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  1. Can I get: 2-4oz 6-5oz 6-6oz 8-8oz 2-10oz All flat banks if you can fit in a small flat rate?
  2. Will take all 4 tixx. Let me know how you want to receive payment.
  3. Great, may have the otehr 2 on the hook. Just waiting for confirmation on them, hopefully works out on both ends
  4. I can definitely take 2 off your hands if you end up splitting. Trying to find 2 more folks to commit so i can take all 4, but if you are willing consider 2 sold.
  5. If you can give me until noon tomorrow to confirm, it would be much appreciated.
  6. Will let you know in a. m. If I can get a sitter
  7. Sent you a pm. Will take rod. Send me pp address
  8. If you decide to open back up I will pay 245 via pp.
  9. If anyone is going to be down there from 3/5-3/9 let me know if you would be interested in splitting a charter one morning
  10. Thank you jetty hound!
  11. Hey guys, heading to Sanibel for a little get away from the cold and looking for recommendations on where to stay. This will be more of a vacation with the wife and my two year old daughter so looking more along the lines of a hotel with all the amenities, some entertainment for the wife and kid, restaurants etc. Right now we are looking at the Marriot. Any other recommendations before we book?
  12. I keep it simple as well, olive oil salt pepper and lemon zest on the grill got outstanding reviews
  13. Bueno Suerte a Buenoas Diaz- great job Mike!
  14. Never even approach the age question, much less use it is a means to eliminate someone from your process. Legally you should be matching skills and experience against the the requirments that you have posted for the role. If you use these as your justification, you will remain safe in the eyes of employment law. If the you were asking for people with 10 plus years of experience and the "other" two candidates fit that profile while the third candidate only has 3 years of experience, you are puytting yourselfat risk.