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  1. Who? Where? The very conservative National Review? The very conservative FOX News Media? The national women's groups who have just come out against him? Many of the sane conservative pundits (leaves out Limbaugh, Hannity and those swarmy types). Who, besides the pissed off minority which doesn't recognize just what an absolute horror show this huckster is, do you see as supporting him? You seem to think Trump is a great "deal maker"......maybe so. But then you also seem to think he's the only candidate who doesn't "owe" anybody anything. Sorry, but a great "deal maker OWES everyone with whom he has made a deal....that's what deals are, I get something, now I OWE you something. Trump will OWE everyone with whom he makes a deal if he were to become POTUS.
  2. The first requirement is to win the White House. Without that, all the changes you deem to be desirable just ain't gonna happen! Trump enjoys the support of what has become a very vocal minority but one which can't carry him into the White House. If Hillary's sorry ass isn't indicted, she will make him look like the know nothing jackass he is in the general debates. I can't see him being anything but a total embarrassment to the GOP if he's our nominee. Who do I like? Rubio, Kasich, and Cruz in that order because that's the order of the candidates I feel have the best chance of beating old lady Clinton.......that "trumps" everything else!
  3. Complete massive support? Are you serious? Who supports him? Minorities? Women? The handicapped (besides the mentally handicapped!), Republicans who have IQ's which exceed that of a freakin' cannoli? Seems to me that the only people who support his sorry ass are those who think a big obnoxious mouth is the only thing required to be an effective POTUS.....believe me, you guys are a minority!
  4. To which I would add one thing: and who can win in the general. Trump has pissed off most of the universe and by the time the freakin' MSM finishes crucifying his obnoxious ass, he'll be lucky to carry one state.
  5. My fondest hope is that others who were amused will share your wisdom.......before it's too late!
  6. From your lips to God's ears, Ship, but Republicans, of late, have a pretty dismal record of doing anything more than to provide a lot of lip service to anything which might piss off Democrats. A lot of foot stomping, perhaps, but I'm not holding my breath, waiting for any real action. Besides, I suspect that old lady Clinton and the DNC have collected so much dirt on just about everyone in Congress (and on the Republican candidates too, perhaps) that most of them would be fearing for their ass if they do any more than to piss and moan a bit. Same with Obama......God only knows what she would do to him if he doesn't do whatever he can to support her in this thing. As great as it would be to finally see something take this old crook down, I just can't imagine it happening.
  7. And none of these are among the 30,000 e-mails that SHE deemed to be "personal" and SHE deleted.
  8. As much as I would like to see her perp walked out of her multi million dollar home, I can't imagine that happening. My guess is that the "fix" is already in and all parties involved are well aware that no recommendation from the FBI to proceed with an indictment will be "tolerated". I hope I'm wrong, but her long, long history of avoiding the consequences of her actions makes me highly skeptical that she will face any regarding her misuse of e-mails. Alas, it seems she really is "above the law".
  9. And, if I actually believed he meant what he said and wasn't, as I expect, being the shameless opportunist I believe him to be, I could probably find enough to agree with to unenthusiastically support him if he runs against old lady Clinton. However, I don't trust him as far as I can throw a freakin' Buick! Furthermore, his arrogance and narcissism is so much like Obama's that it makes me want to puke every time I think about having to put up with it for another 4/8 years. I seriously believe he is suffering from a severe psychological problem and shouldn't be allowed within 10 miles of the White House. Based on what we've seen and heard to date, it appears that he has absolutely nothing to offer besides unachievable promises, empty platitudes, and a sh*t pile of self aggrandizing bull crap! What you refer to as"personal hatred" I prefer to call "enlightened skepticism with a healthy helping of righteous repulsion".
  10. Yup, different political party, same mentality.
  11. BTW, it's "you're", not "your". Now who's embarrassed?
  12. Really, you two remind me of a couple of old ladies gossiping over a back yard fence.
  13. Actually it's not that I'm weak, it's more that I recognize your inability to understand more than one or two words at a time and came back to help you out......you're welcome! I'm through with you.....debating with you is like carrying on a conversation with Forest Gump!
  14. First of all, I don't support Trump and that, alone, precludes my being a "dunce"! How about you? Of course FOX tried to get the jackass to do what he should have done in the first place...that's their responsibility! The bottom line is that they weren't steamrolled by his demands to remove Kelly and there's no way in hell you can spin that into a "victory"......he failed!!!!!! Added to that little annoyance, the Trumpsters have to suffer the indignity of recognizing that his little hissy fit of doing his "own thing" failed and comparatively few tuned in to listen to him shooting off his stupid mouth......bet you did!!!!! So, you like smiley faces......here's one especially for you.......
  15. And look at who came out to continue trying to turn a sow's ear into a pocketbook.......ain't working, Partner, your man-god failed and failed miserably to achieve his objective of getting Megyn Kelly removed as moderator. Spin until you screw yourself into the floor.....she was there, he wasn't and, apparently, no one gave a crap!