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  1. I also have a 150 vs on my s1 10 ft It's balanced perfect A 5000 size reel is good The 706 might make it feel bottom heavy If your going to be useing the 706 then a vs 200 you might want to go with the s2 11 ft or the s2 10'6 I didn't see where u live but find out if you can test cast a few before u make a decision
  2. Do u know if there dredging the tip? Or is the tip open
  3. Sandpiper when u come to nj hit me up I will take u every day , u guys in mass always took care of me and other jersey guys so just returning the favor
  4. I have a 10 ft lami conv up to 12 oz 100 firm I will try to get picks
  5. is the retrieve the same as the squidder or are the gears different
  6. im still looking with no luck another bump
  7. Century stealth s2
  8. I know it's only nj but a lot of jersey guys go to out of state ones The one in pa is real good Delaware Bally something or other and I think the rissa show is the biggest and best on the east coast
  9. Dam son y u sellin
  10. Sold to s jersey
  11. I definitely will thank u
  12. ? What do the 40 and 50 + pound fish do? Do they migrate? It seems when we catch them in nj they catch them in mass at the same time