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  1. Good call. Good to see this front and center. Will continue to do these things. Jon
  2. Mike - I'm glad you are actively for mandatory C&R, but this is the most glaring contradiction. Good C&R is so very far from a consensus view in the striped bass fishery. Carcasses strewn at boat docks the length of the eastern seaboard will tell us that. But it isn't really the difference this harvest makes to the stocks that's the problem, it's the lack of consensus among rod and line anglers on even this most obvious of points. We cannot be a collective lobby if we don't agree about this basic principle. You want to know how I know this? This is the biggest salt water fishing forum in New England, hell nationally. Where in its guidelines does it respectfully ask members not to post pictures of dead stripers? Where does it take the position that we are unapologetic as a community that mandatory catch & release is what we stand for? If I've missed them then I apologize, but if we can't come out of the closet on that which should now unite us, we are never going to be a collective, much less effective, voice to tackle these urgent problems.
  3. I'm following the news of the decline like many here, and just don't have the tolerance for anything but careful C&R now. I've started to clear out any connections or links to organizations or news channels that show pictures of dead bass without a care. I don't have the stomach to see it any longer. Anything but self-imposed C&R from recreational anglers seems to just be on the wrong side of things, regardless of legality. Please keep sharing your ideas of what to do. I'd like to do more, but don't yet know what that is beyond my own practice.
  4. Thanks for taking time to respond, Tim. It's your show, and I respect that. We'll agree to differ on this for sure. I appreciate you not wishing to be seen to take sides in what is a messy landscape by endorsing particular organizations, but this isn't about fly rod brands or one's preferred fluke recipe: it's about looking to people, organizations, or forums that have the voice and the power to try to avert a disaster. I can see why you wouldn't promote a specific organization, but as the owner of these forums you have a powerful voice - may I suggest a responsibility - to set the tone, establish context, and to set the stall for what this place stands for. Forgive me, but I credit SOL as being too big and too important a forum to be seen to remain impartial - a platform that simply allows discussion - at a time when striper stocks appear to be endangered. Your comments are always well thought through and serve the democracy of this place very well indeed (probably the reason this forum still exists where so many have faded), but what will be left of the forum that helped people "catch more fish" if there's none left in the sea? Maybe these fears are unrealistic, but in my view the stakes are too high for those with influence not to use it actively and partially, while the rest of us fiddle while Rome burns. Thanks again for the discussion.
  5. Thanks for responding Tim. I'm not confident your model is serving the ends you describe. In my view it leaves the issue in the margins, where it boils up occasionally, then slides from sight again with no sustained presence. I don't take it as a good thing that I learned about the Guide Association through one member's post, and when this post subsides... who else will see it? Of course, I'm lazy to not find out myself, but that's the playing field we're dealing with. If we're all killing too many bass, how will having a catch and cook forum and not a conservation forum help enlist your average Joe to think about things a little differently? Thanks for hosting the debate. I agree it's a valuable thing.
  6. Mike - I think Oakman is making a strong point here; that a good organization exists and we need to support it by spreading the word. Can you and Tim check it out? If satisfied, why not use the whole SOL platform to promote the Association, encourage folks to sign up, get involved? A few pinned posts would be a start to let people know what exists. Actually, I just checked and there's no sub-forum here for striper conservation. That can't be right. We know the problem (disorganization) and have a solution (this forum). If we don't use it, I'm not sure we're doing much if anything to help.
  7. So, coming back to my question, Mike. What is a platform like SOL doing to join or mount a campaign to do something? Perhaps it already is, or has, and I'm unaware. Does it support or is it connected to specific groups? A start might be sharing the Association's web page across the different forums here, and taking a position on these issues (again, if it hasn't already done so).
  8. The evidence is persuasive Mike. As is your call to action. But we anglers aren't well organized, and never have been. Want to save a cormorant? RSPB or Audubon call on huge memberships and massive lobbying power. I never understood the disparity with anglers. Still don't. We can all sign petitions and make donations. Good. That's a start. But there needs to be a unifying platform, or at least connected platforms where numbers can grow along with political power. What's the relationship between SOL and the Association above, or Stripers Forever? (My ignorance.) This site is such a platform. Maybe a word with the bosses to see if they're up for a call to action? Maybe there would be willing helpers to pitch in to start a campaign? I agree. We can't just look away. Jon
  9. I went into the store interested in the Compass - a new, sub 2K price point for Hobie. I left with a new, previous year Outback. The main reason was the seat, which is more comfortable and more adjustable on the Outback. If you fish fresh water a higher seat position can be nice. The compromise? I'm not too pleased with the weight of the outback and the boat is starting to feel sluggish on the water. The grass is always greener! Good luck.
  10. No pic? Fake news!! Just kidding. Am intrigued to see how you did this. I'm looking again at my pic above, and the width of the OB filled almost all of the factory aero bars with no room to mount a J rack. If you did it, I just wasted best part of $400 on a new system! But a quick look online suggests the width of the factory bars is total 39". The OB is 34" I think. So how do you fit a J rack and kayak into 5" of space?
  11. At home I have the OB on a high wooden wheelie rack so it's a case of reversing car up to garage and pulling the OB onto the car (basically what I do here with my old Volvo: At fishing launches I use a thick rubber mat to sight the stern of the kayak, and lift/lever the bow down and onto a foam block next to the car (the block also helps me protect the side of the yak when it comes to fitting the scupper cart). I cover the back of the Sube with a door mat to protect the top of the trunk and the antennae. I haven't hit it....yet. But I think you're right to be concerned about the proximity of the antennae. That's another very annoying facet of the factory rails on the Sube - there's only two slots for towers, so you can't move the bars further back to create a better angle away from the top of the trunk. Real world problems! FWIW, I really, really like the car. (I just hate the factory racks. )
  12. At least, I couldn't get two up there, even one flat (the OB) and one on J rack (Perception Pescador, the old tarpon 120). Would be interested to see a pic of your set up! Jon
  13. Couldn't delete this.