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  1. Tica 8ft Heavy Musky rod. New never used. Prototype rod from 2001. Rod blank goes down into the handle about foot or so. See pic 3 and 4. $100 shipped.
  2. thanks Cabo....i was a mfg rep too and have a ton of stuff and was just looking to give a little something... no biggie.... dont think i have much of what he would use though..
  3. Im going out with Wes this week. Want to take him a lure as a good gesture....... what would benefit him the most???/ if none in the pic.......then what??
  4. staying at casa dorada. meeting wesley one morning at Pedregal for surf fishing.
  5. Heading down for Hagar's birthday bash!! Got a blue water charter booked with Knot Working and surf fishing trip booked with cabosurfcaster one morning. Anyone have experience with them? Also what are some must do's in Cabo???
  6. Looking for CTS S8 blank. Around 4-8oz.
  7. [quote name=pd07" cant go that low and pay to ship....i'll split at $50 url="/t/933603/tica-taurus-tp3000sh-high-speed-tica-sporterra-sr6007-baitrunner#post_11135841]Does the Sportera have box, paperwork and or reel cover? no box or paper.. only whats in the pics....... Thanks
  8. Tica Sporterra SR 6007. BAITRUNNER 20#-270yd; 25-250; 30-185. I have had it for 7 years or so sitting in a box. I think its un-fished, near new/mint condition. $60 Shipped. paypal. Tica Taurus TP3000SH. HIGH SPEED. 6.3:1. . used a few times. near new condition. No extra spool. $90 shipped. paypal
  9. The URL is not working. Is this the greenwater series GWR 941 S GLX ??
  10. looking for p90x2 dvd set. Will pay cash or trade fishing stuff.
  11. i lost $9500 because of that safety...........
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