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  1. You clearly have strong opinions on tobacco, and yet you enjoyed it for a large portion if your life.
  2. I just went through this with my mom's old car. 1987 Mercury Cougar Bostonian edition. Garaged for the last 10 year. Low milage. Everything works. Pristine condition. I goofed around trying to sell it privately for a year. In the end I sold it to one if those online junk car people. Seamless process. Fill out the online form, inc a pic, they give you a price. If you agree, they pick it up the next day and hand you an envelope with cash.
  3. I completely agree with your reasoning. Sadly, cannabis has been illegal for so long, it's been permanently stigmatized. There's a whole generation of old timers out there who consider it a filthy hippie drug, in the same class as heroin. My father was one of them. Regardless of what transpires on the state level, they'll just say its federally illegal. If our gubmint says its bad, then it has to be bad.
  4. Carl, Again, with due respect. But you're manipulating and distorting facts to suit your argument. You're alluding to all this hard scientific data you have but you never source it. Maybe you should enlighten us as to exactly what pesticides are used to grow cannabis, and the known dangers associated with them. No vague references, comparing lawn fertilzer or fruit pesticides. But specifically those chemicals used in the growing of cannabis. How much is inhaled into the human body when smoked. I don't know these answers, but if you do we'd all like to know.
  5. Many of Tony Stezcko's largest trout were caught on boobys. I tied some up and made a real effort, but had no luck. Like you said, its all approach. I wish I'd taken Tony up on his many offers to learn.
  6. Ive fished boobys many times. Sinking line, on freshly stocked trout. Zero luck. I just couldn't make them work.
  7. Sort of like a booby fly?
  8. What kind of fly is that?
  9. That sounds like an idea hatched at the Sandwich bulkhead.
  10. I don't know if you're kidding or not Bernie? But for the sake of discussion I'll assume you're not. You and I both know it's illegal, but who is going to enforce it? Certainly not the Corps, they ignore everything. I doubt the BPD, EP, or the SP would get involved due to the obvious jurisdictional issues. That pretty much eliminates everyone.
  11. Lunch today. Warm mushroom salad. Pan seared ****ake mushrooms with crispy pancetta, over arugala, olive oil, parmesan cheese and a poached egg.
  12. I thought the water park was the town's golden goose? Or rather a dead turkey.
  13. I have no dog in the cannabis debate. I do support legalization. Not because I smoke, but because the people have spoken. The democratic process. But that's not to say I don't have concerns. Alcohol consumption has declined dramatically on the canal. I rarely even see a beer these days. However I can't say the same about cannabis. I see and smell it being smoked by canal fishermen all the time. Ordinary this wouldn't bother me. But in this case its the time frame that concerns me. I most often see it smoked between 2-8am. Should a guy fishing all night smoke weed at 4am then drive home? This summer on Bell Rd I watched 2 knuckleheads putting on a jerk show at 730am. They were regailing everyone within earshot with their fishing exploits. They began fishing at dusk, and fished all night. Right before they left, they lite up a joint and smoked one for the road. These jerk were already impaired due to lack of sleep. Now on top of this they further impaired themselves with cannabis, and were planning on driving home.
  14. If the Canal Sportsmen Club is a potential eminent domain target, then isn't the BSP also a candidate?
  15. I was thinking the same thing. But that river will be raging for some time.