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  1. Woot is owned by amazon. Amazon prime members get free shipping on woot. The 8000LC is 100 dollars more on amazon.
  2. Conflict 2 8000 long cast on Woot for 100 bucks.
  3. Plano works well form me too.
  4. Elias V makes a good point on YouTube. He uses plastics and pro-cure for short drifts and cast & retrieves so he can periodically add scent and uses Gulp on party boats where you do long drifts and can’t reapply scent as easily.
  5. Thanks bmac
  6. Have you noticed a difference between flounder pounder or shrimp scent?
  7. When a blue bites my gulp tail off I leave the gulp body on for scent and add a generic twister tail for action.
  8. I think I have that same fenwick from Cabelas. I have it paired with a 4000 sized Shimano and it throws metal and jigs terrific. I think you have a great combo there.
  9. I don’t think it’s possible to make a sealed conventional reel. The spool must revolve to cast, if you put any type of waterproof gasket on the spool it won’t spin (good enough to cast anyway ).
  10. Scoob, I recently watched your video of you casting a Tranx through all of the various magnetic and centrifugal settings and measuring the distance. If I remember correctly the Tranx’s magnetic control knob got inadvertently bumped into a different setting often for you. Correct ?
  11. When I first went to OBX I was using 20-30 lb fluoro leaders and got bit off quite a few times (it could have been blues) one of the locals recommended straight 50lb clear mono which I now use and don’t have any issues catching them.
  12. When I see a fluke pic with white side towards camera I think it would equate to take a pic of a normal fish upside down. Anyone else?
  13. It happened to me. I ordered a like new Penn lever drag, it arrived in correct box but inside the box was some crappy spinning reel wrapped in bubble wrap.
  14. I don’t have a Yeti cooler and I know they’re expensive compared to other brands but Yeti does pay for advertising in fishing magazines and TV shows. That’s where some of the added money is probably going. Without sponsors no fishing magazines and no fishing shows.
  15. This is size 1 has worked for me for 20 years.