim
  5. Red, That's not mobile home skirting. That is soffit material. Rip it all down, staple a new vapor barrier to the bottom of the mansion, then skirt the entire thing with lattice. If you are worried about critters, then use a solid skirt with a louvered fan at one end and louvers at the other. A home attic fan would move enough air and come with a built in thermostat. Either that or just adopt any new critters and move them in as pets. Jim
  6. Tim, Thanks for the congrats. We are very proud of her. I certainly wasn't looking to have anyone removed and shot no flares. Everyone has a off day every now and then. Maybe he did not know the line on family? I looked at some of his other posts, he did seem to contribute to the site. I regretted my first reply after it was up. When it comes to my kids, my first instinct is to go medieval. Thanks to all. I just wanted to share a proud moment. Jim
  7. cleatis, yes, she is a special II with LBPD. She did two years as a Class I in Long Branch, was picked up by Sea Bright and sent to the Acadamy after giving them a year she applied back to Long Branch and was brought back. She missed the officers she had worked with and liked the idea of a larger Dept to serve in. Jim
  8. So sorry to hear Eric. All of us who have owned pets feel the heartbreak you and you family are going through. Just stay strong and cherish the good memories. The Breese's
  9. Jimichanga, I don't know you and know nothing about you. I posted something about my youngest daughter that made me proud. I found your reply a little creepy. When I pointed it out how I felt about it you doubled down on creepiness. I made no threat on your life. I have many good friends here who have known Casey and I for 19 years. After losing our first daughter they know how protective my wife and I are of our 3 girls. I can take a joke, I just found your attempt at a joke at my daughters expense distasteful. Maybe you have kids, or maybe one day you will and think of things a little differently. Jim
  10. Tim, Pumpkin does the exact same thing. She chases it around bating at it, Then scoops it up and eats it off her paw. That's why we call it hunting kibble. Brian, Pumpkin is like a damn magpie. She searches the house top to bottom for anything small and shiny and bring it upstairs to bat around. She brings up empty shell casings from the range, hardware, bottle-caps [her favorite]. She brings stuff to the top of the stairs to knock down and chase just to bring it back up again. My wife had to totally change her jewelry storage. Pumpkin found a source for a lot of new toys. Jim
  11. An secret service agent took the pic's with Casey's phone. Jim
  12. Knew what? That I would snuff him out in the blink of an eye with no remorse whatsoever? She is my youngest of 3 girls. Sometimes stuff happens. My first though was that it was Seal posting under a new name again. Jim
  13. That's a little creepy. That is my daughter you are talking about. Jim
  14. LOL, I may have to take it outside and shoot it with a .410 [The food bowl, not the cat] Jim
  15. No, This is the sweetest, most affectionate cat we have ever had. Jim