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  1. Myself my first jacket leaked and the seam tape peeled off. Replacement jacket leaked a little but I haven't fished it enough to give an honest appraisal. **edited - Please, as always, keep any negative product reviews to your own personal experience. Thanks - TimS [ 12-10-2005, 05:44 PM: Message edited by: TimS ]
  2. You could have split it down the backbone. And butterflyed it on the grill. Place a brick or two on top of the turkey to keep it spread out, Sort of like chicken under a brick only larger,
  3. you can do them in the oven but I prefer the broiler. Takes a few minutes -- you just need to watch them so that they don't get too dark.
  4. take the kielbasa and cut in part way through length wise. fill the cut with horseradish. Take stripes of bacon and wrap the kielbasa up with the bacon. This should hold the horseradish in. Use toothpicks to hold the bacon in place. Place on the grill at low temps until cooked the way you like. Me i prefer a nice light char. The bacon keeps the lielbasa from dryying out while adding a great flavor. Just remember low heat as the bacon fat will cause lots of flareups
  5. Matty you bringing the wife? Seems like most of you guys are going stag. Man the girl friend wants some company
  6. Coarse thread or narrow? And why? Personally I prefer coarse.
  7. Hey RAv bring da Wife. I'm bringing the girlfriend and Elliot and Bob are bringing their wives. Besides you know you always walk out with a ton of stuff.
  8. My computer is acting up. It started up in "safe" and I can't get it out of SAFE. How do I get it back to normal?
  9. Found some rotten wood in my basement. So I replace it with Pressure treated wood. But when I go to nail the PT to the floor with 10D cut nails the nail box says not to. So what do I use instead?
  10. "Sorry I never go out with a girl whose bra size is bigger than her IQ"
  11. HAven't been down that way in quite some time and only then in the summer months. I remeber there is/was a fishing pier north oh Mrytle Beach. Never had any great success myself. I think there is also one closer to town but can't be sure. As for the beaches you could throw metal for blues,bait for croakers,pompano and seatrout. As I said earlier my experience is only for July and August so take it with a large grain of salt. Also remember it is along time ago for me. Hell the last time I was in Mrytle Beach I think they only had forty golf courses.
  12. Re-doing the basement. Need to change some plumbing around so the question is should I use brass pipe or copper tubing? I know brass is a lot more expensive but I have some pipe from other jobs lying around . I also have the nesassary tools to work it. Copper is just so much faster. What would you do?
  13. Just starting to re-do the basement bathroom. Quick questions about tile backer. 1- Do you need special tools to cut this stuff or is a regular saw blade good? 2- What do you use- if anything to seal the seams between boards?
  14. If you have to ask something must be wrong with you. I stopped fishing in 94 because I went back to school. Didn't fish at all from Memorial Day '1994 through June of 1996. By the time I graduated in 96 my mother was ill with Alzheimers so I barely fished that year(5 trips total}Since then I have built up my trip totals but to a max of maybe 50 a year. Big difference from the per school totals of 250 trips a year. So mostly I wish I was fishing
  15. So I guess you are giving up on your Aquaskinz? Hopefully the quality on this one will be better and it won't leak. I wonder if they will take a trade .