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  1. Pensacola Beach, FL. Use it in the Gulf of Mexico to catch a cobia or king mackerel off of the beach....
  2. I'm in and Happy Fourth to all.
  3. About 3 years ago, I was very aggravated with the same issue. I was destined to find the best bait I could for minnows. I researched and read everything I could about minnows and traps. After several long nights trying to figure out what the top baits were I decided to conduct a little test of my own. Here are my findings; I took several of the top baits and placed them each in a nylon stocking. I knew of a great spot which was loaded with minnows. I set the mini bags out about 10 feet apart from each other in a line. Baits included menhaden, bread, assorted cat and dog foods, shredded chicken, crushed crab, and shrimp. I sat back and watched..... I noticed immediately, the bag containing 9 lives whitefish had stacks of minnows drawn to the bag. While the others were attracting minnows , there seems to have been something about the 9 lives. There was an oil in the cat food which acted like a scent trail of sorts. So.......Since this day, guess what I have used with great success.....? I then observed another finding. Most of my catches came from the baits set in the lowest parts of the water. The preferred area where I set my traps were in water just high enough to cover the top of the trap. Although I was catching minnows at several depths, the shallowest seems to have been the most productive. In the traps, the main suspects were minnows but also several spearings were caught in the mix. I hope this helps you....
  4. Sounds like your on the right track. Time on the water will prove valuable! There is a neat toy out on the market called side imaging sonars, To find structure directly under your boat with a regular sonar is fine but these units will shoot out over 400 feet to the sides, increasing your scan width as well as saving time on the water. They cost a bit more than traditional units but I cant begin to tell you how many items ive found under my boat with it. And, when you look down and there is a boat under you, you see the actual boat not dots. I've located oyster beds, broken pylons, trash containers, cars,rock piles, boats, tires and even items as small as anchors. As far as bottom contour, it will display some interesting pictures. Google up a picture of a side imaging and you will see what im talking about.. Good Luck!
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  8. Sure is a ramora. Thats the fish you usually see attached to a shark.
  9. Al. Pompano are just starting to show up in numbers. Piers are off the hook (no pun intended) with kings and cobia. Off to a good start!
  10. Drako covered the equipment pretty well. Again, its up to you but I use a minimum of a 9 ft for surf deadsticking (bait&wait). Lets not forget, the water should be very clear. Use of Florocarbon is a must as fish become leader shy in these waters. From the surf, 20lb leader should do for most applications. When it comes to terminal tackle remember, less is more. I hardly every use snaps, swivels and such just because, well...fish see them. Bait...Shrimp is the most versitile bait I can think of. Fresh is best. I don't use baitshop dead shrimp. I go to the local food store and get my fresh head-on shrimp. Personal preference but I think its very important. From the surf, you can catch pompano with a fishfinder rig and 1/0 circle hooks and a pyramid sinker (2 oz is average). You may catch a redfish in the wash, that's not uncommon along with catfish and croakers. Fresh caught or bought sand fleas are primo pomp baits as well. Your call. If you try a pier in the Gulf, Gotcha jigs are deadly on spanish mackerel. You will need a piece of 7 strand wire as a leader unless you have a bunch of jigs you want to get rid of. Watch those that are catching and pay attention to how they work the jig. Oh when you catch a pompano you may not want to throw it anywhere but in the oven! Ask away...that's what we are here for...
  11. Last year I decided to try one. Poor thing was infested with worms. I wont be doing that anymore. Amberjack have them on occassion as well.
  12. Floro is the best way to go. Dont forget, the water here can be and usually is very clear. I would recommend a good quality clear mono for main line as well. I'll second the no snaps and swivels. In clear water, less is more. http://www.*******.com/html/rapala_knot.html I use this knot a lot. The loop allows for more lure action. I use it on all my heavy offshore jigs and lures and it stands up very well. http://www.*******.com/html/albright_special.html For line to line connections, I use the albright. Again, very few if any failures. I use it to avoid any other terminal tackle. My only consideration is what lure or jig I'm tossing. If I start to get alot of line twist, I will add a barrel swivel after a long stretch of floro. Good luck! Post a report on how well you do!
  13. I think its interesting to perfect your cast to be able to reach Cuba but it is not needed to catch fish. Reminds me of my early days when i was learning to striper fish in NJ. I used to cast out as far as I could. Later, I learned the fish were always at my feet, sometimes getting strikes as I lifted my lure out of the water. Good luck and I'd like to hear your distance numbers !
  14. Do any of the Fl regs make sense?
  15. Cabin fever