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  1. whatever u do, dont overdose on earl grey and finger sandwiches ! withdrawal can be a b####.
  2. Should be in the urban dicktionary.
  3. Probably true. Habit more than anything,
  4. I found a red white mag darter on the beach last year, Cleaned it up, still haven't used it. Maybe I should ? I always go with the more natural colors.
  5. If real life were only like dreams...
  6. Embrace the sweat !
  7. Well the fashion police would be happy.
  8. This has been going on since June although certain spots are much worse than others. So far I've personally only witnessed shouting matches from afar, no physical violence yet. But I've certainly heard of (although not actually seen) people getting shoved to the ground. It's just a matter of time before a gun or knife comes out. All I can say is, if you see something like that again, call the Bourne PD immediately. I'd even go so far as to call the state police. No one should have to put up with that. If the Corps locks up the worst areas at night, so be it.
  9. kinda looks like it !
  10. some kind of silencer maybe.
  11. gentlemen, i think we have a numbers problem.
  12. oh well, there goes bell road.
  13. caught? very much doubt it. spooled? better chance.
  14. dont mess with them. they are weapons of mass destruction.