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  1. We are now on our third Durango. Started with a 98 5.2. Loved it. Did great on the beach and only got stuck twice. Both times I did something stupid and belly hung it. Not the trucks fault. Once I went on a trail that I shouldn't have and the second time I ran it up on a half buried piling at night. No wheels on the ground makes it tough to go. Pul;led my Stingray 240CS with it. Never missed a beat but it needed a longer wheelbase for stopping so I got a Ram for the boat. The third row seats are great with kids but there is not too much room behind it so I got one of the hitch hauler gizmos. The second was a 2001 4.7. Loaded. Heated seats and all. Same basic performance. Never put a hitch on it. Did great on the beach. Once for 2 weeks straight without coming out of 4Hi. Both have pulled out their share of other trucks from the sand. Once even a Caddie sedan 12 miles from the ramp! We are now on a 2004 Limited with Hemi. Only a few hundred miles so far. A good bit bigger. 3" taller and wider and 7" longer. Much better brakes. Same as on my 2003 Ram. The kids love the DVD player. Impressions are that it rides a lot better. Is more stable. And generally more comfortable.
  2. I told Sunnie. Glad you are all ok.
  3. She'll have a ball. Just make sure she has one of the kiddie vests with the crotch strap and head float.
  4. Ate a couple the other day caught just that way.
  5. Should I take the yak or are there not any fish that make it worthwhile?
  6. I had mine done a couple of years ago. Went from 20/800 to slightly better than 20/20 in the bad eye. The other one I can see partway through walls with! Really happy with it. No contacts for a few years before. My advice. YOu get what you pay for. Avoid the instant eye surgery shops. Go for rep and a long term practice.
  7. Just rolled through 3,000 miles on my second Ram. Traded an Off Road 1500 for a 4 door Hemi 4x4. Noticable increase in fit and finish. And power
  8. We ought to be allowed to wipe those pests out like a nutria.
  9. When are you going? I go past there every year. Last year I was in the yak with a 9'+ Mako just outside the surfline. Never been there when any stripers were there but you can get some small craoker and blues all the time and some puppy drum if you are patient. I fished sand fleas on a 2/0 hook for 2 weeks last year or cast various jigs, plastics, topwaters. I avoid the small hook bottom rigs. I'd tather not catch the little bitty ones. (Lazy)
  10. Mandate circle hooks while chumming. Lines of small fish leading to the fleet turn my stomach.
  11. Those 3 sound good. Isn't NY giving away subway cars? And circle hooks just make so much sense. As for the Flats. Should we even be there?
  12. In a 4 month project I just finished a batch of small jigs with big hooks. 3/8 1/2 3/4 and just over 1 oz 7/0 hooks as a minumum and some 8/0 and 10/0 on the big ones.
  13. The fluffer is called a fluidized bed. Difficult to find on the 'net. Been working on a substitute for a while off and on.
  14. Such artistry with words! (Thanks for the tip)