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  1. Plus all of the local Pier jockeys in OBX and FL are using Van Staals to throw jigs at Cobias. Reels don’t even get splashed from that high up.
  2. I like to always know that my jig is in contact with bottom. Lots of variables; line thickness, depth, current speed. I will move up in jig size until I make good contact. Yes you could keep letting out more scope of line but at some point it’s unmanageable and you lose feel. Back in the days before everyone jigged and you used a 3 way bait and sinker combo and heavy mono line would need anything from 4 to 12 ounce sinkers to maintain bottom contact.
  3. I will. They’re sharp out of the package.
  4. I watched him all of the time. He had one of the first saltwater fishing shows on TV. Seemed like a very knowledgeable guy.
  5. I was doing my usual browsing of the Walmart fishing aisle since all of my local tackle shops are gone and noticed these hooks. They are branded as Walmart but they say Made in the USA. I’m assuming Eagle Claw makes them for Walmart since I don’t know any other mfg of hooks in this country. If this is the case they are a much better deal than the Eagle Claw hooks on the shelves above them. They sell for $1.14 per pack of 15.
  6. Also useful during ice storms.
  7. Penn has a way of always making their reels look like an ‘87 Impala
  8. I was thinking that two safety screws would seem totally over redundant.
  9. Decided to purchase the net you recommend. Amazon has best price. Ships from Amazon Japan for free.
  10. Stradics probably came with a spare spool since my old Symmtre and Saros came with them.
  11. I’m sure you’d be happy with either one. I think before you start shelling out 200 plus bucks you should really know what you want. I have numerous upper middle priced reels like Stradic but my lower priced reels are just as smooth and fish just as well. Check out a BG 2500 or the new Sahara 3000, both have screw in handles and both are great reels for under 100 bucks. I bet you’d never notice a difference compared to the next levels up.
  12. I’ll never understand why people don’t at least rinse reel with freshwater after each outing. All of my reels are in perfect shape, rinse always and lube once in awhile.
  13. Most of my rods are 2 piece. Every year I haul them down to OBX for vacation and assemble and put a few wraps of electrical tape around the joint and they stay perfect.
  14. Thanks for turning me on to his channel. He’s great.