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  1. That's Awesome
  2. Y is busy buying motels with boB.
  3. So, I can't run my 50' Sporty to Newport and tie up for the night?
  4. Wait a minute, Rooners have a name, and it's good?
  5. Oh yeah, that's right.
  6. Hey Wringer, who's going on this trip? Did you know they have personal AC that you wear around your neck? That would impress the hell out of those jersey girls at the bar.
  7. Rhody is weird. My rental house lady told me that right now, an out of state boat can't dock overnight in RI. But, she said don't worry, it won't be enforced anyway and they will probably change it. But, I don't even see the logic behind it? Not even stupid logic.
  8. What are you fishing for?
  9. When the Billybob statue gets erected, it will stand the test of time.
  10. I think he's nutz.
  11. I got this for $200
  12. I thought that if a layed off employee is oferred his job back and declines, he's loses the UE benefit?
  13. If they show up, how could they not be found? They must be hiding
  14. Oh. Well, let me put this out there. If people react like animals to a terrible act, then it kinda diminishes the terribleness of the act, no?
  15. What the hell is your point?