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  1. 20 minutes at 600 it's gonna look like red cooked it
  2. Just had one of my favorite sandwiches here still $7.95
  3. I think you could find a better bowl in Portland. The taco truck in Brunswick is worth the drive though.
  4. there's a couple of places that make a decent bowl of noodle soup
  5. Brunswick.
  6. I think they forced me to eat them as a child.
  7. not a fan of fiddleheads but I love ramps. I look forward to morel, asparagus and ramp risotto every spring. They are really good pickled.
  8. lunch
  9. Little more work but when done right they are awesome.
  10. they are pretty nasty. But I guess some folks like that
  11. Come take some of ours please. We have groups of 10-60 come through the yard all day. Turkey **** everywhere
  12. Are you sure they were real belons? not saying they weren't but belons are a different species of oyster. They are very flat like a pancake. Taste is like a cross of 9volt battery mixed with pennies at low tide. Very distinct.
  13. Among other places yes.
  14. Yes we have them here. I've had wild belon's a few times and they are really awful. Very much an acquired taste.
  15. Little more of a ride but glidden point has some of the best oysters you can get. There doing pick up only but they are well worth the drive.