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  1. Where are all the doubters??? 7 years later and the JBJ train keeps rolling along.
  2. Pretty pathetic that the Pats were basically the laughingstock of the NFL for 50 years until Bellicheat came along and won a few ANd then got caught and won squat. Brady then decides to cheat and they win another. Let's see how long it takes them to win another one on even playing field.
  3. Pineda dealing it today baby!!! Montero who?
  4. Can this guy ever win a legit SB??? I thought he finally rid himself of that stigma and now this. SMH
  5. USA Jordan Spieth, Bubba Watson and Brooks Koepka. Foreigners Rory McElroy, Martin Kaymer and Charl Schwartzel. Took out Phil and replaced him with Bubba.
  6. Highest rated Qb in the fourth quarter in NFL history. Tony Romo
  7. How cute. Cowboys always on your mind. Reminds me of Sox fans always thinking bout the Yankees.
  8. 5 years later and the JBJ train keeps rolling along. They said Cormier would man handle him and take him down over and over and over again. Didn't work out like they thought. Next up is Rumble Johnson. We shall see if he has what it takes.
  9. Dropped it??? You saw video of the ball touching the ground??
  10. Cheating is legendary. People remember that **** forever.
  11. I'd like to see Romo get one too but Brady has no legit ones. It's a damn shame. If he could just get that monkey off his and bellicheats back it would be great.
  12. He's getting up there in age. I'd like to see him get one legitimate SB ring.
  13. Why? You need a hot date to get you out of Mom's basement?
  14. Are you talking about the Qb with the most yards ever in NFL history in his first 100 games?
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