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  1. Hi Yosco. Crappy weather and camping aren't a great mix. We stay at Shady Knoll in Brewster. Solid camp ground. Quiet, good amenities, and well located for short drives to the bay or ocean points. We've been visiting the bayside flats for a few years now and haven't seen many seals at all.
  2. We've been heading to the upper Cape for the last couple years. This past week the weather was dicey - too much rain for our tents - and my back gave out the wrong side of Barnstable Harbor. But what the hell. It was still fun.
  3. Great stuff. We are lucky to have that area within striking distance. So beautiful.
  4. Congratulations! What an epic fish, and superbly played.
  5. Made this for Outback and Pescador. I've since added bigger wheels and the top rails now run across rather than on the length so I can store the Hobie upside down. Works pretty well and has a lot of storage options.
  6. I bought a set of Yakima Handroll mounts and a set of Hullhound, but they'll need some tweaking to fit the hull of the Hobie. Anyone have experience with these or the Hully Rollers? Do you seat them to fit the recesses of the hull or towards the outside? Also confirmed that, with these saddles on Subaru factory bars, the Hobie won't fit next to another yak on J racks. Back to exploring extension mounts and new/longer bars. I'm off to go pick a few bills from the money tree.... Jon Udpate: Wow. The Yakima Landing pads are at least $200. Then I'd need Towers - another $200. Then longer bars, figure about $100. And I just bought $200 worth of saddles. In sum, to buy a new system to carry two kayaks on the Subaru Outback, a car designed for people who want to go kayaking, costs the same as...quite a nice kayak. Guess I'll be cinching down the second kayak any old way on the factory bars. Crazy.
  7. I fish shrimp a fair bit on the CT shore. It probably out-fishes most other flies in May and June, particularly at outflows that carry the naturals to feeding bass. Agree with others that lighter deer hair patterns are very good. It seems that position in the water column (i.e. quite high) can be important for fish keyed in on shrimp. I like to tie simple foam shrimp that fish high in the water. Often the fish like them static or dead-drift on or near the surface.
  8. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for posting!
  9. Thanks for your responses gents. It's a conundrum for sure. I'd be happy to mount top down, but this means flipping the boat, which is a step I'd rather avoid ( I leave Ram balls on the Hobie etc). My other boat is a Pescador 12, which might fit J racks next to the Hobie on saddles, but the Subaru bars are pretty narrow. I'll give it a go and play around. Cheers - Jon
  10. Anyone try to mount after-market bars onto the new Subaru Outback? The car comes with bars integrated into the rails, but I'd like to use extra long bars for carrying a hobie and another yak. Also, what are your preferred saddles for Hobie Outback? Any thoughts/ideas appreciated.
  11. Got a Diawa BG reel and rod combo last year and it became my favorite all round set up. I think around $130. The rod's been surprisingly good (I like the shorter handle) and the reel is smooth and light for the price point.
  12. Fish salt on LIS and use reverse a fair bit. I was toying with a Compass until I realized I could get a previous year OB for around the same price with a lot more fishing boat. The 180 drive was probably secondary in my decision to go for the OB. The better seat was higher up the list.
  13. The foam blocks work fine for short journeys, but if you're going to use the kayak a fair bit over time, invest in a set of cross bars and some relatively inexpensive saddles. They are much more secure. I use the old Yakima Landshark saddles, and can see a set of 4 used on ebay for $60. Bars are usually around $100, and probably half that used. Here's a pic of the saddles next to foam blocks, which I use to haul my son's yak. (The red noodles are so I don't hit my head.)
  14. Ya. Depends on the model of car. Like I said.