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  1. The reason that screw is stripped is because it is not an Allen type screw. Try a Torx wrench to remove it as that is what it is.
  2. Spool received in great shape. Thanks for a good deal. You are giving away the reel at this new price.
  3. I will take the spool if you accept paypal.
  4. Selling my ZBASS 27. She's in great shape. Loaded with 40 pp. Serviced last season and used a hand full of times. Very minor scratches. Perfect otherwise. $640 shipped .Not dunked. Cash pickup preferred PayPal ready. If I have to ship price is $650. No box or bag. Comes with power handle. Thanks for looking. I am a bit confused about your price.
  5. This might already have sold if you took Paypal and shipped.
  6. But it will probably be the best glass you have ever looked through anyway. I have a set and love mine. These retailed at about $2000.
  7. That looks to me like the correct one. I have an original unsealed also.
  8. Title does not really say it all. Are you looking for the original unsealed 250 spool or the 2nd generation sealed spool? They don't interchange.
  9. I wish I had seen this before I paid $630 out the door for my VR 200. This is a fantastic deal on a great reel guys. I also have a VS 250 and a ZB 25/27 and it fishes as well as both. Got a 5" sailfish and a 30 lb. King on it in May and it handled them well. Smooth drag and light weight also.
  10. Go to a search and type in free office and several choices will pop up. They pretty much all work.
  11. Got reel today. Thanks.
  12. Sure thing Tong. Fish are starting to come back in. Come this weekend if you get a chance.