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  1. Sat coming in from the reef around 12 30 overturned kayak floating down the Inlet wall with one in the water. Major boat traffic! lucky for him the Coast Guard was there to help.
  2. § 13:82-1.7 Speed (a) No person shall operate a vessel in a manner where the speed and/or wake of the vessel may cause danger or injury to life or limb or damage to property. (b) All vessels shall reduce speed to slow speed/no wake when passing: 1. Any marina, pier, dock, wharf or abutment at a distance of 200 feet or less, except on Lake Hopatcong, in accordance with N.J.A.C. 13:82-3.11; 2. Work barges, platforms or floats while actually engaged in work related activity; 3. Through bridge openings of 400 feet or less; 4. Through lagoons, canals and confined areas of less than 200 feet in width; 5. Vessels not under command; 6. Emergency vessels displaying sequential flashing or rotating blue lights; or 7. Vessels engaged in activities recognized by the Coast Guard displaying rotating or sequential flashing red and yellow lights. (c) "Slow speed/No wake" as used in this section means the speed at which a vessel moves through the water and is able to maintain minimum headway in relation to the vessel or structure being passed and producing the minimum wake possible. (d) State Police, on the recommendation of the Commission or on its own initiative, may designate a specific area not included in (b)1 through 6 above as a temporary slow speed/no wake area based on congestion, visibility, safety, or other good cause. All vessels moving through these areas shall reduce their speed to slow speed/no wake within a 200-foot radius of the sign or buoy, in addition to any restriction under (b) above. (e) No person shall place, anchor, or construct any buoy that states or implies that an area is a "Slow Speed/No Wake" area except as provided in (a) through (d) above. The State Police may remove or have removed any such
  3. No it still a no wake zone just no sign anymore
  4. Yes i know its 3 years old , there are 10 times the amount or kayaks and SUPs on the river these days , Hourly rental fleet is a becoming a big problem
  5. Please use some common sense , this is becoming a problem , You do not have “The Right of way “ Don’t think weekend boater will slow down to pass you sorry for rant but I’ve pulled 2 from the water ‘this year and Please Please stay away from the RR bridge on the running tide
  6. Cinders , nobody home
  7. I know guys that have been weighing 50 pound fish on 30 pound boga grips for years!
  8. 16 year old boat , yes it happens trailer damage?
  9. I see Big problems ahead for yaks. State police were pulling them over checking for safety this week . I see today everyone has flags little sprinkler flags They may make you legal but if your flag is no higher then your head it pretty much useless for safety Day before yesterday at ocean spot less than 1/8 mile vis at 5 am at least 10 yaks out beware that you guys can not be seen on most radar bass fever is going kill a lot more please use some common sense Half of them were in chest waders most with no PFDS no Paddle Tethers no lights
  10. Hes got good brakes! And bottom wax
  11. Switch back to mono
  12. Sad news , I have been seeing guys with waders AND no PFDs for a while.
  13. Zeke’s darts. Herring pens , air pumps. Alou tins , ultimis eels Ernie’s seashell shop
  14. Wait until you have a claim geico is worst CS going .
  15. Old school , Miracle braided mono running lines for me I use to put a few Zip ties in my basket to hold the line like fingers sticking up really helps