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  1. Price dropped to $35.00 shipped
  2. Want to sell this small lot of unknown metal lip swimmers all used in good condition, looking for $40.00 shipped for the lot.I will except any payment except paypal.
  3. Paul please send me your mailing address so I can have your Luna ready to go!!
  4. Sold to pauls thread closed
  5. 2 and 3/4
  6. ttt
  7. Luna plug price drop to $25.00 will except any payment except PayPal.
  8. WTS needle lot the Black Talon has been sold , all the others still for sale price dropped to $45.00 shipped for the lot. ttt
  9. The plug was used once , I’m sure it’s in great condition!!
  10. I will replace the hooks for brand new, $30.00 shipped
  11. I would do $30.00 that would include shipping?
  12. WTS this needlefish lot the only two that i can identify are the 5 inch blurple bullet super strike on the left and the third from the top is a Black Talon, unsure of the others.All are used . I believe all are sinking except the 5inch black needle on the bottom.I am looking for $70.00 for the lot shipped.I will except all payments except paypal.
  13. Want to sell 3 used danny swimmers and 1 used Beachmaster plug all about 6 1/2 to 7 inches some have been repainted but all swim great. Each plug is about two ounces.Looking for $45.00 shipped for the lot, i will except all payments except paypal.