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  1. i looked at the DNA rods in P.Pleasant and they are really nice for the money! I also liked the Fronteir x but WOW they are pricey.
  2. Get both!
  3. If you are going to fish alot from a boat get a VM150 or a VR and leave the bail on!
  4. Van Staal High priced YES but I like top shelf products. And VS is top of the line!
  5. The vr50 is smaller than the 150 but has a better drag. And its nice and light. I really like it alot.
  6. I realy like both reels. I have a VSX200 and ZX22 and a VR50 all very nice. But I also luv my Slammer 3!
  7. I've got the 9ft 6in Suzuki with my Slammer 4500 works great! Also my ZeeBaaS 22 works good too.
  8. Yeah Thats the Ticket!
  9. I just bought a new ZX22 no bail black! 3-Tand puts a little name badge inside the handle. Cant see it when on your rod. My serial #00048 so it was just made. They have a authorized service tech in Seaside Park where I bought it. This is my 3rd Z .
  10. Is a new Explorer a true 4WD Or a AWD. I see when their in 2 wheel mode they are front wheel dr. I am curious. Is this just a soccer Mom's car?
  11. No there at grumpys for $90 so how about $50?
  12. Brand new. I like 30lb want to try something new. I’ve always used PP but what else should I try?
  13. What the hell is a ccp?
  14. How can anyone travel to Mexico?
  15. I love my VR50. Lot of VS bashing going on here! Half of these bashers never owen or fishrd a VS. I hear it all the time about my Harleys. Sick of it.