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  1. I’m overwhelmed by the support guys you’re the best
  2. But it’s too hot to sift soil I’m gonna jump in the pool and drink beers.
  3. It works and vedder approves
  4. See, I would just go with a 12v system, a nice big deep cycle and a cheap charger for when you are at home or have a hookup.
  5. It's called multitasking, you old bastard. I already bought about 200k lbs of steel this morning - I might even take the afternoon off and landscape. I gotta make a sifter. Belmo?
  6. I'm not in charge of bonuses, so quit it with the Sharon Stone snatch shots already.
  7. I never noticed it, what is it for?
  8. You want a job in supply chain? You'd have to report to me.
  9. Sure, can you run a z-mill?
  10. I don't get it.
  11. Don't flatter yourself, I have thousands - almost Bernielike.
  12. The stuff is worth it's weight in gold, I tellya. The CVS brand, not so much.
  13. Well, what the hell kind of big fish are you chasing? Really, check the tube and check a bag, you got to go to baggage at that point anyway - what are you going to do for clothes? Do you have a parent or guardian going with you, their sending a lot of kids to the wrong place you know.