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  1. Fish salt on LIS and use reverse a fair bit. I was toying with a Compass until I realized I could get a previous year OB for around the same price with a lot more fishing boat. The 180 drive was probably secondary in my decision to go for the OB. The better seat was higher up the list.
  2. The foam blocks work fine for short journeys, but if you're going to use the kayak a fair bit over time, invest in a set of cross bars and some relatively inexpensive saddles. They are much more secure. I use the old Yakima Landshark saddles, and can see a set of 4 used on ebay for $60. Bars are usually around $100, and probably half that used. Here's a pic of the saddles next to foam blocks, which I use to haul my son's yak. (The red noodles are so I don't hit my head.)
  3. Ya. Depends on the model of car. Like I said.
  4. I car top a 2017 outback. Don't find it a problem at all, and I have a bad back. I basically do this, with the addition of a rubber mat under the stern to keep it from moving. I use cradles with the boat right-side up. A lot depends on the height and shape of your car.
  5. Bahamian legend. Rest in Peace Charlie Smith.
  6. It doesn't have to be expensive at all. I've spent the last 10 years buying reduced-price fishing gear that only a year of two previously was the very best there is! If you don't accept the hype you can kit yourself out very reasonably. Example: about 5 years ago I invested in a discontinued fly rod model, the Orvis Zero G, in a 10' 7 weight. It cost me $200 from an Orvis outlet and it's been an excellent steelhead nymphing rod. Not so long ago this was Orvis' top of the line rod, and although they no longer make it, I still hear it described as one of their best and most hansom tools. I also buy TFO for my salt rods. Low price, very functional rods with a great warranty. I just bought a new pair of waders - LL Bean Kennebec with the zipper. They were $90 from the Bean Outlet. My cigars aren't nearly as cheap ;-) Jon
  7. Cool beans. The yak is awesome to fish from, but being able to anchor or beach it and hop out and wade makes for a nice change of pace if you're floating all day! Especially true in big internal waters and marshes, where stalking/sight-fishing stripers is close to the best of it for me.
  8. The last couple of seasons we've focused more on the Bay Side (where the video was shot). There seem to be a lot less seals there and (I believe) fewer big predators. I've also fished Nauset marsh quite a bit - to me one of the greatest kayaking places - but the number of seals at the inlet is insane, and GWs are sighted there all the time. If you Google map of GW sharks Cape cod you can find data on sightings in the past year. Many more are sighted on the Atlantic shore.
  9. Sounds good. What I like about the compass is the front well and mesh cover, which seems like an ideal place to set the drive. There's nowhere good to put it on the Outback.
  10. I changed my mind a few times when shopping for my first peddle yak. I was leaning towards the Compass until I was tempted by a previous year model Outback for a lot less cash. I don't regret the choice, but there are elements of the Compass I would have preferred. Perhaps the biggest is the lack of a front hatch, and a better place to stow the drive out of the way.
  11. Thanks for your comments. The film was made by my buddy Todd. This was two years ago before we both got peddle kayaks. We're both fly fishermen, but have started to add bait and spinning rods to the cause. Having a lot of fun with it all. RA66 - the footage taken over two days, but we were out there morning through night. Good times on ol' Cape Cod bay. Can't wait to get back this summer.
  12. It's 20 degrees on the deck this morning here on the CT shore. Thought I'd share a little video from two years ago, purely for warmth.
  13. Roderick L. Haig-Brown - anything. Russell Chatham - The Angler's Coast and Dark Waters. T.J. Brayshaw - anything, but particularly on techniques for Atlantic Salmon in Indiana.
  14. I believe he sold it pretty quickly - as I recall he didn't like the higher seat and the inability to vary the height.