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  1. little compound butter with fresh garlic, thyme and rosemary.
  2. no worries, I put up the bbq umbrella.
  3. Cheers ! ^^^
  4. just started the bbq and now it's raining like a bitch wtf
  5. $4.99lb all sizes at the farmers market this morning here in Maine.
  6. Looking for a new scaled bunker maple spin. Fixter peanuts are new, BM are new. 3oz darter is a tough color.
  7. I'll take some of those nuggets^^ please and thanks
  8. +1 for chicken thighs. and seafood all the way!
  9. The Japanese A5 looks pretty good ^^
  10. $45 shipped for the Bombers
  11. I use a 15" cast iron pan on the bbq and it works great.
  12. Ok thanks, sending PM.
  13. Thanks mr.jones sending PM now.
  14. All plugs are new. Prices include shipping. Payment with paypal 2 Rare vintage bombers- $45 2 BM Mini wads- $65 SOLD 3 BM 2oz darters- $88 SOLD