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  1. Did he happen to mention how many hundred miles he ran to find them?
  2. Fluke is so 80s.
  3. I didn't mock you buddy. That said, good, we all had it coming. Many of us have been beating the drum for years. Nothing intimidates some of these guys. BPD, SP, EPOs, police dogs, ACOE. Now all the comms can take their precious comm license, their trash, boorish behavior and bad attitudes to the beaches.
  4. My mom would say, " the farmer locked the barn doors after his horses were stolen". I hope this isn't a classic case of too little too late. This could be a moot point given the fact that there's no fish in a canal.
  5. I was by Millbury Street the other day. I saw the reverse direction. Messiers Diner was high dinning in those days. As was Charles Restaurant. Now think back Joe. Almost directly across from Ciborowski's Ins Agency was Uncle Tom's Tavern. That was where my dad landed after he was released from the German Luft Stalag in WWII. Got a job as a bartender, and lived in a room upstairs. When his brother Bill ( my uncle) returned from the war in the Pacific, that's where first met after not seeing or hearing from each other for years.
  6. Back in those days the fish n chips were so cheap, people were suspicious be of it. My father was the paranoid doubting Thomas type. He was convinced the fish at that price wasn't haddock, but rather some rotten, worm infested crap they were palming off on unsuspecting people. His son sure enjoyed it.
  7. Back in those days, it's was the Catholics that were an intrical part of the calculus. If you recall, that was in the old Catholic fish on Fridays days. Those local fish n chip places thrived. Then along comes Vatican II, and that put the kibosh on many of those places.
  8. Were you ever there Kevin? Joe will verify it. Locals lined up out the door, on the sidewalk of Millbury Street. Every Friday an endless stream of people walking out the door clutching greasy brown bags loaded with slabs of fried haddock. Worc cops taking multiple orders back to Waldo Street. Firemen taking the same back to the station. People climbing into cabs taking orders back to each family on all three floors of their three deckers. Old timers would take their order, and walk 50' down the street to wash down their dinner with an adult beverage from the Vernon Yacht Club. A different space in time for sure.
  9. Some of the best fish I ever ate. Nothing says tasty like a greasy brown paper bag.
  10. Joe, Do you suppose the old fish mongers at Blue Ribbon on Millbury Street were all that concerned about accurate weights?
  11. I think the store manager may be correct Joe. When Sandy and I owned the deli all those years, we also sold a line of our fresh baked cookies. Choc chip, choc chunk, triple choc chip, white choc chip, white choc macadamian, sugar, oatmeal, peanut butter, and chic pecan. People would buy them a 12-15 at a time, different flavors, and since they were hand scooped, each was a different size.. So we couldn't affix a predetermined price to each cookie. The answer was selling them by weight. We bought a high end digital scale. The weight of the cookie container would then be preprogrammed into the scale, and placed under "tear", container weight was not included in the sale. The cookie prices was then programmed into the scale. So if a customer wanted 27 various cookies and appropriate container was placed on the scale, it's weight automatically deducted, cookies were weighed, and price determined.
  12. The future is scup. Learn to love them.
  13. I'm surprised as well. Like you, based on what I saw I thought the numbers would have been way down. Yesterday my wife and I drove to west central Ma to visit a greenhouse to buy tomato plants. While we were there we took a ride to all my turkey areas, and checked out all the fields. The entire day, we saw one hen, and that was in a driveway of course. Otherwise, a beautiful day.
  14. I had a friend who tried drying it in a food dehydrator. He said it was a disaster.
  15. Hey Manny, get a load of this guy.