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  1. Looking to see if anyone needs this before I toss it.. FREE Text me 914 426 7100 you pick up in Yonkers. [ATTACHMENT=13993][ATTACHMENT=13994]coolerrack2.jpg (6,318k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT]
  2. He's the KING.
  3. Can't add much to that... Eddie
  4. What I did this weekend... Eddie
  5. Congrats... Eddie
  6. Are we talking Ridge Hill Dicks? I live right next to it and would never think of looking for any tackle we use at Montauk there...Plus $3.50 to park. Eddie
  7. If you need me Tim call me.... Eddie
  8. Great.... Eddie
  9. This was done by the guy running the golf outing ask if he could use Jimmy's picture he did a great job.. Eddie
  10. Not to bad Mike he has good days and bad my wife is having the hardest time with it. They take him out a lot and he has a good time with them we bring him home a on most weekends guess now I understand phase it is what it is now better than ever..Thanks for asking Mike.. Eddie
  11. Thanks everyone jimmy can light up any place he goes....I miss not having him home every night..... Eddie
  12. I'm in...Thanks. Eddie
  13. Maybe the next time it will have some beer in it...