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    Retired Railroad Engr.(40 yrs.) US Army Vet !963-66
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    Fishing and ride my Harley.
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    Drink Beer!

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    Lakewood NJ
  1. I think I got the pics on my post!
  2. I posted a pic of the shimano will try to ad the vr175 tomorrow
  3. Nope will not ship. Meet or pick up in Lakewood NJ.
  4. Sorry about pics I will e-mail u pics
  5. No the vr175 has only been test casted and the twin power is used but like new! These are great prices.
  6. Like new never fished VR175 firm $420 cash pick up or meet I live in Lakewood NJ Also a Shimano Twin Power 5000sw like new ror $300 bucks Sorry no pics Reel are perfect!!! IMG_0097.MOV
  7. I did the same yesterday. Went to my favorite dealer in Pt Pleasant and told Ron to get me that ODM. Kind of pricey but it is a nice bag!
  8. Not much ground clearance!
  9. Most of the stripers I caught on a Ava had the light green tube! Boat or surf.I like the Deadly Dick with the green on the one side.
  10. Took my 2018 Colorado to IBSP yesterday and it really handled the soft sand well. But that air dam scoops a little sand . Can I have it removed with no harm?
  11. How do you know what I can afford DUDE. Probably more than you will ever afford DUDE!!!
  12. Sounds like u have one. I still think they are overpriced!
  13. Is Van Staal going to put out a bailess kit for these VR50's?