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  1. Mike, Remember the bread truck Dante's Inferno? His gorgeous wife and daughters?
  2. I'm talking to him right now.
  3. I did get the shot. But I thought it was a legitimate question. I still never heard of anyone getting tetanus.
  4. Looks great.
  5. I took this photo years ago while bird hunting.
  6. Do you, or anyone for that matter, know anyone who actually got tetanus? I once asked my Dr that. He hemmed and hawed, and did everything he could to dodge the question before saying it's still found in some remote third world countries.
  7. I think most serious gardeners will tell you savings money has nothing to do with it. It's their hobby. Like fishing, hunting, or golf. With the $$$ I used to spend on deer hunting, I could buy the finest meats from the best butchers on earth, and have them deliver it to my home. The same with gardening. The $$$ I spend each year, I could afford to have Whole Foods deliver it to my home. But I enjoy spending a couple hours a day in the garden pruning and watering.
  8. Were they greys or harbor seals? I've seen the same in the canal, when harbor seals dominated. They never seemed all that interested in larger fish like stripers. It's the greys that are the bogey man.
  9. Actually Mike, I used to add hardener to my pours. I found the saltwater formula a bit too soft, causing the tail to wrap around the hook. I began adding hardener, and that resolved the problem. But the hardener muted the colors. So I needed to add more color to compensate.
  10. Maybe he was ostracized for his political views.
  11. It's a Mustard jig hook.
  12. Sluggo style. I made my molds myself. On some of my sluggos I add a lot of glitter. Not into the liquid plastic, but into the mold itself, and then pour over it. I can't believe I shared that secret