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  1. On second thought, scratch the Quabbin boat.
  2. So let me guess. No private boats will be allowed beginning immediately. So if you own a boat specifically to fish Quabbin, like many do, you're out of luck. But let me guess, there's good news. The DCR will be happy to rent you one of their boats at Gate 43. I smell a rate increase.
  3. In all fairness to the dog, this was his first interaction with people and other dogs since we had him. We're been laying low with him until he's fully vaccinated, which will be today. So last night was kind of a social overload for him. But his behavior was borderline inexcusable. It's was almost like we caught a coyote, and brought him to puppy class.
  4. I can't help but wonder if the victim possibly had ear buds on?
  5. All great advice dena, and I get it. I thought we were doing all that, but obviously not enough. We were holding off on dog parks and socializing until he was fully vaccinated. We've had some real knuckleheads go through obedience 1-3 with flying colors. But tonight's performance was one for the books. The only thing he didn't do was take a dump on the floor. I guess he's saving it for next week.
  6. Took our four month old Brit, Chaser to his first puppy obedience class tonight. A failure of epic proportions. If there's a stronger term, it would apply. My wife's been doing this for years with all our dogs, and he completely embarrassed her tonight. Almost like he didn't even know his name, let alone basic commands. We (and he) have a long week ahead of us. Here's the little creep.
  7. Sorry gentlemen, I hate to lock threads. But this has gone so far off the rails it'll never come back.
  8. I've got none. Where are they? Had a few early on, around the first week in May. Since then, maybe 2. Feeders are fine, syrup is fresh, no birds.
  9. I'm pointing and laughing because I'm arguing semantics with a person who in all likelihood cannot even spell the word. Also, the term is not incorrect. It's always been called a splice. All up and down the canal. It's was called a splice when I began fishing in the mid 1960s, and it's still called a splice to this day. I didn't coin the term, it's was told and shown to me. Perhaps if you had a bit more fishing acumen you might know that.
  10. Before a decision is make? Who makes that decision, you?
  11. What we're discussing here is nothing more than pure semantics. Ive heard the term splice used on the canal for not years, but decades. Going back to the 1960s. In this case, it obviously became a colloquial term, because we all used it when discussing tying mono to mono, mono to dacron, mono directly to wire or mono directly to lead core. Much like the local term partridge. Talk to any seasoned New England bird hunter, with decades of experience under his belt, he'll almost certainly use the term "partridge" or "pats" when referring to the proper name for the bird, a ruffed grouse.
  12. Honestly, I wasn't trying to be a smart ass, but I've called it a splice my entire life.
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