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  1. Mostly because I have never been treated like that, and I am always a good customer as far as being considerate and “ loyal” if you will. And I really liked the modularity features .Just never expected that. As cited in the o.p., I have another avenue figured for purchase.Thanks for asking.
  2. No worrys. Mostlly taken as ball busting anyway.
  3. As in light blue ( powder blue ) vs dark blue ? Or just not have it at all. And if you just stopped there you just want to be ignorant.
  4. Original order made in mid Sept. was going to be edited and I had some questions, then a few others popped up. We were clear on that. Just some things before I finalized the order. Questions Shades of blue? As I seen different ones on his FB page in pictures and on the web. Tubes glued together, did not want that Belt size stated in his FB video was 4" . When the est. order came back it said 10" of adjustment. Wanted to be clear on that. And I commented on how I thought the bigger adj. was better. He did comment back and said a review site cited smaller size and would not retract it. In his own video he says it in the first minute. This was a non issue to me. Velcro along w/buckle on Hi Lo. If not I was going to ask for it. Leader pocket on outside main pocket. Picture made it looked like it was there. It was set up different then I perceived Hi Lo is a top opening bag, was not sure exactly what that was and sent picture of what I thought it was. From a pic of one of his bags with a double flap. Belt thickness. Ordered his plier sheath and was thinking just using my current one that I adapted with a Tek Loc clip. Use money on other things I wanted. I had asked about how to change order and was expecting a order form when it was just a e mail and I missed it in his response. Mea Culpa. Never had PayPal and just set it up for this order. I mistakingly asked him for money but took care of it right away and e mailed him to let him know what happened. Mea Culpa Picture of base price bag shows leader pocket on front bag when it is an option. Not an issue, just wanted to be clear on that. Thats it judge. Unfortunately this all done through pictures and e mails. If we were face to face, like at a show or something, all this would be a very simple couple of minute thing. And as far as the "nasty talk" that is just men talking. Sorry if I don't get back to you right away, got a 12 hr day ahead of me, P.S. These were actually over a two day period, not four as I originally stated. Mea Culpa
  5. Pissed off apparently . Kinda of like when the ol lady cuts ya off for something you said and you scratch your head trying to figure out way. Hence the Midol and Tampex
  6. .That’s what I’m using now and have been for many years. The zipper pocket zipper is broken and I recently took out the insert and put 33 inch tubesAdd the piece of gutter leaders to fill it in.
  7. I have no reason to b.s. about this , that is not my m.o. and what I posted is what happened.
  8. Work is work . Everything in due time
  9. I got that. And that was his point in our conversation . If you really like the stuff, I would not hesitate, as your mileage may vary.
  10. The modularity of these is what drew me in. The others have pockets permattached that I may not want or no way to make use of the space at the ends of the bag. Questions were on small details, that's all, 7 total. And if he thought I would not be happy with the product, he could have asked. I am not the kind of person that would waste your time like that. I did not see it as a big deal. I will probably end up with a GU 3 tube , a separate bucktail pouch and a single tube . Thanks for the responses.
  11. After looking at the Flatlander bag thread for a while, and reading all the great things everyone here had to say about the product and the builder's customer service, I put a good sized order in ( with a Hi Lo bag) a few of weeks ago and got to make a deposit last week after making contact with Jamie. So naturally I had a bunch of questions, seeing how the pictures on his page did not show the bag inside and out, and had brief written descriptions. These were over a 4 day period I was never rude, the questions themselves were not extensive in nature, were relevant, and I was not asking for anything other than what he is producing. And I never had a problem with pricing. I was just trying to have a good plan to avoid putting cash into a few things I may not have needed that were on my original order and put money towards other things, as there were many. About 4 days after I made my deposit, he cancelled the order and returned my deposit. He cited he tried to answer all my questions, with which I had no issues with his answers. Claimed I had issues with pricing, the only thing I asked was about base price vs. what was in a picture. Then he had some weird excuse that we were not a good fit, vendor to customer wise. After he cancelled, I asked to please reconsider as I was just trying to get a solid plan together. Big negative on that. You'd of thought I was calling or texting. It was e mail that could have been answered anytime, especially how the order is many month's out. Needless to say I was very disappointed and kind of insulted as I was treated like some kind of a hole. Maybe I should send him a bottle of Midol and a box of tampons!. So now I am in search again for another set up. That's my story, sad but true. Thanks for reading!
  12. You could take one sleeve of the jacket and turn it inside out ,then take the other sleeve and stuff it in the inside of inverted sleeve then fold the whole jacket in half long ways. It won’t be wrinkled. Just try not to compress it too tight in the bag. The lining keeps it from wrinkles. Best wishes for you and family.
  13. Seeing how we are on the subject, guppies forum from Seaside looks like another gone to the way side. Maryann was the lady they ran it, she died and her husband, I believe ,took the reigns. Both sites were always good sources of info.
  14. P.S. Thanks to all who shared photos and insights on the product, and for sending me down another rabbit hole!