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  1. The date code should be under the rear lens cap I think. Where are you located?
  2. Also looking for a 2 tube belt bag as well. Open to other makers too. Thanks
  3. yes, its going on a smaller rod, so a 5k would probably be too big. thanks ill keep it in mind
  4. Looking for a 4k size reel. Can trade for lures/rods/cash. Looking for something in good condition.
  5. Thanks would prefer a black one.
  6. Also looking for a gearup 2 tube bag if someone has one. Open to other makers too. Thanks
  7. thanks bud, i need rods in the 7' - 7'6" range
  8. Have the following to trade: 1 St Croix Tidemaster TIS70MM 7' spinning brand new 1 St Croix Tidemaster TIS70MM 7' spinning used once 1 Shimano Crucial CRS70ML 7' spinning brand new Looking for a couple of travel rods, tidemasters or others - one casting, and one spinning, around 7' -7'6 MH Also need a 9 foot or so , lighter rod for shore fluke, etc. Let me know what you have and what we can work out.
  9. not sure about that. when your facing the wind and tide is in the same direction I would think you have a better shot a fish being pushed to shore.
  10. Ill take the rod for $150 shipped to nyc.?
  11. hey guys, id like to keep it local to nyc for now