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  1. Never tried making it myself, but I've had great luck with Alaskan Fish Fertilizer.
  2. No, didn't give up, only this year. I lost Charlie three days before the season and I lost all interest.
  3. I've been smoking trout for over 40 years, here's some I did a few weeks ago.
  4. I suppose this is technically a shed. I found this turkey hunting very near Quabbin. The deer was perfectly intact, skeletonized. Entire skeleton was intact, nothing out of place. The area is loaded with coyotes and bear. Using my pocket knife I removed the skull from the spine, and carried it around with me for the rest of the day.
  5. Last night's show was awesome! So much so, I taped it because it's the season finale. I can watch it every night till the new series begins.
  6. I hope the TH guys make it too, and I don't drink beer. Something like this is good for the local economy. But I also share your concerns. This could become a Burning Man event all summer. It wouldn't be fair to subject a abutters to something that will turn their lives upside down. Impact property values. That being said, it sounds like the powers that be in Sandwich really want this to succeed.
  7. Interesting how the catbirds showed up all of a sudden.
  8. IMO the littering is only a byproduct of the real problem. My primary concern is people consuming all those nips, then driving cars afterwards.
  9. I took a ride to the Sandwich boardwalk and Town Neck Beach the other day. I never saw so many of those Fireball nips in my life! People must buy them by the case, and go there to drink them. As my mom would say "when it comes to drinking, the smaller the bottle, the bigger the problem. "
  10. Bernie, You and I missed our calling. We could be town planners.
  11. Good call Bernie. Once the Treehouse Beer Garden opens in Sandwich they'll undoubtedly have to plan to build wider bridges just to accommodate the traffic they'll generate. The towns of Bourne and Sandwich will have to widen the roads and improve the infrastructure from the canal to Sandwich just to handle the increase in daily traffic. That will put more local people to work. It will be a win win all around.
  12. I miss shad fishing. I forgot how much fun it was.
  13. Aperitif? Ain't that just a fancy word for foreplay?
  14. My oriole feeder has been out for over a week. The only thing eating the jelly is catbirds.
  15. Guys please, This is an interesting thread, let's not politicize it. We have the PG forum for that. Thanks