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  1. I haven't. But I am also not wondering aloud why Jews vote the way they do.
  2. This is a classic. The law regulating shower head manufacturing has been around since 1992. I sometime wonder who The DiC is actually trolling. Liberals? or the DIC supporters. Which brings up two thoughts 1. It almost seems like a loyalty test-- getting the DIC supporters to defend their guy over a nozzle requirement that has been around 30 years because The DIC doesn't think the amount of water coming out is sufficient to get himself clean. 2. Apparently The Donald and the Swabs are exceptionally dirty and need pressure washing to get clean.
  3. ...take a longer shower
  4. Knight see if you can understand this. Neither Twitter nor its users have direct workplace power. Management does The editor was taking aim at management and their lack of backbone in ignoring the Twitter noise. Management has to own that. Management has to own workplace environment, regardless of outside noise. The other consideration is loss of readership which means loss of revenue. The management of the NYT made a CHOICE to do what it does to save readership and save $$$$$. This is capitalism at work. Apply that to those who have been fired as well. Hiring and firing is the sole domain of management last I knew. It is management's job to either ignore the noise or give in to the noise.
  5. Maybe Republicans should take some time understanding why they vote 70% Dem.
  6. Paranoia is good. Paranoia is total awareness!
  7. Utter BS. Mailed to the address of every registered voter.
  8. ^^^^^^ Won't take responsibility for his actions.
  9. Yeah, I do too. I am not too bummed about it and think the US should simply adopt a more UK style of understanding journalism. UK media do not make any pretense of being "unbiased". This country's pretends to be unbiased which is reall a disservice.
  10. These businesses made a choice (firing). Businesses looked to the bottom line, saw that an employees outspoken presence or whatever was going to cost business and made the decision. We are all responsible for our own behavior. Weather guy is responsible for what he wrote knowing full well it would be offensive. TV Station is responsible for firing him.because it did not want to lose revenue. People. who called or wrote the station are responsible for what they said or wrote. (If any made threats they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law) Like I said victim. The only people who are responsible for the weather guy losing his job is the station
  11. I love that you use that quote and have Frank Luntz on your shelf. Perfect.
  12. Boy, talk about a victim! . I love wealthy, old white male victims. Further, nobody is forcing anybody to do anything. Last I knew we still have free will. So how about the Patriot Act and our surveillance society, Knight? That seemed to be a bi-partison cluster, no? It is this sort of partisan hackery that prevents people from really seeing the government and oligarchical control in our country that is perpetrated by both parties. Your team feeds you what you like to hear so there we are.
  13. Change your username to Sigmund.