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  1. Seems affirmative actionish.
  2. Did I say you did? You seem to be having the hard time.
  3. If a student needs to get helped into college, it's logical that he might need help getting through it.
  4. Wow, that's a stretch, huh? So, is a prep course cheating?
  5. If they made a deal, you would be criticizing that. You really can't hold an intelligent discussion, but you're amusing.
  6. They haven't nuked us.
  7. Does anyone else here think that someone claiming he would start a war to deflect his nonexistant corruption problems shows some serious TDS?
  8. When the kid from the projects who got a 400 on his SAT's gets to college, is he somehow gonna be good enough to pass?
  9. Experts agree that you are doing the disadvantaged no favors by giving them outcomes, ensuring they have the opportunity and seeing them achieve it on their own is a much better result. Of course, then your sorta setting them free, they aren't dependant on you any longer.
  10. Showing strength is more likely to avoid a conflict than showing weakness. The carrier is in the gulf, does Iran shoot it?
  11. Hey, let's punish success!
  12. Yes they should. That's why parenting is important, and that's where your beloved black folks come up short. Why work to prepare your kids to be positioned well, if it doesn't matter. That's your socialism right there.
  13. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little pile of fur..........................
  14. History books? You're living in the past, Frank, get over it. We had a black president. Blacks weren't they only ones who faced discrimination, they just dealt with it differently.
  15. Don't know if he's necessarily smarter, but probably worked harder and therefore a better student. The disadvantaged kid has to work harder if he wants to achieve. That's the way it is, and how it should be. I worked hard to make a good life for my kids and prepare them, they should benefit from that.