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  1. Eat more possum
  2. Poor thing got eaten alive by that racist Caucasian man
  3. Really?
  4. I'm all for reparations. That commission Auntie Shelia is crowing about should calculate an amount due, then deduct the damages done during all the riots over the last 60 years.
  5. Why do they all have that RBF?
  6. Definitely the right man for the job! Go Foreman Mike. I'd buy him chicken fingers and a malt liquor
  7. Sodom and Gomorica
  8. AND please include in def of crazy and/or dangerous, anyone who believes that trannies and hoe moes are normal!
  9. I believe it's another one of those vast right wing conspiracy thingys.
  10. The homo teams up with Stacy Abrams an gets the gay + black lives matter dem vote, but Biden/Hilary beat them in the convention and go on to lose to Trump.
  11. I'd vote for any of them before I'd vote for the homo. That pic of him with Rev. Al did it for me.
  12. No way, that's the senior's discount waiting line at Denny's. You can't fool me.