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  5. maybe nobodys cares about you peter you freakin SHCMUCK !!!!! i hope you get attacked by a school of bluefish JACKASS
  6. Gami for Prez in Nicaragua ? he couldnt lead his way out of a paper bag !!!!
  7. how about unlimited fish traps !!!!
  8. why dont all you guys get together and go longline Sea Robbins, Skates and Snapers in Raritan Bay..... Gami will be your Capt.... Oh my the SCAMS i could run up here if i got back into the fishing bizz
  9. i dont need PAPERS i got a PARDON by "WILD BILL CLINTON"
  10. LOL.... IM Not MEXICAN !!! ooopppss.... politically incorrect? lol
  11. its always good to keep a "FEW" GHOST TRAPS around...... you would be suprised how many fish can fit... they check in but never check out !!!!
  12. Gami... i dont eat sailfish!!! I SELL THEM $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$....
  13. Mmmmmmm... Green crabs and Porpoise meat....
  14. could it really be? gami & joe for dinner !!!!!! lol
  15. just wait till they start stealing the white and green crabs off the boats....