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  1. Amazed there is still no "tastes like chicken" post.
  2. Being Polish?
  3. Nada ? I may be in that area tomorrow....
  4. Yes there was a "gull cull" there some time ago.
  5. Now you gone and done it !
  6. Big water on the Cape too. The ponds are as high as I've ever seen them.
  7. Air will be next.
  8. I dropped by Middleboro (Wareham St run) briefly today. Saw nothing, but spoke with the volunteer herring counter-person and she said there were some coming through yesterday.
  9. No clue, but its a weird sight.
  10. That thing could take down a house.
  11. The coloration also looks slightly diff than the canada g.
  12. I will note that a bird song heard in Bourne that I swore was a whippoorwill turned out to be a screech owl. This was mid to late summer.
  13. Id also report it to the local audubon society or state wildlife officials. Theyd probably be pretty interested.