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  1. Pipe down, he wasn't that important anyway. We only get his day off when X-mas falls on the weekend.
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. She the dumpy one with the glasses?
  4. I really wished nobody worked for me, it's the worst part of the job.
  5. Now, now, it was an impressive voyage. I dunno Eebs, I have to figure out what I'm doing. Tempted to wait til Tues, when NY opens.
  6. Apparently, the FBI won't **** with a Biden.
  7. I saw that Joe is mulling a ban on exporting refined oil products.
  8. So, my assistant sends me the memo to ok, and I comment "oh it's indigenous people day, now, huh?". She says "yeah, they changed it because Columbus was bad, he had slaves" . Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  9. It's consistant with his Russian logic.
  10. He liked the wimmen too.
  11. Because he's Frank.
  12. I haven't gotten it yet. Kinda figured if I didn't get it by now, I'm not gonna. Guess that's wrong. How do you feel, Jase?
  13. Or maybe they're liking the price level.
  14. Have you seen this stuff on the news? Colorful Fentanyl tabs that look like candy. People say that they are targeting kids, who would think it was candy, but I don't buy that. The kids would die, thinking it was candy. I think they just want to make it look like candy so that they smuggle it in easier. What do you think?
  15. Yes, you have dem govs calling for the fed gov to fix it.
  16. I gotta admit, the first wave of mid terms at UCONN was an eye opener after the HS I went to. Quite a few just dropped out then.
  17. I agree, but the LEO on the news said they were targeting kids. That's ridiculous. Kids eat candy by the handful.
  18. Organic Chem was tough, it was one of the reasons I switched my major from Bio to Finance. My guess is that the students have changed more than the prof over the years.
  19. How old are you Frank? Why can't you ever have a civilized discussion?
  20. No I bet some women care a lot, and when it all shakes out abortions will be available within a reasonable time in most states. Most everyone cares about the other things though.
  21. It's really not, when compared to crime, inflation, borders to most people.