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  1. good, i've had cooler racks the past 3 years with no trouble. knock on wood for rest to come.
  2. i've not had any problems either but i just wondered if anybody else had. funny you mention the plow being worse, don't vehicles set up for plows come with upgraded front ends? as far as shocks and springs go? don't read me wrong on this. lots of guys are running cooler racks with no issues and have been for a long time. i'm just wondering if anybody has had issues or premature wear. 360lbs over the wheels is a lot different then 360lbs hanging 4ft out in front of the wheels. not starting any trouble and i use my rack with the truck as is, just wondered.
  3. scum frog but its gotta be the trophy series with the skirted legs. trimming the legs seems to help a little with the short strikes or grabbing it by the leg to pull it under.
  4. thought about doing any front end upgrades to your vehicles? was pondering this last night as i sat around with a couple of buddies talking trucks. you figure by the time you put the cooler rack on, load up a couple coolers with ice, drinks, and bait. then you add a couple gallons of water for rinsing stuff off and maybe a tackle bag. that's quite a bit of weight poked way out there past the nose. not to mention the up and downs from the beach. the cooler rack turns into one heck of a lever out there. i've not had any troubles yet but i'm seriously thinking that i'll prob eat some front shocks quick.
  5. when it comes to pictures most of these guys show you the good stuff, the water they caught the fish from. enjoy the gorgeous catch in the fore ground then take a look at the water and maybe even the structure in the back ground..... that's what i'm looking for.
  6. any reason not to push the hook in far enough to cover the eye?
  7. anybody got a small aluminum boat they've been considering putting up for sale? something in that 10/12' range. looking for something i can put a trolling motor on, throw in the pickup and pond fish with. anywhere in the delmarva peninsula let me know.
  8. as my girl friend is finding out..... if you have a rough day on the water filled with backlashes, your going to want new line on the reel before the next trip. mono has memory, and it'll remember all those kinks and knots you had it in. fresh line offers a new smooth beginning. we're almost down to the point where she only has to change the line every other outing. the other guys are right on about getting the initial settings right. the paper work in the box should tell you the same stuff these guys are saying. rod at 45 degrees up from the ground, hit the button, and the lure should have a slow fall to the ground with no thumb needed. if the spool still spins a few loops out after the lure hits the ground your gonna need just a click more tighter on the spool tension. they're are awesome reels to be had for not an awesome price. i'm still impressed with the $50 i spent on a pflueger criterion for the lil lady. low pro, lightened spool, 5:1 gears, and magnetic braking. super smooth and plenty of speed if your man enough to back the mags off. i chickened out it was more speed then i wanted. abu garcia is another hard to beat reel for the money. 4600c3's are great casting reels without any of the frills. will last a longggg time too.
  9. only been crabbing once in my life and my wanna-be wife is chomping at the bit to go. she's more eastern shore then i am so she's raring to go but doesn't have any idea where we can go. we've got no boat so we pondered on taking the canoe out. figured that taking the canoe might grant us a slight bit more freedom from having to find a pier. any suggestions as to a location where we might be able to go? anybody tried the first cross over on AI? not the one that opens up to the bay but the other that cuts through the woods?
  10. when i bought my nitto's i called every shop listed in the local phone book. then i went online to find a bunch of the popular offroad/tire distributors and got prices from them. on a whim i flipped through the local weekly classified "the guide" and called up all the truck acc. shops in there too. sounds like a hassle but was well worth the money. found a local hot rod shop that sold me the tires at cost and mounted/balanced them for me. 285/75 nittos at a 105 a piece. don't be afraid to call EverybodY.
  11. i wouldn't pick a fight with 50 guys, thats be just a slight be retarded. i would give the head of the organization a phone call that night though.
  12. derrickt - we were on AI.
  13. most of the local weigh-ins and tourney's i've seen lately have been decent from what i can see. i know that if i had come up the ramp and seen what nitro witnessed i would figure out who heads up the organization in question and let them know whats up. if they feel that no action is necessary then i'd take it to the next up in the orgainzation. i'd atleast give them a chance before making a public spectacle about it. we can't count on anybody but ourselves to protect our fisheries. i'd be willing to bet that a national sponsor of a local organization wouldn't want that kind of bad publicity.
  14. got a double late saturday morning, small blue and a sand shark. that was about my excitement for the weekend. did roll off another shark in the wash sunday morning. just have to keep trying at it i guess..... i'm pretty sure i saw a lot of you guys this weekend but i'd never know who you are if i did see you. if ya recognize my rig (grey reg cab gmc with black wheels and a camper) and aren't in a hurry feel free to say hi and tell me i'm doing it all wrong.
  15. i know its not a cure all as far as eye injuries are concerned but it can't hurt. my costa del mar glasses had some paper work in the case when i bought them about being impact tested. i don't remember the exacts but it was pretty interesting. gave the weight of the ball bearing used, the height it was dropped, the forces exerted and all that good jazz. i've got to think that's gotta help to some point.