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  1. No fish yet
  2. Been using he zoom super fluke on owner beast hook. Largemouth and decent picks in freshwater....nothing in salt yet.....
  3. I love my legend elites. I have a 4 and 6 weight. You will not be sorry. I have a different view of rods than most others. I think rods are like women, and all have good points, you just have to find sweet spots. Many people say Rod has to fit your style, and that is of course true, but you can also adjust your style to fit the Rod as well. A few seasons back I was " struck" with a $59 redding ton cross water 2 piece Rod....thing was a dog and slow at first...but then I used it to improve my drift and my cast improved ... Anyway sweet Legends are very sweet me like a z axis tip action you can throw narrow loops
  4. I would target weakfish too.
  5. Since I will be flyfishing this season, am looking to sell some rods and plugsfor $125 for the package. I have: 7' Tica Surf 1pc 8' Tica Surf 1 pic 10' Tica extra heavy 2 piece surf Penn Senator roller tip trolling rod old school fiberglass perfect for blues and schoolies 9' Roddy Gator (Penn Ugly stick) heavy duty jetty Rod 6'6" 2 piece Rhino Rod medium to heavy spinning I will also throw in a lifetime supply of no name, asst quality and condition striper and bluefish lures....(talking a large tackle box full all proven and tested) To sweeten the deal even further I will throw in A Mora classic blue ice auger! NO negotiations on price please. This is a killer deal. I decided to sell all this to get money for a cheap fly rod. I am in Marion, Mass Thanks Steve
  6. Ok sold to Greene!
  7. Ok wife works in wooba I am around often
  8. Deal back on! Spelunker is located in New Jersey and won't be able to make deal. I am located in Marion, MA south coast of Mass by Cape Cod Canal. I can deliver in Plymouth or Barnstable Counties and travel to Boston and Springfield Mass areas often..
  9. Sold to Spelunker, if I understand the rules I think we are able to PM at this point to arrange meeting.
  10. I am located in Marion, MA on the south coast by the canal. You can pick it up or I could deliver in Plymouth Barnstable county. I also travel to Boston area and Springfield quite often.
  11. Lost interest in spinning and casting gear for this season. I decided to sell all my rods maybe some Penn reels cheap. I've got. 7' Tica, an 8' Tica, a 10' super extra heavy Tica and some asst other gear for $100. What forum or place is best to sell them.
  12. I'm going fishing for awhile. Sorry.
  13. Ok, I will only deal in this thread.
  14. Ok, I understand.
  15. Ok I will only deal here. PM me!
  16. (*edited - please list every item with a clear asking price - please check out the rules pinned to the top of this forum TimS)
  17. Thank you
  18. For me two is good.
  19. Wow! Fifty Albies 3000's and 10 lb power pro! I thought I was ultra light with a Baitrunner 4000 and 30 power pro with 20 floro. I think next year I would like a new St Croix legend extreme rod for lures to 1.5 oz matched to a new shimano 5500 long cast reel. I might be convinced to go to 20 power pro with a 15 floro leader, I will spend this week checking out 15 floro see how that feels. I was at Toms bait in Middleboro today and bought a 1/2 ox Lure-Jensen jig that is a dead ringer for the current Albie bait. Matches the hatch much better than the Hogy Standard Issue Epoxie jigs I have been using. I will test this jig this week as well. Hooks may need to be upgraded....which is ok I guess since jig only cost $3.50 I have to say those Hogy Epoxies work well. I caught them on both green and olive color. But when the Albies spit up the bait they were small and chrome silver with a translucent silverside look to them.
  20. Four Albies today Falmouth. Great day great fish! A big one almost spooled my Shimano baitrunner 4000! I love those fish!
  21. Albies of Falmouth I got two so far this season. The high epoxies minnow standard issue or something did the trick. Mid sized Albies, some bait moving out there lots of snapper blues running in Waquoit Bay.
  22. As far as camping on Washburn the registration is a Reserve America thing, A few years back we privatized campground registrations across most parks so much of that is out of DCR and WBNERR'S hands. I will tell you if the weekend looks nice everyone usually shows. If it is a weekday or rainy they often don't show. Contact WEBNERR or see me on island and I can often get you on short notice. Good luck! I expect it to be go time on Washburn until it heats up mid June. Now if anyone can help me hook up with a Weakfish I'd be in debited
  23. Ok, quick fishing report from Washburn. Finally, after what is latest start I have seen the fish are here! Washburn beach has some mid-sized Stripers and the jetty has some schoolies...they seem to come and go at certain stages of tilde but I have been catching them consistently past few days. I picked up a decent Tog out in the sound by the Red can just off the jetty, and have been skunked on two scup trips. Lots of squid in sound right now perhaps the scup are with them. Jiggled up some sea bass for dinner on night. Kind of slow but they are around. What surprised me was the size of Bluefish I have been catching off South Cape beach....not the monster blues...but big I'm guessing 6 to seven pounders. I have also had some luck with Stripers in the 25 to 28" range off Washburn Ocean side beach on top water with surf rod. Hit or miss but they are around. I have been fishing with. 1 oz spro buck tail topped with a piece of native special reason although it is working for me a versatile for Multi species.
  24. I just received my ECHO micro practice rod in the mail this morning. I can't put it down! In one day I have worked out my triple roll and voodoo cast (pick up to a figure 8 to a swicth cast) anyway it is a blast. I need some hoola hoops and targets. I'm "inventing" drills and games and all kind of fun things to keep me amuzed. Ok who else has one? Do you think it helps hurts or does nothing for you casting? Is the Wulff fly-o a better product than the echo? Anyone have any games, tricks or drills? One day and it is becoming as loved as the rest of the rods in my extensive quiver....even came with a plastic rod tube!