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  1. I've been seeing more in my yard lately too.
  2. It's like watching The Wizard or Oz with a bunch of midgets, they're singing when there's killer monkeys aloft.
  3. How about a baby's arm, holding an apple?
  4. Or, cousin chick is a dude, and coworker brother is switching teams.
  5. Hey, I called my in-laws Vinny and Marie. Am I a weirdo?
  6. I don't think Trump could pull enough votes besides his base to win the general, but I guess it depends who the Dems put up. So, the RNC has to be smart enough to get someone like Desantis in there, and I hope they realize that. I really can't think of a Dem who would beat him.
  7. Oh c'mon, you're just as likely to throw the first punch as the counter punch.
  8. It's also kinda weird that you can have that many posts and your occupation never comes up. I hardly ever post on my phone though, it sucks.
  9. Something's fishy, the blue crab is callinectus sapidis if I recall correctly. And I am the thought leader.
  10. Tom T's gonna have some 'splainin to do about all those Mimi trips.
  11. Good news fella's, keep fighting this.
  12. Yeah 87k is crazy, I think they need 500.
  13. Tell me more.
  14. Were the labels made in the USA? How do you know if a company is pro MAGA?
  15. The only service provider I would give a damn would be Trisha, she couldn't just bail without a plan, and the last one would have to be epic.