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  1. That's why I removed my own in ground tank. Shhhhhhhh
  2. I have to admit that the substitution of extra terrestrials for dieties in many prehistoric archaeological artifacts is intriguing and plausible.
  3. Despite our differences, I think we can all agree that the toppings go on the top.
  4. What the hell is your question? You need to know how to stick the blade in? I think on the Makita you twist the end of the blade holder and stick the blade in. Teeth down. I have a sawzall that's older than you, thing won't die.
  5. I only have one house. And woodpeckers.
  6. Really man, what the hell happened? Did you live next door to the similac factory, and killed a buncha babies?
  7. I don't Eebs, does "truly living" include killing, adultry. coveting the neighbors wife, stealing, presenting false witness - stuff like that?
  8. I would positive - I dispute the whole wars over religion thing. Yes, people of different religions fought a lot of wars throughout history, but I don't think they fought because they held different religious beliefs. In fact, the different religions were often quite similar. The wars were fought for conquest, us vs them, I want your stuff, I want your land........... Religion wasn't the driver.
  9. Bah - They say the same thing about places near New Haven, the birdies go out and do counts - I guess it's some kind of flyway for hawks and other cool birds.
  10. Nice shot, is that a peregrine falcon?
  11. Oh not me, I was thinking one of these culinary Michaelangelo's could whip up something special.
  12. HAve you tried sticking a hose in a cow's ass?
  13. The green peppers belong, what the hell is wrong with you guys? Are any of you guys going on the tog trip, and do you live near Tim?
  14. Anyone who fishes, hunts, or gardens to save money on food is delusional.
  15. What list, and why? Does Y feel that his gayness is waning and needs a boost, cuz I don't see it. I think it's solid.