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  1. Of seals, yes. They even included aerial photos taken today of the seals. Tens of thousands lounging on the beach.
  2. I thought of that. Take away the food source, and what have you got? A bunch of hungry GWs. But does evidence show that these sharks imprint this location as a summer food source? Or given that they're so nomadic, they may just move on once the food is gone?
  3. I was watching the evening news, and surprisingly they had their facts straight. They made it clear that an overabundance of seals is the cause. Interesting stats. In 2011 there were an estimated 17,000 seals on the outer Cape. Today, 40,000-50,000. Almost tripled in 7 years. You have to wonder if the shark population will grow exponentially, or will it level off at some point?
  4. Boy, imagine digging quahogs in a wetsuit. Whitey swimming around, no seals. Suddenly the guy digging clams looks mighty tastey.
  5. Nice Terry. That sushi looks amazing.
  6. Compared to 2017 and 2016 the numbers of large are down IMO. We all more or less knew this was coming. However what I find more alarming is the lack of small fish. Fish between 16-25" were easy to catch jigging, and often filled in the night when large weren't around. Their absence concerns me that we have nothing coming up in the pipeline.
  7. Just read a post on another on another site. A 12' GW was observed swimming in the old canal off Wings Neck.
  8. I could be wrong, but didn't they see one wayward orca last year about 20 miles off Chatham? She was later identified as being from a northen Canadian pod.
  9. Now you have me thinking. Given my reel's age, I wonder if parts are still available? The reel is still performing flawlessly, but I think I'll send it back to Daiwa for a look over this winter just to be proactive.
  10. Sounds like a plan. Now we just have to get the 2000lb eating machine with a brain the size of a pigeon to cooperate.
  11. I don't know about sinking dead seals offshore so GWs can feed of them? I have a friend who's an expert in the field and have discussed shark behavior with him many times in the past. All highly predatory sharks have amazing, infallable olfactory systems. Their highly developed nostrils are located below their snout and are used only to smell prey, and they can smell prey or decaying flesh from amazing distances. IMO dead seals tethered to cinder blocks will only act as a chum line attracting even more GWs to the area.
  12. Chances sre that seal you saw was a harbor seal, and not the dreaded grey seals which have colonized the outer Cape. The harbor seals have always been here. They really are no big deal. I had one working the rip in front of me the other night.
  13. See I think you could be wrong. The "experts" will be told what to say and to "tow tbe company line" if the want to keep their lucrative jobs. I doubt there will be any mention of how seals caused this problem. They'll come up with a story of miscalculating the GWs range and numbers. Maybe even suggest that these GWs could be part of some previously unknown invasive subspecies. Thus justifying a gubmint shark hunt.
  14. Hey look guys, I don't want to see anything happen to the GWs. I think they're the coolest think to hit Cape Cod. I love to accompany a tag boat.
  15. I do. I have DJs reel and have been fishing it for three seasons. DJ and I go back almost 50 years, and he gave it to me as a parting gift when he moved to Finland. Without a doubt, the best reel I've ever owned or fished (and I have a lot of reels). Amazingly tough. Flawless drag. Aside from a minor line roller issue its been no maintainence. Now mind you, DJ fished this reel for 10 years befire he gave it to me. I wish I bought one years ago. If you ever want to try it we can set up a time.