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  1. My Avatar is of me and my Gramps, Bill Gregori (Italian by the way) around early 60's just back from Sharps Park. The lures of the time were Keel Squids, Hopkins and Mickey Mouse, (had to change the name cuz of Disney)
  2. The first ever Winchmaster Spook.
  3. I was only stateing the simplified basics, to look in my surf back would be the extended version.
  4. Cast out, reel in, repeat as many times as needed.
  5. One of the first steps would be the use of barbless hooks. I started doing that on inland/river salmon. It can be done but it requires skill. I never keep anything over 8-10# PB 37.5#
  6. Just a few Heavy Metal lures. Krocadile, Kastmaster, Hopkins, Mickeys, painted, chrome they all will catch fish. The longer 3 1/2 oz Mickey casts like a rocket. The last pic is an Outcast from Texas it also cast like a rocket in 2 1/2 oz and has caught many fish
  7. Just some metal hanging around
  8. That is a Hopkins, used em in the 60's, still look about the same.
  9. a bit of history
  10. Back then I also saw a few "butter knife" lures, yeah real butter knives, and they caught fish.
  11. Back, way back, like the 60's there were basically three heavy metal lures. One was the Hopkins another was the Keel Squid. The Mickey was the third. It was a shorter, fatter version of the Keel Squid. A story I was told by my gramps was that originally it was called the Mickey Mouse but Disney shut that name down because of copyright infringement. Back then "Heavy Metal" was all that was used along with 16' rods and Dam Quick reels. My gramps was one of the first to use the Penn Squider conventual reels. I remember them going to Pedro Point cliffs and using tobacco bags filled with sand to see who could cast the farthest when the fishing was slow. He was one of the best. I really miss those days. That is me and him back from the beach in my avatar. Bill Gregori
  12. If the tunnels go in and they implement of few of the other crazy ides they won't have to worry about the stripers, everything will be dead because the one thing fish need is water...
  13. This is total Bovine Excrement. Steelhead, salmon and stripers have co existed and thrived for over 100 years in the SF Bay estuary system and West Coast without a problem. What changed? Water diversions ruining water flow and habitat for all three species. it is best to read about Kalifornia Water Wars to get a better understanding why they are trying to blame Stripers as the culprit and divert from the real reason for the decline of Steelhead and Salmon.
  14. Wish I had looked in here sooner. Jim helped me get my surf fishing restarted. RIP Jim.
  15. It was not uncommon for a run to last for a few days back in the 60's