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  1. They're still alive and well. But these days, instead of fishing, most park in 20 ebike clusters. Oooing and ahhhhing over each other's handicap parking placards, ebikes, Stella reels, ODM rods, go pro, waders, fanny packs and bogas.
  2. bob_G

    Dow 40,000

    It's obvious you're not in the market. So where do you put your savings, stuffed in your mattress, or in a hole in the backyard?
  3. This is what we're in for. Welcome to Third World politics.
  4. bob_G

    Dow 40,000

    I just turned 71. Knowing what I know now, if I had it to do all over again I would have gone with an S&P500 index fund early on, and been done with it. Advantages. Low fees. The other, you don't need a brokerage account. Those fees seem inconsequential at the time, but they really add up over 15, 20, or 30 years of trading. The S&P 500 index isn't sexy, like stocks, mutuals or sector funds. But they're also no where near as volatile. I took a real bath a few times in my life when I began investing in stocks on the advice of my broker. I lost my shirt a few times. I got bitch slapped, while she got a fat commission. There were times when I could have done without all the drama.
  5. bob_G

    Dow 40,000

    That's the one thing that worries me in the middle of the night.
  6. bob_G

    Dow 40,000

    Tim, I completely understand ramifications of inflation, give me a little credit. But when I first entered the market in 1985 the DOW was trading below 2000 if I recall. Not 20,000, but 2000! The NASDAQ was this murky index that few understood. 40,000 is a huge benchmark. Regardless of the raveges of inflation, if you've been in for over 40, you've done well for yourself my friend.
  7. bob_G

    Dow 40,000

    NASDAQ, esp semiconductors are crazy with no end in sight. That is until China invades Taiwan.
  8. bob_G

    Dow 40,000

    Wow. You guys are the only ones who can put a negative spin on a screaming bull market.
  9. Joe, I make two. Sandy likes the one I make with fish sauce, fresh chilies, lime juice, and sugar. I like the one with 50/50 hoisin, peanut butter, lime juice and fresh chilies. Both are served with chopped peanuts.
  10. Really impressive. You and your wife's efforts are obvious.
  11. Some Vietnamese fresh rolls I made for dinner.
  12. In a clear 20oz Solo cup. Fill cup with ice, three fingers of gin, twist of lime, fill to the top with Scheppes tonic. In that order. Stir, and allow drink to sit for 10 minutes to allow the botanicals to mix, and the cup to get frosty. Delicious, refreshing drink.
  13. In spite of everything we think is going wrong, this is tough to deny.
  14. Understood. But this was the trap that was in a 5 gallon bucket, on a table with a lid on it. Something claimed on the table, took off the lid, climbed inside the bucket, knocked it on the ground, and took off with one of these traps. These are mean traps.
  15. In the last 48 hours small bait has invaded the west end. Terns working all day. They're working now. Not a fish to be found.
  16. Every night I pick up my chipmunk trap and place it in a table in the back yard with a lid on the bucket. I do this so I won't catch a baby skunk or possum. Last night around midnight, I heard a loud SNAP, flooded by a crash of the bucket hitting the ground. Run outside, my trap is gone.
  17. Tomatoes already! Congrats. Ive got loads of green ones, but nothing even approaching red.
  18. Joe, I think that was a skill learned out of necessity. She grew up in the Palmer/Three Rivers area during the depression. Lived on a farm. Raised Belgian hare, ducks, geese, chickens and I'm sure live stock of some kind. As a result they not only had to produce food, but process it as well. I recall her talking about butchering pigs many times.
  19. Don't really know for sure Joe. I know she'd take the frame, chop it up and make stock. The heads would get chopped up with an ax, and go into her garden. She loved to make fish cakes, but that's about all I know. She used to prefer to butcher and clean everything I brought her. A couple times she suggested her and I could butcher my next deer. But I never took her up on it.
  20. I'm really not surprised bass can gobble these things up, in spite of their reputation to punch their way out of trouble. My Polish Babcia loved bass, large bass. I mean big girls. 35, 40 pounders. I always figured she lived through the Depression when food was scarce. So as a result she felt like she wanted he money's worth. Even though I was giving them to her. This worked out nice because large bass often paid $0.10lb, if someone would even buy them. But it seemed every large fish I'd clean had one, often two 1/2-3/4lb hard shell lobster in their belly. Always devourer tail first, so they went down easy. About 15 years ago I was working on a canal jig to imitate a lobster. I think I called it a Jigster or maybe a Jig-go. I had a friend pour me some 4oz jigheads. Instead of moulding the hook in the head, I asked him to mold a 3" piece of stainless braided aircraft cable. I then attached the 5/0 stainless hook to the cable. Something on the idea of an old eelskin rig. The jig was a combination of extra long red/black bucktail with some red flash tied in the bucktail. On the hook was a 9" red Sluggo. The entire jig was over a foot long. It was difficult to cast. Was best fished in the last 90 minutes of an outgoing tide when the tide slowed. Bounced along the bottom, often allowing it to simply lay there for several seconds. The large bass would crush it! They must have thought it was a lobster, and they knew they had to produce a knockout punch to capture and eat it. That season I caught my biggest fall fish on that crazy lure. I think I gave one to Bill D as well.
  21. Hey, this was just a joke between Dave and I. Pulling each other's leg. Tell me, when you were in the third grade I'll bet you were the kid who ran to the teacher and squealed on your classmates. You were, weren't you.
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