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  1. Because the braid DOES NOT have the strength you think it does, through knots.
  2. Does anyone know of a cheap source for BG bail springs? I have several (13, 15, 20x2, 60) and currently need one for a BG-20 part# b42-1701. I'm thinking I need to stock up on spares for all, before they go NLA. Thanks for any input.
  3. Maybe a BG 4000?
  4. I personally have enough tackle to supply a small township. I need another combo like another hole in my head. Well, maybe just a few more... Just trying to keep someone I know from throwing money away on a Walmart combo.
  5. My budget is moot.
  6. Thank you for this reply.
  7. Thanks for a logical suggestion.
  8. Jees louise
  9. Yeah, I miss Awesome John too...
  10. Anyone have a suggestion of a better budget combo than a Daiwa BG-3500 and a Tica UEHA 9' 1/2-3oz. Haven't been in the market for a good while and recently made this recommendation to an acquaintance, for an all around decent starter rig that would work in a pinch from pier or beach for lures, and could lob some bait when needed. What's the latest on bang for your buck? Thanks for any input.
  11. I noticed recently, after getting a smokin deal on some j-braid x4, that they state the meters correctly, but estimate on the yds. I measure a spool and was getting 296 yds (270m=295yds)as opposed to the 320 PP would put on the 300yd spools. And the 40# was a little fat. Used to put a full spool of PP 50# on an ABU 6500 before they came out with the #40 and before shimano bought them. Anyone else notice this? Sorry for the hijack. P.S. I measure line by looping one end, and hooking to something solid, pull tight and measure with a micrometer.
  12. This thread reminded me to try to retrieve the one stuck up in a tree in my front yard.
  13. This thread reminded me to try to retrieve the one stuck up in a tree in my front yard.
  14. I cry. Please don't make fun of me.