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  1. Clearly he's just a sales guy and has never actually driven anything on the beach before. The MTS probably helps some, but there is no substitute for airing down.
  2. All good advice above. Lift not really needed unless you are changing springs anyway. Be wary of driveline vibrations when lifting. Also, check all the front end parts for wear as they contribute to death wobble if bad. Great beach buggy in stock form. I had a 2000 for a few years no problems. I did change out the rad to a 3 row and the cooling issues were gone. 235's were all I needed for the beach. Wish I still had it today.
  3. Hunter123, no 4 runner. I'm in a GX460 now. But I'm splitting time between Long Island, NY and Raleigh, NC so no time on the beach for now. Will check out OBX once we're settled in Raleigh area.
  4. Jeep Liberty is a very under rated 4x4. Real transfer case with 4lo, and the traction control on the later models works quite well and you can easily turn it off when needed. I've owned a 2012 for a few years and it was great on the beaches. I did lift it ~2" and put on larger tires, and it was very capable. What led me to finally sell it was the constant electrical gremlins that nobody could figure out. Even on the jeep forums it's all a mystery with no real solution, and there is no availability of parts. If it's working for you, I would keep it and invest in the repairs for a bit.
  5. Sold & shipped. Thanks Catchg22 !! Stu
  6. Hi,


    Shipping via media mail is ~$6. So $31 total. Paypal is I can ship tomorrow after payment is received.




  7. Located in West Islip, NY. Let me check on shipping and get back to you. Stu
  8. Striper Surf by Frank Daignault Surf fishing for Stripers and Blues by Doc Muller The Fisherman's Catalog by Vlad Evanoff All 3 paperbacks in great condition - $25 for all. Pick up in West Islip, NY.
  9. How about a Diawa Beefstick 7ft, 1~3oz, 16-30lb test, MH action for $25? Stu
  10. Airing down is key.
  11. Not sure what your looking for or price range, but buying a certified pre-owned from the used side of a new dealer will save you from the liars and most of the garbage out there. At least there is a good warranty if it's junk. Some of the online services also offer a strong warranty but there is no negotiation and you pay top dollar.
  12. Dont get hung up on the term "AWD" it's a marketing term only, and does not describe anything technical. There are many AWD vehicles with the ability to lock in 4WD when needed. Bottom line is if the vehicle has a mechanical transfer case with gears or a chain coupling you will be fine, like Subaru. The problem is many suv's today are marketed as AWD but are actually front wheel drive and use a fluid coupled transfer case; examples are RAV4, Honda CRV, etc. This can quickly overheat and get damaged in soft sand as they are designed for occasional on-road use in snow, etc. Because there is no mechanical coupling, the slippage and friction will cause rapid heat build up.
  13. Any interest in a trade for this rod?