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  1. Sounds like some Canal transplants .
  2. Prolly won't even think about a restart there until very late Oct, unless the salt slows dramatically before then.
  3. Saw a school of what i was pretty sure were alberts east of newport but still in ri waters. Broke for a good 15 mins before going down. Out of reach for shore crowd.
  4. Seen them in quantity in SE alaska, but not around here.
  5. Rowe was cringe-worthy
  6. Yeah so is he. But it's fun to watch a slo mo train wreck loop play over and over.
  7. Low risk move with a potential high reward. But given his history and the way the Pats and Brady operate, I don't see him sticking here.
  8. I dunno. They kind of went away when the swells disappeared. I'm sure it's temporary.
  9. Could be a Jersey photo.
  10. Culling is more of a feelgood move to appease the public and chambers of commerce than to accomplish anything significant in terms of reducing the threat from whitey.
  11. This season seemed front loaded with bigger fish earlier. Last year was more back loaded. Every year is different and unpredictable for larger bass despite heavy bait concentrations. Whatever you do, dont give up on the season just yet
  12. I haven't really noticed a strong corrolation with the presence of harbor seals and killing a striper bite. At least not in the Canal. The big grey seals would probably be a whole different story.
  13. Didn't see many swells Sat afternoon in Gansett area. Water clarity variable from a just little cloudy to pretty murky. Weeds minimal.
  14. No "well intentioned" gubmint program goes unpunished.
  15. Located my shutoff and regulator but didn't appear to have a PRV (house is 31 yrs old). Anyone have a pic of what one looks like ?