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  1. Good luck Tim. You and Carol are in our prayers. The Breese's
  2. Yup, 10 to 1 they will be voting democrat and on the Gov. tit. Jim
  3. Try buying spray paint. You need to pas the rectal exam now. JERSEY SUCKS BAD. Jim
  4. We are all still here. Grateful for Digger's work on this thread. Congrats on the anniversary. Mine is the 18th. Jim
  5. WOW,never heard that before. Thanks for posting that. Jim
  6. There are a few subtle ways to get your point across to any young turds coming over to take out your daughter. Politely ask him if he can run 1683 feet per second. When he replies NO just tell him not to bother running then. He will just die tired. You can also toss him a live round. When he catches it, tell him if he touches your daughter, the next one will be coming at him a lot faster. Finally with a sick twisted grin on your face, tell him, Whatever you do to my daughter, I'M GONNA DO TO YOU!! Another way to get your point across is to snap a picture of the turd as soon as he walks in the door. Then tell him [ IT'S JUST TO MAKE SURE I DON'T KILL THE WRONG PERSON AGAIN]. Jim
  7. I just got back from a quick scouting trip at the spot. I was pleasantly suprised. As soon as you crossed the dunes you were in the lee of the wind and it was not bad. The water was clean and green and calm from shore out to about 4-5 hundred Yrd's. I was there at dead low, and will go again around 5:00 for a last look and call it then. It looked promising. Jim
  8. I picked up the salted clams, but I don't know if it will be fishable tonight. The wind is blasting due west. I plan on looking at the spot at 1:30 PM, dead low and then again around 4:30. we may have a blow-out low and no water to fish in. Jim
  9. You know I'm in. I hit 4 B & T's, no luck on surf clams. Looks like we will be throwing salted. Jim
  10. prayers sent.
  11. Hell, That is Red just making a few extra bucks.
  12. Happy Birthday Dale. May you have many more. Jim
  13. That is a mug shot from after the Gaff incident. Jim
  14. I think ScottO nailed it. I suffer from costcochondrits as a side effect of my arthritis. When I have a flare up it is usuall my elbows, knees and the ribs. I have had broken ribs before and this sucks just as bad. Jim
  15. hi Vic, How you doing? We gonna have a Goya fling this year? Jim