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  1. MAybe Red's hair will grow back by then
  2. Fishers Island has fluke.
  3. She thrusts the lent thing upon me. It's a battle I choose not to fight. Tomato soup for lunch. Better have some decent seafood for supper.
  4. Yeah it's grubs, critters were digging them up at night, or crows, because it was all dug up.
  5. Wrong - The Hyde amendment prohibits Federal Medicaid funds from paying for abortions - not MY taxes.
  6. Abolutely, the fact that my taxes pay for this medical procedure really pisses me off.
  7. Hey Tom, or anyone else in the Q, see if you can edit without going into the Q - I might have a workaround.
  8. Yeah, it's weird. There used to be a level of shame associated with it, which might have been a good thing. Now they have these rally's and they're all waving signs and shouting. I can't help but pass judgement on them.
  9. Is it gonna be rough that day?
  10. I didn't intend this thread to be a debate about abortion. The thing I found odd was that Miss could sign a bill essentially making it illegal beyond 6 weeks. A while back another state (NY?) signed a bill where you could arguably abort a breathing baby. Meanwhile, you have Roe v Wade, does that trump the states authority, or can the states simply put such restrictions on them that it negates R v W?
  11. SUP

    You're gonna tip over.
  12. Thanks - I got some tenacity last fall and put it on, and then I got a big patch of grubs. So, I'm thinking there's probably grub eggs/larvae ready to wake up? How best to deal with them, and could you plant over after you do?
  13. It's for overseeding and seeding bare spots and where I had grubs last year . Just want a nice green lawn that I only have to cut. I'll hire someone to do it, and defer to their expertise - just wondering if it's a good plan. I suck at lawns. It's not that big:
  14. I don't think she needs a vision, she's a woman and she has considerable experience. I think she plans to keep her finger on the pulse, and just "me too" when they hoot and holler about whatever. In the end it will fail, but running for prez is the thing to do these days.
  15. Here we go, we have a story from NPR - quick, lock him up. You guys see them white MAGA's that beat up Jussie?