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  1. And Worcester.
  2. Supposedly campgrounds will be able to re-open by June 8, as long as the health metrics are trending positively. I'm sure it will be with restrictions. I'm waiting to see what happens with the DCR re: opening campgrounds next Monday. The idea of locking campers in at Scusset after 6 PM makes no sense, so I don't see how they can continue the practice of nitely gate lockups. But what they can do is just close the campground indefinitely in the name of public health and safety, regardless of how ridiculous it is. So I'll also be contacting the Scusset park manager.
  3. I think it already did !
  4. Anything happen in Providence last nite? Some looting and vandalism in Boston, but nothing like the midwest or DC.
  5. Not to mention extreme right and left groups. Now's their chance to be instigators, come in from wherever, and stir up the shite for their "cause." Convince people looting and burning is an acceptable form of protest and, people being people, the behavior will be as contagious as C-19. Copycats run amuck.
  6. Not to mention the lines forming to use porta potties on weekends in the popular spots. And too closely spaced lines too, I might add. If the objective is to make people safer vs. just opening bathrooms, it's backfired. My guess is it's for other unstated reasons, i.e. budget cuts. Some town beaches have sloooowly re-opened bathroom facilities (West Dennis for example). But it's a drop in the bucket.
  7. If it's meat, they'll eat.
  8. I hear it makes a great body sanitizer.
  9. Yeah, but put the diaper on first.
  10. Yep, so far so good.
  11. Wonder if they're swingers?
  12. SW wind was crazy strong last night, well south of Maine.
  13. I think the only thing two-piece back then was if you broke a rod.
  14. Got out earlier in the week (upper cape). Lots of stripes from dinks to marginal legal arnd. Tops for me was 27.75" Sluggos.