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  1. So the town of Sandwich still gas 96,000 oysters left?
  2. I wonder if this is the reason no one's been swimming at Mo Beach recently? The last few days I've been there between 11-1pm there's been almost no one in the water.
  3. That's my point. The initial report implied that the 4000 oysters stolen pretty much represented the whole season's crop. Essentially no 2019 oyster season in Sandwich. Now further information comes to light indicating only a portion we're stolen. In addition, it now appears the oysters were all juveniles, and might not be legal this year anyway? Am I correct?
  4. My dad was a wholesale liquor salesman for over 40 years. So I grew up in the business. The liquor industry is among the most paranoid industries on earth. They will most certainly view any restrictions on the sale of nips as an obscene restriction of trade, and a potential return to prohibition. Not to mention they're justifiably very concerned cannabis will cut into their sales. When the bottle bill was first considered in the mid 1970s, they fought it tooth and nail. Claimed they'd all lose their jobs. In the end, it didn't impact sales one bit, and helped create the redemption business. But regarding nips. Even my dad said "the smaller the bottle, the bigger the problem."
  5. Looks like a juvenile flicker.
  6. Channel 4 reported on the theft today on the noon news. If their report and footage was correct, the juvenile oysters were being grown in the same wire cages I used. The were called low pro grow cages. The footage showed oysters that were 1" range. There appeared to be 8-10 cages. The Worc Telegram reports that Sandwich grows 100,000 oysters as part of it's annual shellfish program. I'm wondering if all the cages we're raided, or did they just steal from a few, then get out of Dodge?
  7. Rodney Flagg! I used to buy from his father's shop when he was located in Barre center. When I was 19 years old, ol Mr Flagg sent me off on the biggest wild goose chase of my life. That was 47 years ago and I still laugh about it each time I think about it.
  8. All the years I chunked in the canal I never caught a seagull. The heaviest sinker I ever used was a 1oz rubber core. Most times it was 1/2oz.
  9. Circle hooks are effective, but they require a new technique. Unlike j hooks where you set the hook upon getting a strike, on a circle hook you allow the line to draw tight. If done properly, the circle slides across the fish's mouth untill it catches and hooks in the corner of the jaw. Back in my chunking days, I experimented with them, and it was maddening at first. The temptation to set the hook was always there. Eventually I got better at it.
  10. Joe0306, Maybe you should consider using a circle hook. They dramatically cut down on gut hooked fish, not to mention they'll be mandatory in 2020 anyway.
  11. Yea, I knew that Joe. About 10 years ago I went through the whole process with a fresh dead hawk Kota retrieved on Scusset. It seemed a shame to just leave it there. I called all the nessesary authorities, offered to pay for all costs, and donate it for education. After a year if chasing my tail I bended up getting rid of the magnificent bird.
  12. Joe, I saw that as well. But sometimes it's possible to obtain a special permit. It can be a long arduous process, but I'll see how it goes. BTW Charlie the bird dog found it this morning on his walk with Sandy. The plan is to do it legally, otherwise I won't do it at all.
  13. Is it legal to have a hummingbird mounted?
  14. Joe, In Bourne we went to great lengths to protect the pouched oysters. I always had around 150 pouches of juveniles and 150 pouches of adults I was responsible for. In addition to that, I had my own little network of friends and kayakers. If a pouch we're to break off and float away, I'd either get a call telling me where to find it, or they'd hand deliver the pouch to me at the marina.
  15. Yes, they can be quite vicious.