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  1. No you would put it on a stick and cook it over the charcoal and when it started dripping bacon fat, you would blot it on the bread until its was all soaked with fat and then put tomatoes and cukes and onions, peppers - and eat it. It was all healthy cuz of the veggies, I'm sure. It was a big deal with the hunky's up the street.
  2. I bet none of you guys ever had Szalonna? It's a Hungarian thing - basically bacon fat dripped on rye bread with veggies on it. It was great when I was a kid in the summertime.
  3. I doubt it, I think they finally realized that it's gonna suck without her.
  4. I think they actually sold houses at one time.
  5. Well, if he really wants to drive his point home, maybe he should drop a skid on himself.
  6. They're tight, but stretchy.
  7. Our employees are encouraged to come up with ideas that improve the process, and management listens. How else are you going to continously improve? Instead of whining, maybe you should be an agent of positive change.
  8. That's the pitz a gain.
  9. I loved looking through the Sears catalog as a kid.
  10. Yes there was and I was furwalled there. I wonder how these programs categorize sites?
  11. That sucks - I get the furwall on most stuff too, but not sol - yet.
  12. I get them all the time. When I first told the boss, he says "How did you know it wasn't me, because I'm so cheap?"
  13. Last week , he wanted them for the top performing employees. I'll give it a few, and then he's gonna get:
  14. He just sent me an email, it's not from his email addy, but I'm sure it's him: Hi Bill, Thanks for your quick response. I have been supporting the areas affected by the hurricane and I still have the urge to do more since a lot of area is affected. I want us to send gift cards to the donation site to support them. In view of this, I need either of the following gift cards or a mixture of Walmart Gift Card, Gift Cards, Best-Buy Gift Card and Google Play Gift Card of $500 face value each amounting to $5000 in total. I need you to get the physical card, then you scratch out the back to reveal the PIN and scan them, attach the scanned pictures showing the PIN or take pictures of the card and email it to me. You can get the gift cards at Walmart, Best-Buy, Target, 7/11, Walgreen, or CVS Pharmacy. I need you to get it done in 1 hour. Let me know if the timing is possible for you? Regards, I gotta run out for a few minutes, and get on this.
  15. I never heard of it. Would it be good for my swollen knee, advil and alleve make me itch, so I just put up with it - it's twice the size of my fake one. Does weed reduce inflammation?