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  1. Just left VS repair cntr. here in Jersey. My vsx150 new in box max. drag was 8lbs. drag knob locked down!The tech worked on it for over an hour. Checked seals,bearings,disks and washers and changed drag knob too. Best I can get is 13lbs. know as tight as it will go. Cannot lock the spool. This ok for surf but a big Tog is heading for the rocks I'm pissed off! My $70 Sahara 1000 has more drag. Should sell it and go with a Shimano
  2. Went to Pt. Pleasant to my favorite shop to look at the DNA but fell in love with the 9ft 6in Black hole Suzuki. The ODM's are really nice though. The DNA is a 60/40 split. They sell some nice stuff!
  3. Daiwa TD Luna the best! LW or non LW they cast great.
  4. I have that Legend and the 4500 feels nice! Great reel for the $$$
  5. Shimano calaise dc cast smooth and long and I love that sound!
  6. My VR50 is great in the Pt. Pleasant Canal.
  7. Any feedback on these rods ? Also how about the Black Hole Suzuki? Need a 2pc. 9 footer.
  8. Daiwa Lunas are great reels for casting lite plugs and tins. I use my 253 all the time in the Mansquan Inlet and PP canale.
  9. I use a 200 on my Legend 10ft 6in and a 150 0n my GSB 9ft. and a VR50 on my 7ft travel rod!
  10. Daiwa Saltiga 15H
  11. Just did it again at 859am while on this site! 3 times in 1 week. I use Google Chrome. WTF?
  12. I have a TD Luna and a 10 ft. Lami and it throws a mile.It holds alot of braid and very few blow-ups! Also light and strong. And it's a level wind.
  13. Happened to me 2 times Just about 8,15 am was reading the NJ section. Quick I shut the lap top down and pulled the battery and then rebooted. Seems ok for now
  14. Come on they are both great reels! The same guy designed the both of them . I have owned both and I love them. I fish IBSP and the Manasquan inlet alot and have taken my bailed ZB and my VSX 200 on the Party boats and they do Great. My reels always get wet.
  15. Not a bad price I just paid $750 for my new 200 vsx.