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  1. Into Thin Air
  2. That worked for Barry and his husband
  3. This place is so boring without #Little
  4. Give this one a peek, then get angry at how good-natured and naive the rest of the world has been toward those scummy chinkz
  5. Looks mostly peaceful to me. However, they need to up their game with some diversity and a tad more equity if they want a proper protest!
  6. Enrolled in the beginning. Never.
  7. In just under 2 years they've perfected worldwide money laundering
  8. I'll take the lure book.
  9. Quid Pro Joe hit all the current buzz words: Warmal Globing, food insecurity, common responsibility... All things you and I will be paying for, while those who hate America sit back and laugh. And steal.
  10. Well actually, he is the prettiest person in that group picture BTW
  11. So, um who's job izzit to separate da pie from da fart?
  12. El sol?
  13. "We’ve passed so many good things, they’ve been so good people haven’t realized how good they are yet." Not Word Salad Kammy, her boss Quid Pro Joe (D-umbass)