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  1. Hey Gami, Doing great, just not fishing as much as I'd like. Not arguing about politics either. Sometimes New Year's resolutions work. Nice to see that you are moderating. A steady hand was needed, if I recall.
  2. I have an old stock fund that I keep invested in individual stocks (Costco, Apple, Disney) which are core stocks that reflect companies that I expect to do well in most market conditions. The majority is in another account made up of stock index funds. I have considered options, as some of the strategies seem like good tools. I haven't made the plunge yet. In my worst moments, I imagine a 20-25% correction on the horizon. But I am in for the long haul and a correction is the price that we pay for the fed funded run of the last several years.
  3. Lying paralyzed in a nursing home with a pacemaker that just won't quit.
  4. Took my wife out on the Ashokan reservoir. Used spider jigs to catch 13 fish the biggest been about 15 inches long. My wife caught nine of the 13. Revoke my man card now!
  5. Interesting point by Frank Bruni in today's New York Times; the FBI averted it's gaze from the older Tsarnaev brother after couldn't find any conclusive alarms because that's what government is supposed to do absent better information and that means it will fail to notice things. Well we can and will figure out small ways to be safer we have to come to terms with the reality that we will never be safe, Not with unrestricted travel through cyberspace. Not with the second amendment. Not with the privacy we expect. Not with the liberty we demand. That's the bargain with me. It's imperfect, but it's the right one."
  6. LBJ vs NIXON? Pretty astute guys if you were willing to overlook the slime trail. BTW, the Robert Caro books on LBJ are classics.
  7. The direction of this thread is telling. If Obama is not re-elected, racism will be the cause. Don't look behind the curtain and try to discuss four years of abject failure. Racism, pure and simple.
  8. The Clinton's will be in ascendancy and the race for 2016 will be on. But it is far from over. Obama may be a brittle and inexperienced pretender but he could still pull it off. Four more years of pedantic lectures.....sigh.
  9. Good to see that the Obama administration is able to respond so well to an emergency situation. I thought they'd be exhausted from cleaning up after the Bush administration.3
  10. I am still waiting for the promised prosecution of the hater who made the video trailer that sparked the protest.
  11. Hillary is all about maintaining future political viability. A lawyer is a good idea in closing on a home, let alone going into a hostile political environment. I'd hate to see her take it on the chin for what looks like incompetence in the overall administrative response and cover up. In any event, I give her credit. She was the first administration official to say anything approaching taking responsibility for the debacle in Benghazi.
  12. Webb is a serious thinker with a deep background in the USMC and defense postings. He is a canary in a coal mine.
  13. I have this time share in Atlantic City with some points I need to use. I plan to drive down for a couple of days and get caught up on a ton of professional reading, take some time on the beach and catch a meeting or two. I love being able to go virtually anywhere on the globe and having the opportunity to dive into a 12 step meeting. It has been awhile for me; selfishly, I have been away and neglected this fellowship. Looking forward to a meeting tomorrow.
  14. NJT, A big part of sobriety in not reacting in the moment. Took me a long time to get that straight. Today's prayer for the day says it all. Better times are on the way. The real statute of liitations is the one that many of us keep in our hearts. Be well.
  15. Ah the Carter years. The 'malaise speech' delivered by a sweater clad, hopelessly overmatched Jimmy Carter. The economic times are similar and Obama seems to have given up on governance or leadership. I'd like to say something positive in my first post here in months but in a thread comparing (aptly I think) Obama and Jimmy, what's to say?