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  1. The ratings are backwards. Should read .6-3
  2. I have two of these and concur. The spinner has been re-wrapped with low riders properly, so it is universal. Rated 3-6oz Picked mine up for less than $60 each back when.
  3. I like the ochre....maybe the mauve.
  4. I have fished the 50# and 15# Tuffline XP. Still fishing the 15#. Good stuff. IIRC made right across the street from PP in CO. The USA braid that Walmart sold was good stuff also, made in USA by one of those manufacturers I would guess.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have a Team Daiwa 5-8oz that cant do anywhere close to 8 except for a lob. Also a couple Sealine surfs, the old blue ones, rated 3-6. They max at 4. Really good to see your doing well Scoob after that complicated thumb transplant surgery you had to endure!
  6. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks
  7. Understood. I also fish rocks. I am also the only person I've seen to carry a towel to lay down. My rods nor reels touch the rocks. But, of course I did let my Inshore Classic 6500 touch some concrete earlier this season to create some rash on the top, after many years scuff free.
  8. double
  9. No Daiwa rod users?
  10. Not to pile on...but.... How does a spool lip get beat up in one week?
  11. Thanks for the input.
  12. Bump for visi
  13. I tie the FG in the field...all the time. No problem, unless I can't find my gloves... But I normally grab another rod and have at it!
  14. Anyone have experience with the newer Daiwa surf rod lure weight ratings? They have been known to be a little optimistic in years past. Have they been rating their rods more accurately? What gives?
  15. Because the braid DOES NOT have the strength you think it does, through knots.