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  1. $75 each for the red scale and olive scale.
  2. I've only had it pickled from ripe melon.
  3. Pickled cantaloupe is delicious
  4. mango on the rocks
  5. they make a small havaheart trap. I have two of them, and have caught over two dozen chipmunks this year with them.
  6. cleaning out the chest freezer today and I found 2lbs of Maine shrimp I forgot about. Frying them up tonight, hopefully they are still good.
  7. willing to pay $65 each for the olive scaled, black red scaled and yellow silver scaled.
  8. Like Mike said those are walking onions. I grow a **** ton of them.
  9. I have a GP100 in 357 and love it
  10. I use to always carry my GP100. But times have changed and now my truck gun is a Springfield Saint pistol with a D-60
  11. My grandmother wraps a strip of bacon around the dog before cooking. Have to have a buttered toasted bun and cooked onion. Headed down to dig some clams right now, I'll post a pic of the empty shells
  12. Lettuce on a lobster roll? What the **** is wrong with you
  13. At that point just toss the roll on the ground and eat the