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  1. Got checked by a DCR ranger this morning. I asked about the signs by the lily ponds and he said that some invasive plant was found in the ponds. The signs are just for the ponds (they don't want whatever is growing in there to spread).
  2. Nice fish. Congrats!
  3. Still trolling. #105
  4. Oregon
  5. Dude, redneck is not the preferred nomenclature. Appalachian-American, please.
  6. Just looked it up and it's currently $7.99 for the app
  7. Thanks for the response. I don't think the fat back I have is salted (I split half a pig that a friend of a friend raised and had butchered). I believe this fat back was sliced right off the pig, packaged and then frozen.
  8. What type of pork do you guys typically use to mix with venison? I have several frozen packages of pork "fat back" and am wondering if that will do the trick. Would ground pork be better? I've ground up lots of venison in the past for burger/chili meat but never tried making sausages. Gonna watch this thread and give it a shot this year. Thanks to those sharing recipes/technique.
  9. yuck x 50,000
  10. I came upon a cow and a calf maybe 5-7ish years ago while deer hunting on public land in Sturbridge. I could smell them way before I saw them (really musky urine?). They finally saw me and moseyed away in no big hurry. There was a decent amount of sign around that area back then as well. I haven't hunted those woods in recent years so I don't know if they're still around. Very cool to see them though....shame about the ticks if true.
  11. Wow, bummer you left the bow! He didn't seem to have any idea you were there. I have a good guess as to where you'll be tomorrow at 10:30am! Good luck.
  12. From the T&G website..... Cabela’s announces plans for store in Berlin THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 7 comments | Add a comment BERLIN — Outdoor outfitter and sports gear retailer Cabela’s has announced plans to open its first store in Massachusetts. The Sidney, Neb.-based company announced Wednesday that it plans to open an 88,000-square foot store in Berlin in the spring of 2015. Construction of the store at the Highlands Common Shopping Center is expected to start next spring. The store is expected to employ about 200 people. The exterior will reflect Cabela’s store model with log construction, stonework, wood siding, metal roofing and a glass entranceway. Cabela’s sells hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boating and wildlife-watching gear, as well as related clothing. Currently, Cabela’s operates 44 stores in North America.
  13. Wow, first I've heard of it. Having a Cabelas 15 minutes away will not be good for my checking account.:shock:
  14. I picked up something similar at one of the winter shows a couple years ago for $75. It's a Mustang belt pfd (manual CO2 inflation) that I use as a wading belt so I always have it on when I'm in my waders. Gives me a little peace of mind when working my traps in the ditch or wading off a beach like Oregon. It's so small and comfortable I also wear it on the boat when it's choppy.....you really do forget you have it on. Highly recommended.
  15. I also fished the incoming tide on a southside beach yesterday in the driving wind and rain. We had a couple lines out with (frozen) squid on a fishfinder rig but those got no attention. We did manage to catch a couple decent sized blues, a 24" striper and another micro-bass (about the same size as the lure it bit). Kastmasters and loaded cordells did all the catching. Not a particularly great day but it was good to wet a line and get a couple tugs.