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  1. Good to hear about the macks.
  2. Another one for the life list.
  3. Who isn't?
  4. Ugh, that's where I'm headed tonite. Hopefully with better news !
  5. Was going to ask if anyone was getting them on top. Question answered.
  6. Double post.
  7. So what's a gator or chopper?
  8. Reminds me of a song. .
  9. Yeah its the gift that keeps on giving. Or taking away.
  10. Those are some hefty specimens !
  11. Dont rule out beaches at dawn or dusk. But since youll probably be without korkers, id avoid rocks and ledges unless theyre dry ones.
  12. The rodney dangerfield of fish.
  13. Doh !
  14. Wow, that's new depths of idiocy.