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  1. Salmon fishing in Yemen- part fishing movie, part love story. The River Why- really good, gets away from it all to a cabin on a steelhead stream. Man’s Favorite Sport- oldie w Rock Hudson. Classic. One of my favorites
  2. Watershed dry bags are pricey but get excellent reviews and made in the USA.
  3. Do the smaller bolt cutters cut better than the larger diagonal pliers ?
  4. Whatever combo you have will be fine for chunking. Just think of the rods, reels, lines used by the surf fisherman in 1940’s and 50’s.
  5. I thought I read on here a few months ago that there were discontinuing it but coming out with an upgraded model for surf.
  6. 550 Paracord might make a better loop. Maybe cut and use existing strap. Cut piece of strap, melt the ends so it doesn’t fray, loop through bag loop, insert a metal or aluminum ring and sew loop closed w upholstery thread.
  7. I would check out Salmon/Steelhead rods for that range.
  8. Have made several high end reel orders from Digitaka in Japan. Arrived in a few days, free shipping, and no extra duties.
  9. Obenoffs and Huber make good leather grease. I would grease is what you to penetrate and preserve. I also use Ballistrol spray on my Manley pliers and leather sheath because it’s good for metal and leather both.
  10. This has been discussed numerous times. Do a search there’s lot of content to read. Those that use Boga’s , like me, love them and feel the they’re worth the money. I’ve had mine over 20 years and still works like new. I have the small 15 lb model. As for the scale I can’t comment because I never found a reason for weighing a fish. Use mine mostly for handling toothy fish.
  11. Medium to Medium-Light freshwater gear is perfect. I use 2500 size gear, 6’6” - 7’ ft med-light rod, 15lb braid. Single or Tandem-rigged fin-s fish w light jig heads.
  12. ecks

    Boga question

    I’ve been using the smallest (15 lb) Boga for over 20 years. Perfect for preventing injuries when toothy fish and treble hooks are involved.
  13. Watch some videos of UK Fw fisherman using those clips. They’ll set it for the distance that they’ve determined the depth (using float and sinker method) and also the same point that they’re slingshot feeding.
  14. Whatever you use remember to wrap the sinker around the rail once or twice when moving from drop to drop so it doesn’t swing and damage your rod.
  15. I bought 2 new spinfishers about 5 years ago. The handles seemed short in length and they were both unbearably hard to crank with any kind of pull on the reel. Heavier jigs and lipped crank baits both were troublesome. I told myself those were the last Penn’s I would buy. I love my BG’s and all my Shimanos. I would highly recommend a Shimano Spheros.
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