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  1. Yeah, I thought that was kinda weird. W T F Ya , this world would be a better place if people who shouldn't have kids would just stop having them.
  2. We have a basketball card thing going on here in the fam. When the kids were young they liked baseball and basketball cards, and so we (Me Jude, the inlaws), would often buy them packs of cards. They would collect them, trade em, put em in binders, put the good ones in cases, etc. So, when Will moved out he took most of them. Dontcha know, he has a card with Kobe on one side and MJ on the other, some kind of special card. Very few made, a perfect one has sold for 50k, and his is in a case and pretty damn good. He's gonna send it off to get graded, we'll see what it's worth - but who's is it? Hmmmmm.
  3. They have nominations for saints? Maybe you guys can....ya know..... I been good.
  4. Best of luck John, stay strong.
  5. Congrats Tim and Carole, you seem perfect for each other. So, tell us, who found who, and how?
  6. I got these invasive plants growing all around, hell they grow in the concrete cracks I think they're pansies? Purple/ yellow flowers, they are quite pretty but they just showed up?
  7. I was watching it last night too, that was a great scene
  8. Damn Tim , it's his name.
  9. I think somebody did. That Dick Van ****, I never was a fan, tripping over an ottoman is comedy?
  10. That's great, good job
  11. I don't know, if they actually had lower cognitive skills, it wouldn't surprise me.
  12. What awards are they talking about?
  13. I just don't let my phone get wet
  14. I think that's the "I want to taste that beast" expression,
  15. Mikey is a chick magnet. He always has clean socks and them calftats, ya think thats it?