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  1. Saw a bunch of construction vehicles there the other day.
  2. You ain't kidding. Even the terns were getting blown around this am on the 'mack.
  3. Not really sure? I'm speculating, but most bottom fishing at the Canal that I see these days is more for scup than tog. Probably more numerous and easier to catch. But at one time 30-40 years ago, I distinctly remember crowds of people lined up and bottom fishing green crabs for tog in certain areas of the Canal. It just seems to be a less popular fishery there now vs then.
  4. Well it looks fishy anyway !
  5. My Medicare advantage plan covers a small portion of new prescription eyeglasses. Like 100 bucks a year or so. But pre-medicare, I had no such coverage.
  6. I was out there this AM fishing in this "breeze." You'd better fly the kites with braid.
  7. Surprised this doesnt happen more often, especially in fog.
  8. Out front was mophead city with weeds last nite. Big tides and huge full moon are really stirring things up. Found fish but had to go way inside. Some salad there too but less.
  9. Seriously. I've actually gone out of my way to keep the rod tip low and make the splashing fish less visible to them. It's ridiculous when you have to invent creative ways to hide your catching. But that's been going on since striped bass fishing began .
  10. I call them "The Watchers."
  11. Starting to come around on this as well. I used to shun FL but the economics and other factors are really making it an attractive part time option if youre a fishing addict. I can even overlook the fact that the state is a cultural vacuum if i can satisfy the fishing jones. Some great natural areas for other outdoor activities as well. And they seem to take fishing regulation enforcement more seriously there.
  12. ^^nice spot. No crowds.