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  1. Nice I like that idea, will remember it for next summer. I had a **** ton of string beans this year.
  2. I like that case. Is it custom?
  3. Hummers still here at my place in Maine as of this morning. probably a good idea to leave feeders out till mid Oct. for any stragglers headed south.
  4. The green bean potato dish what's the dressing?
  5. Last time I looked culls were 4.89lb here
  6. He has/had one that use to belong to me that was a really cool color. I'd love to get it back...lol
  7. There's plenty of plugs out there. A nice collection like that should stay together if possible, but that's just my opinion.
  8. I'm still surprised foli sold/is selling his collection. Wish he would have put the whole collection up for sale as I would have bought it just to keep them all together
  9. Very sad to read, I always enjoyed his post's taunting @makomakoman in the beer thread with all the Kane pics. May he RIP.
  10. Still have them here at my place in Maine. Good idea to leave feeders out as long as possible for the stragglers headed south. We had a rare hummer here last year that stayed around into December.
  11. Beachmaster lot reduced to 120 pichney to 65 take both lots for 170
  12. Don't put the feeders away yet! Lot's of hummingbirds still here at my place on Casco bay in Maine. Yesterday at least 6 were going crazy all day at the feeders.
  13. Ottos sucks! lol. Quanto basta for the win! It's just a shame it's dine in only and their hours suck. Montes has a bunch of great stuff but the pizza wasn't my fave. Going to try it again and see if it has gotten better, last time I had one it was really thick.
  14. I'm gonna have to grab another one sometime this week, it's been a while since I had a pie from there.
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