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  1. Yea I suppose. The easy way out.
  2. Nice fish. BTW I was fishing a local pond today. FAC. Major midge hatch going on. Unfortunately only saw a couple fish rise and they were hundreds of yards out.
  3. So imagine this scenario. EPOs will now be required to check each and every bait dunker the entire length of the canal. They dont even check licenses, now they'll be expected to check hooks?
  4. Thank you Brad. Those are some encouraging numbers. We used to get herring there when I was a kid, and it was a very strong run. BTW the herring agent was an old Auburn High teacher of mine.
  5. Of course the stock is in trouble. That was obvious when they were unable to fill the quota. Some of these fishery managers wouldn't stand a chance working in the private sector.
  6. So do I gave this correct. Beginning next year, all anglers using bait will be required to use circle hooks? On shore as well as a boat?
  7. I just got another photo from a friend of what appears to be a small keeper with a lot of lice. Looks like all the sun and SW winds have done the trick.
  8. Razors are delicious. They're also all the rage in high end restaurants. We were in an Asian market in Worc the other day and they had piles of razors for sale, tied in bundles with string.
  9. Really? Brad, what run is that from?
  10. And I think the survival rate of a jig caught fish is astronomically higher than one caught a plug, such as a sebile or pencil.
  11. Oral insulin or intravenous?
  12. I took metformin regular and the extended release version for 18 months. I can tell you my body never really got used to it. It was one of the reasons I retired. I wanted to work a few more years.
  13. Sea lice and all.
  14. Based on local online reports, they've arrived. We set some feeders out yesterday, but no birds yet. Anyone else?
  15. Yes, this is true. I heard the fowl are the champs. But the fact is like their domestic counterparts, wild turkey feast on almost all insects. But their favorite are grasshoppers. As soon as they feel they're ready, hens have their poults in fields teaching them to catch them. Many times I've watched several hens with broods of poults working hay fields. But I'm told the all time champ is none ither than our lowly opossum.