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  1. 37 mins ago, FindTheFleet said:

    There are 200 million stripers swimming in the Atlantic right now so 6 is absolutely insignificant.. 750k lbs is deemed insignificant.

    You seem to  be really dialed in on stripers, and real confident in your numbers.


    How did you determine there are presently 200 million stripers alive today?   Some sort of fish algorithm?   How many do you suppose were around in their peak, say the early 1990s?

  2. 13 hours ago, bassmaster said:

    It does not work that way



    Dave, as a plug maker yourself,  you and I both know. That area under the Bourne Bridge cape side was one of Stan Gibbs favorite locations while he still fished.


    He tested many of his best plugs there before putting them into production.  If this area does take shape, I think it would be fitting to name it in his honor. The Stan Gibbs Memorial Fish Pier.

    What do you think bassmaster?

  3. Ok, I let someone use my truck to move some stuff, something I never do.   The only thing I asked was, just replace the gas you use.


    Well, I guess our signals got crossed. He filled up the gas, but also filled up the oil! Problem being, the oil level was fine. He added almost 2 quarts.


    I don't want to drive it like this.  I want to take that oil out myself without crawling under it and dropping the drain plug.  


    When I was a lobsterman, I used to change the oil in my big John Deere engine by extracting the old oil directly from the dip stick tube.   I had a small pump that hooked up to an electric drill, inserted a tube down the dip stick tube to the bottom of the oil pan. After that it was a simple procedure, and I could pump out all 5 gallons in about 15 minutes.


    So my question is, are such pumps still available. All I need to remove is under 2 quarts.



  4. 1 hour ago, z-man said:

    The top of the concrete is too high for that.



    56 mins ago, bassmaster said:

    It does not work that way

    I attend those bridge seminars.  I looked closely at the proposed plans.  I'm fairly good at reading site plans. It was my understanding that the present parking area under the Bourne Bridge cape side, will be entirely eliminated.  So that being the case, I think it's safe to say parking will be eliminated as well.


    The commuter train drop off will be moved as well.   But so much of this is pure conjecture because this project probably won't break ground for another decade.  

  5. 46 mins ago, gray gables said:

    you need to sponge that bastard. Soak a sponge in canned gravy then throw it out in the woods that night. He'll gobble it down but won't be able to pass it. 

    I couldn't do that.   He's been hanging around a couple years.  He almost got the neighbors cat a couple months ago, so he gets points for that. It was only a bottle of fertilizer.

  6. 9 mins ago, foxfai said:

    Not only that , a lot of sub-par contractors and companies screws the roof up and won't fix it because they aren't roofers. Then throws the responsibility back on you. Or the companies installs them went under (many of them) and there is no help when things stop working up there. Too many variables to MAYBE save a few bucks in the long term time line.


    I have so many of these companies knocking on my door for the past few years about it. It's too big of a financial burden to recoop the cost before I leave this earth.



    Also, if you lease the panels, and decide to sell your home, in many cases the lease is non transferable. So you need to pay off the balance prior to selling your home.

  7. 15 mins ago, Richard_the_Aughth said:

    So I spoke to a friend who told me his solar install cost 30k for about 25 panels. He said he gets free electricity and and even at $30 credit from the electric company each month but that is not a guarantee and can be stopped by then anytime. 


    This is where things get interesting. Assuming an average electric bill of 200 a month,  that's 2400 a year in electricity. Let's be generous and say 250 a month for 3000 a year. In 10 years you make your 30,000 back, however, if you put that 30k in the index it would be 60k in 10 years. Not only that but after 10 years solar panels seem to be about 50% to 60% as efficient as they were new, so they will have to replaced at some point it will cost less than 30k but more than 0.


    It's not an obvious yes to solar, at least not for me as a home owner. Just to be clear his total cost was 30k after a 12k tax rebate. I will see what the installer estimates my project to be. 

    Great read, and you nailed it.   

    But you missed one thing.  The roof.


    A typical asphalt roof lasts 25 years, give or take a few. If your roof is over 10 years old, you may have to deal with a roof replacement.  How will that impact your solar panels bottom line?

  8. 3 hours ago, Joe G said:

    That’s interesting.  If the sale goes thru, I’m wondering why the buyer would purchase that property not knowing the precise footprint of the new bridge.  

    And….unless the sale was contingent on the seller erecting the fence, why would the current owner now be installing a fence?  





  9. 7 mins ago, Littoral Larry said:

    You're right I bet the engineers in all their planning completely forgot to factor hurricane force winds into the design and didn't add a massive factor of safety into every aspect. They really should be browsing SOL more to help them spot flaws in their design 

    Correct. It's only going to be a matter of time before tenured college professors begin referencing SOL.

  10. 2 hours ago, Joe G said:

    That’s interesting.  If the sale goes thru, I’m wondering why the buyer would purchase that property not knowing the precise footprint of the new bridge.  

    And….unless the sale was contingent on the seller erecting the fence, why would the current owner now be installing a fence?  


    If "you know who" is correct, I think as far as the sale goes, it's done.  Home has been completely rebuilt, inside and out. 

    As for the fence, the only thing I can think is a possible noise barrier, or defect headlights?  I'll take a photo and post it.

  11. Get used to it.:(


    I think it's inevitable that hunting, even target practice will be eliminated in Ma.  

    Make gun ownership as difficult as possible through the permitting process.  Now this.


    Then you have omnipotent state agencies like the DCR imposing impossible restrictions on the land under their jurisdiction.  You only have to look at Barre Falls.  They've essentially restricted most hunting and fishing on the 20,000 areas they own.  I could be wrong, but I think Barre Falls even might have lost its WMA designation.

  12. 7 hours ago, Joe G said:

    There is a house at 183 Sandwich Rd. that has been on the market for 175 days with a 1.1 million dollar asking price. That house will most likely be either demolished or at best, be under the new bridge. 

    I suspect if the house is taken by eminent domain, the price will be somewhere between appraised value and the 1.1. 

    Bob G……..does that house belong to who I think it does?


    Yes it does Joe.   Funny you should ask, because I just spoke with "you know who" regarding it just the other day.  I think a sale is pending. Slightly below the appraised value.


    The home has been completely rebuilt and remodeled.  I just went by yesterday and the fence guys were installing a 6' vinyl fence all across the front.

  13. 8 mins ago, mikez2 said:

    Pretty much all the Boston news sources have stories on rhe turbine and the closed beaches.


    The beach is reopened BTW. It was closed 1 day.


    Our local town beach has been closed for almost a week because of goose crap e coli. Just one of dozens of closed beaches across the state right now. 


    I'd say the story is getting the appropriate amount of attention from the press.

    I guess I should have been more specific.  I meant some actually footage of the crippled, failed wind tower.


  14. 8 hours ago, isleomaniac said:

    I have on my gardening list to add bone meal and cal/mag thanks to Bob G.  Bob, how does container grown tomatoes help with the hornworms?

    The bone meal is best added in the spring when you're first prepping your soil and when you plant your tomatoes.  

    Bone meal is actually made from dried, powdered bones. It isn't readily water soluble. It takes a while to break down in the soil so it can be absorbed by the plant.

     But Calmag is. Just add it to your plants during your normal watering.

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