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  1. What he said.
  2. Rob, Ive repaired breathable waders and neoprene gloves with Aqua Seal and had the repair last several years. The trick is to really prep the area that needs repair. Thoroughly dry and clean it. Place a solid object behind it, so the edges come together. Spread the sealant, carefully trying to smooth the edges. Allow to dry overnight in a heated area. Also, place unused Aqua Seal in your freezer. It will last fowever. Otherwise once exposed to air, the whole tube will harden.
  3. Rob, I use that clear stuff in a tube they sell at Red Top. Its called Aqua Seal. Ive repaired some large holes caused by lobster traps. When cured, the stuff is flexible and doesnt peel.
  4. Curious turn of events. When hash first began to make the rounds in Worcester in the late 1960s and early 70s no one could really tell you what the hell it was? All you knew it was from some mysterious dark region of the mid east. Fast forward to 2019. You can now buy cannabis seeds and a hash press online, and grow and press your own legally from the comfort of your home.
  5. When throwing light lures such as spinners, do wind knots become an issue?
  6. It's the potential shortage of legal cannabis that could impact the dispensaries. A legal dispensary is a brick and mortar business just like any other retail establishment. If inventories are unable to meet demand, their profitability will be affected. Employee pay and hours may be cut, and leases may go into default. I think what we may see beginning in 2019 is a rush to folks growing their own. I'm told high quality seeds can be bought online. From there, they can be started indoors and put outside with your tomatoes after the danger of frost passes.
  7. Fascinating stuff. So the potential exists that, due to no fault of their own, some of these dispensaries may run into financial difficulty since they can't maintain inventory. Cannabis can only be sold in the state it's grown. However towns are reluctant to allow growers to set up shop in their town. Interesting turn if events. The state obviously was only interested in the tax revenue generated by cannabis sales. Ironically, very few towns want grow facilities. Talk about the proverbial dog in the manger.
  8. I read the other day that dispensaries are running low on inventory. They are concerned that shortages may be a possibility since cannabis sold in Ma has to be grown in Ma. I've never heard this before. Can anyone confirm this?
  9. On my ultra light spinning gear, I've always used mono. 2lb for driting eggs in rivers, 4lb for trout in ponds. Someone suggested I try 5lb braid instead. 5lb braid is thinner and stronger, and when fished with a floro leader is better overall. Advice?
  10. Fresh oysters and Valentine's Day. No doubt Lucy is being inflated as we speak.
  11. Pedro was one of my favs. Some of his verbal encounters with Lou Albano were epic.
  12. I've been diligently carrying license in my pocket or on my phone since it's inception. Anxiously awaiting the day someone asks to see it. Sadly that day has yet to arrive.
  13. In the 60s and early 70s Ma F&W used to drive the back trails on Sandy Neck and stock pheasant the entire length. Hunting among the dunes behind a pointing dog was an amazing experience.
  14. Quahog chowder is good, but definitely an acquired taste. Very strong when compared to clam chowder. Rhode Island chowder will really put hair on your chest. No milk.
  15. Carl you've actually witnessed GWs leaving the water entirely and beaching themselves in pursuit of prey? BTW they're were two attacks on the cape last year, so it's no longer a matter of time.