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  1. I gotta give up my metamucil AND my Clairol? More men are raped than wimmen?
  2. It was a stealth dye, I was setup.
  3. Don't chicks want manly men anymore?
  4. FAce it Frank, the Dems will never support anything Donald proposes - nothing - they hate him. And that's why they suck - they have a job to do, but won't because they lost, and it's not fair, boo hoo.
  5. You mean like the naughty stuff, right?
  6. Geez, I hope Red didn't screw up picking her up.
  7. I went to a catholic wedding last week. They did not even do communion during the ceremony. That was a first for me. So, yeah, I bet they're changing. I think the whole RC religion is on the ropes these days, so they have to be a little more accomodating then they used to be.
  8. Congrats, man. If I had to guess the ethniticity of a girl that would marry you, Irish would have been way down the list. Cheers!
  9. Frank, do you think a wall is racist? Because I really don't get that?
  10. Looks like you missed
  11. If this is what you think, what is the point of making up this buul**** hypothetical scenario? You're being an ****
  12. This is weird - the hospital calls me to get my ins info, contact info, etc, right. Then she says "what do you have listed for sex on your drivers license? How about on your birth certificate?" That's pretty weird, huh? What's up with that?
  13. He's embarrassed of Trump and the other Repubs and wants out.
  14. I'd support it.
  15. Cracks me up that Frank has latched on to the "deplorables" tag.