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  1. KM Custom Rods is doing a blow out sale on all Century Blanks in stock message us if interested on the model u may want. Thanks
  2. KM Custom Rods is blowing out blanks and SS series prebuilt Century rods. If anyone interested message us. Let us know which model u r interested in. Thanks
  3. Was not pointing that comment at u cakes just to the whole damn thread in general. If anyone has a problem with there century rod they can return it to the shop they bought it and they will contact us or they can reach us directly
  4. I got a explanation for u Johnnycakes why not all I guys including u cakes go ahead and just do what ur logo says "Shut up & Fish"! Get away from it computer and phone for a change
  5. If u have any problems with the rod u will return it to tackle direct and they will contact us to take Cate of ur warranty work if any such apply. As far as the decal let me know which one or size u r looking for and I will See if I have any and will get one to u If u have a pic of the decal u want I will look
  6. J&H tackle in Long island tomorrow 10-2 have to See about getting one closer to u gentlemen. May just have to make a run to the Canal for the hell of it
  7. Hey gray gables if I need a blank or cms needs one I will do my best to help u or anyone out
  8. Not going bust. Actually coming out with new Arma-Lite noreasters
  9. KM Custom Rods and Advanced Fishing are basically one in the same. Advanced Fishing is a company name between partners Tim Davis and Ryan White (NC) we both have individual custom rod building shops and I would be willing to deal with any warranty issues anyone has first hand if the rod was purchased first hand from us directly or a tackle shop not a second hand purchase from anyone online or used. U can contact me anytime. Also the reason that tackle shops in and around the Canal do not carry us anymore is because of the price bump Century UK gave us and because the rods are being built at another US location do to the demand of orders to bigger dealers
  10. Ok cool
  11. From the album Wtb surf top

  12. Yes it is the stormr surf top never worn
  13. From the album Wtb surf top