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  1. Gloves are useful to a point, but they suck when it comes to doing anything intricate with the fingers like knot retying or even hook removal, even with fingerless gloves. I just take mine off when needed for those tasks. Pockets with handwarmers work well for quick warmup between times when you need to go barehanded.
  2. A closeup shot of a few guides near the tip should do it. Hurry because it'll be in the 50s by Thursday, lol.
  3. Even surf rod guides will clog with ice in these temps. One cast and you're done.
  4. Ah, the old inside joke. I stand corrected.
  5. Seals swim and go where the food is. There is little that can be done now short of an orca or GW population explosion.
  6. This two day mild spell coming up may be a good time to try.
  7. Are there any wawas in new england? I think its a mid atlantic and south thing.
  8. I assume you.mean the bay state? The best the ocean state has to offer is coffee milk.
  9. The truly hardcore are fishing right now.
  10. So this is the outer Cape version of ice fishing?
  11. LOL. Yeah, zo's constant homer cheerleading and nonstop ragging on the officials for, well, everything, really gets old. He's like Tommy Heinsohn Jr.
  12. Hell I still hate both of them !
  13. Who's Marshall Faulk ?