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  1. I dunno the answer, but critically endangered is the last category before "extinct in the wild."
  2. I wonder if they have junk munchie racks in the checkout line?
  3. Exactly, Still waiting for "the rest of the story."
  4. Yah, it's easy to propose such things when it's not even your money at stake.
  5. ILLEGAL FISHING SCHEME UNCOVERED NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement uncovers a conspiracy ring that illegally harvested Atlantic striped bass. By NOAA Law Enforcement | November 12, 2018 Two Special Agents from NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement spent more than 15,000 hours investigating an illegal fishing scheme that was operating off of the coast of North Carolina. Thirty co-conspirators were part of the illicit activity, but only 12 subjects were charged and sentenced in connection to this case, which saw 52 charges in 13 indictments. The 12 subjects that were prosecuted for illegally harvesting 31,306 pounds of Atlantic striped bass in 2009 and 102,296 pounds in 2010. The annual trawl quota for North Carolina is only 160,160 pounds, which means the illegal harvesting of this species reduced the quota available to be caught by honest fishermen. The sentencing of the 12 subjects collectively resulted in: The forfeiture of four vessels. The U.S. Attorney’s Office initially sought forfeiture of 7 vessels. Ultimately, 4 were forfeited and substitute assets in the amount of $124,000 were collected and paid to the U.S. Marshals Service. Restitution amounting to $1.23 million. The most egregious conspirator was ordered to pay $653,795. All restitution was paid to the U.S. Treasury. Probation from fisheries activities for a total of 38.5 years. The average probation sentence was 3 years. The maximum sentence was 5 years. 850 hours of community service. Seven of the 12 conspirators received community service, while three were individually sentenced to 6 months of home confinement. Federal waters are defined as the water between 3 and 200 miles from shore, and designated as the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ.) In 1990, it was made unlawful for any person to do any of the following: Fish for Atlantic striped bass in the EEZ. Harvest any Atlantic striped bass from the EEZ. Possess any Atlantic striped bass in or from the EEZ, except in the following area: The EEZ within Block Island Sound, north of a line connecting Montauk Light, Montauk Point, NY, and Block Island Southeast Light, Block Island, RI; and west of a line connecting Point Judith Light, Point Judith, RI, and Block Island Southeast Light, Block Island, RI. Within this area, possession of Atlantic striped bass is permitted, provided no fishing takes place from the vessel while in the EEZ and the vessel is in continuous transit.
  6. Many were doing that yesterday.
  7. Dont believe ive ever caught a crappie from the chu. One laker for me yesterday pm and a cpl of hits. The water level is as high as ive ever seen it. Parts of the dirt road are now flooded by water from the res. Admittedly this happens to be a low spot but ive only seen it happen one other time there since the 80s. I snagged branches and stuff way out in the water repeatedly even when running lures close to the surface. The rains have floated a lot of junk out there.
  8. At least he didnt show up at the canal. I wouldve had to start a popcorn blitz
  9. Sorry to hear. He was quite a character and hadn't been on here for a while. RIP.
  10. This afternoon for me. I'm guessing there will be more than a few people out in this weather.
  11. In spring the quinnie run-out from the dam is full of them. It's their spawning run.
  12. Ya think he's a striper fisherman? Ive never been a big beer drinker but after seeing some of these pix i could hoist a few.
  13. Only thing I've ever caught them on is night crawlers, usually while fishing for something else.
  14. There's no way 40 lb braid of any kind should be breaking in your hands when you are tying a double Uni knot. Sounds like either extremely worn or bad line to me. No wonder you are getting line breaks. One way line gets beaten up like that is from cracked guides but it sounds like you've verified that that isn't the problem. Another way is if the braid is rubbing over sharp rocks or reefs; no braid will survive that for long. Mono would hold up better to abrasion it that is in fact what is happening. If that isn't what is happening, my suggestion is to respool with a high quality 50 lb braid (a good all-around lb-test for surf casting), have it machine wound, and make sure it isn't filled to the top of the spool. That should solve most of the wind knot and tangle problems, unless the guides on your rod are extremely wide. Generally that is not the case unless you are using an old fiberglass rod. Personally I was never happy with Power Pro above 20 lb test, but rarely have had any problems below that strength. I would go with a higher quality 50 lb braid like Sufix 832 or Jerry Brown Line One if you can find it. PP in 20 lb or below is still ok for the schoolie rod, beach plugging on purely sand beaches, or freshwater.
  15. Droughts never seem to last very long around here. Water, water everywhere now.