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  1. Big fat Gurkha Vintage 2001 torpedo. Whooo, whole lotta smoke, great flavors!
  2. If you are non black, look in the mirror. Duh.
  3. This is special, the Toms River police chief took a knee with BLM. Surely that sat well with the rank and file. I wonder if they started chanting "pigs in a blanket ... fry'em like bacon" if he would have joined in as a gesture of police/community solidarity???
  4. Anyone in the Tom's River/Brick area? Police reports say busses of protesters are being unloaded at the intersection of 9 and 37. The mall is being boarded up.
  5. Not a bad take after an 8 year work career. How'd that happen?
  6. LOL, looter call
  7. Merica! How the heck do you load that mutha?
  8. Oh thanks for the reparations, now we'll stop acting like animals. NOT
  9. Probably banged his hot wife
  10. with this high humidity keep the humidors open in a cool outdoor spot. Like in a shady garage with clean air. Keeps the Bovedas lasting longer.
  11. If that idiot ever heald a job he'd know there's no money in there
  12. Started before Nixon, but he kicked it into high gear. "Those poor poor unfortunate Chinese can't farm, get clean water, or build infrastructure so the USA needs to step up and help'em. For free." Every Administration since was guilty of playing into China's slick, calculated ploy until Trump's. Read The Hundred Year Marathon.
  13. And Jordans. Don't forget Jordans. Oh, and air filters and spark plugs.
  14. Oh my! Watch out for the NAAGAs